Loud and Clear: Ways to help

Loud & clear Topic: Ways to help
Date: May 4th 2017

Hope that this finds all is good for all.

With myself, just waiting to see what is up.

Here is the deal. As I wrote in the last blog, they filed for a death warrant. Which is where the prosecutor files to a judge & asks him to sign an order telling TDCJ to kill me. They asked for no less then 91 days. Which is the law. They can ask for a specific date. Though they left it up to the judge. They seem to be on a angle of just leave everything up to the courts. Fuck it I live or die. Fuck prosecutors discretion.

Just set a date for me to fucking die & let me roll the dice & see what comes of it. For some odd reason that doesn’t sit good with me.

Look, I need help. I need donations to help with both the spreading of word about me in the USA & more importantly to help with investigative costs, experts, & legal fees. I know that not every person can do a large amount. If people can do just a set amount each month. It all helps.

Also to keep things organized. I am going to get a specific email & text list created. This way can issue call to actions basically. Instead of everyone doing random things. The idea is to get an organized list compiled. That a mass email/text can be sent out to people to do a specific action needed. Such as, ‘sign a specific petition’.

As I do not want anyone’s effort wasted. Haha I smiled at thinking about a name for the email. Being from Texas & the stereotypes of Texas & horses & cowboys. Haha yeah going to have the email as Saddle Up. Sure would have a strong emotional impact with some harsher name. Though might as well find some form of humor in this fucked up shit. Saddle Up is a play on what the cowboys/posse would do. Everyone would saddle up to ride towards a common task.:) Now to be clear here. I only rode one horse in my life,. It had no saddle, I had been drinking. The louder I yelled, it ran faster! Mind you , I did yell in the most manly way! (PS. After writing this and giving it a thought… it is better to have a more serious title. So will not be saddle up. It will be action(@saveaninnocentlife.com). More info to follow.

Oh yeah. Can not recall if I wrote this in last blog. Though my lawyers was trying to get the notes from the prosecutors that worked my case from east Texas. They have had them all this time. We asked for them. All of a sudden they have thrown away the entire file. So the entire file on my case for the Doyle Douglas murder, in the area it happened. They threw it away! Gone.

When I got proof to show a detective threw away other evidence before my trial. When other stuff came to the surface all of a sudden what would have shown even more the deception by prosecutors & etc. they threw it all away. I am supposed to see this & accept this as some random fucking accident? All of a sudden huh.

Look there is some stuff that has yet to be publically discussed. Jessica could make another 90 minute film with all of it. Now, the judge does not have to sign the warrant. Lawyers will be fighting to prevent it. With this judge, I do not have high hopes. The date could be 91 days from when he signs it or 12 months away. Which is highly unlikely to be that far.

To those that know me & feel some form of attachment to me. If you want to walk away , due to thinking that you can not handle it. Do so now. I understand how hard this shit is. It will be harder in many ways for those that care about me, then myself. As I been here for years. Plus most of my life has been full of turmoil.

Do not wait until a few weeks before I am due to die & then all of a sudden wake up & realize this shit is real & you can not handle it. This shit is serious. Motherfuckers are about to attempt to kill me. For some shit that they can not even say for sure what happened. If you are going to stay. Then stay locked in & ready to go. Don’t hesitate. Don’t sit down & cry, because that shit doesn’t accomplish anything.

The only way to victory is to keep fighting


We came, we saw how fucked up it all is. There is only one thing left to do. WIN. Veni, Vidi, motherfucking Vici!

You got to look at the situation & say what it is. You got to look at it & say ” That is fucked up!” It should make anyone mad. You hold on to the anger & you fight. If you can not handle it & want to walk away. I will not be upset. There is people that have grown to care about me. I don’t want people, more people, getting hurt. Though here is the thing when you walk away. When you give up. Later on the questions rise of “what if I done more?” Doubt is a evil fucker! At least for me it is. If there is ONE good thing that anyone can ever say about me. Those that know me. “There’s no give up in me.” I give up, it is suicide. These motherfuckers are going to have to kill me. I do not want to make it easy for them.

I damn sure do not want them to win! So I need help. Not everyone can do everything. Though everyone can  do something .

For those that want to donate the account information is

The Clinton Young Foundation

IBAN: NL66 INGB 0006 5173 29

There is links & such on this site : <a href=”http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com/donation-corner/”>Donation Corner</a>

Please share the link. I am also getting some songs made. I went to get these done by a very good artist from Houston who agreed to do it. I informed him would pay for it. He is a locally known artist. Though he is talented. For lawyer to do work needed for all that & him to do songs. It will only cost $2K for 3 songs that I wrote to be produced.

The songs are good as they can be used to also raise funds & is a non controversial way for people to spread word about me & raise attention. The goal to have many ways to reach people. If you want to help, you can donate for the songs via PayPal, using PaypalUSA@saveaninnocentlife.com . Everyone loves music! Other songs are being done by other artists.

I am going to get more campaign gear, such as window stickers for cars & etc, ads, billboards, shirts & etc for here in US. This way people can help advertise my site in different forms. The more numbers we have the stronger we are, then the easier it is to accomplish things.

Not everyone that gets an execution date is executed. Many that have gotten off death row, first had such dates. Though the more I have , the better my chances of winning are. I need peoples help.

Untill next time. I remain,

In solidarity

Clinton YOUNG #999447
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 south
Livingston TX 77351