Loud and Clear: My pending execution

Loud & Clear
Topic: My pending execution
Date: May.2nd 2017

Well shit just got serious. Spoke to my lawyers today. The prosecutors filed for an execution date. This has been known that they would for over 2 weeks, was hopeful to avoid it. They tried with talking.

The real catch is the head prosecutor only sought it as the appeals court sent a letter to them asking for a status update. Which being that I had no appeals, it is not the judicial branches placed to do such! Such would be from executive branch such as the governor’s office or the legislative branch such as senate or house in Texas. If no appeals are due, then a court shouldn’t worry about it. It is purely up to the Prosecutor, The impression we had was that would not have to worry about this from the other prosecutor. Hell even the former head prosecutor that was a part of my trial, she did not even seek a date of execution.

Though the real jab the stomach for me was finding out the judge that was over my appeals now. He was the same one that was a visiting judge and was over my appeals in 2010. Yeah not good at all. I will find out the exact date in a week or two. I think will find out the 18th or 25th.

Well one thing is for sure, my appeals will be filed faster. Though that can be done without a date. The judge does not have to sign for the date. the prosecutors are leaving it up to him. That’s my impression. Though I certainly do not have high hopes, that he will avoid setting a date. Hopefully he does not. Just because I get a date, does not mean it is the end of the road. It is just my Lawyers & I did not really expect this prior to 2 weeks ago.

I need help , I know that. All is greatly appreciated. I will be writing a great deal more blogs & etc.

Airtight then. Got to do some thinking.

One other thing. As someone mentioned to me about this. Page and etc. says that Doyle was alive in the trunk. That he was breathing & making noise. That is physically impossible.  The forensic pathologist testified that the path of the bullets would have made him immediately unconscious. The third bullet had No blood pooled around it. Which means the heart was not beating. That is how they know that Doyle was dead before the third shot was fired.

My expression of the ‘hospital’ was not about that Doyle was alive in the trunk of the car. It was about ‘where do you take people when they are hurt’? I will get the pathogist testimony to post with autopsy report that shows this. The first shots crossed a path that would not recover from & would remain unconscious.

My thinking was, it’s a bad situation. What do we do. It was not my first thought “hey lets go throw a person in a ditch’. Darnell mentioned security guard. Page said “he’s already dead”.  Page knew the ‘outside of town’ area.

I just want it to be clear that I was not sitting there ignoring the pleas of a dying man. Darnell said he heard a noise in the trunk. There was all kinds of tools & other items in the trunk while driving down a road. Page tries to make it seem like Doyle is still alive & that Mark the one that actually killed him.

This is in a way self serving to Page.

Thanks again.

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