Loud and Clear: Thank you.

Clinton Young Loud & Clear
Topic: Thank you.
Date : May 1st 2017

It seems the film was properly received. Glad to know. There is still so much to be detailed. Plus there is currently some activity in my case. Lawyers do not want me detailing it all yet.

This blog will be short. Though will write another one soon. I really just wanted to send a thanks to all that watched & shared the film.

During the course of last week. I also found out that two of my poems was indeed made into a song. I did not know the band had done this. One of the poems, it was important to me that a dutch band done it. As the poem  “Final Flight”  is about the MH-17 tragedy. Also I found out that a rapper from Houston will be doing the three hip hop songs I wrote. Which is really good as I specifically asked for this rapper to do it. I had just wrote a blog where I expressed frustrations about not getting the songs done. Then within two days I get word about the songs getting done.:)

My blog had not yet been received.

See, this is a great example of how the frustration & stress of not knowing what is going on & or having to wait on mail. It adds up. It is why I stress communication so much with people & encourage those that write to me, please write the address exactly as I ask. If sending a jpay to make sure to send your name, letter ID number, & date to Alex at <a href=”mailto:letters@saveaninnocentlife.com”>letters@saveaninnocentlife.com</a>

NO ONE will be able to see the letter. Don’t send the actual letter, just this info. This is just so that I can get a list & know what I am missing if any. Please see portion of site dealing with my contact information. Had thought jmail would be good way to go, though others are expressing frustration with it here. 5o guess will have to stick with regular mail & jpay untill something else is sorted. Just please keep in mind I do not have access to a computer, phone, or such. While you all have everything in an instant almost. It is a far slower pace for me. Which is a source of never ending frustration for me.:) ha Enough of that.

Again, I thank all that have visited this site.

When it comes to my writings. I like knowing what a person thinks about them. Guess the same way a painter would with art. When I write something & get zero comments from it. My thinking is ‘to hell with it then.’

I will be writing more book reviews, music reviews, deathrow blogs and the Loki & Mr. Pig story. Disappointed in myself for slacking. As mentioned before, just had so many frustrations pile up.

Two of my friends that read my autobiography, they keep telling me I need to finish it & get the book published. I might. Not sure exactly yet. Or I might just get a newsletter type thing set up on my site & have it forwarded to people that help. Which is what I have thought of doing with my blogs.

The people that write & help. It really is like wind in my sails. It might be soon that I need people more then ever.


Thanks again.

I remain,

In solidarity,

Veni vidi vici
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(More tracks will follow on this site)