Loud and Clear: Blogs, case, help

Clinton Young Loud & Clear
Topic: Blogs, case, help
Date: May,18th 2017

First to those I have recently written to. I know in The Netherlands Greetings is used last in a letter. I start letter with it as such is common in the US

Now to business. My past blogs & legal papers are momentarily being taken down. This is because over the years people have had access to the previous web sites I had. Some have out of spite removed certain things. I can not be sure that everything is properly reflective of the facts as I have detailed them. My case will be coming under greater scrutiny. I want to make sure everything that is presented as being my voice is true & correct. A simple missing “NOT” can change the whole tone of a blog & etc.

I have always greatly valued those that put faith in me. I need to make sure all my ABCs line up with the 123s. I will continue to blog & fully encourage others to share the future blogs. After I sort through all, then old blogs & etc will be brought up again. My plan is to also get the legal filings put in proper order. My old blogs are going to be printed off & mailed to me. In a blog to he posted after this, or reposted. I detail the ways to help right now. More details will he presented as needed. I got many plans. With current & existing funds the 3 hip hop songs are being produced. Fund raiser tools in various forms will be developed in the coming days. T-shirts, more window stickers, unique advertisment ideas, & etc. I will not detail all my plans openly right now, though as the weeks tick by. People will see the way their help has been used. Got lots of ideas. Been gearing up for this moment for 15+ years. Through out the years , everytime I have detailed what is needed. It turned out as I said would. The ballistic reports & etc. I thank everyone for their help. There is many parts of  case that has never been publically revealed yet. As lawyers want it filed  in court first.

Please stick with me & have faith in me. The fight goes on.


Untill next time.

In solidarity

Veni Vidi Vici

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  1. My blogs are for the world. My letters are private. Respect my privacy as I do yours.