Loud and Clear: Death Warrant

Clinton Young Loud and Clear
Topic: Death Warrant
Date: May 16,2017



Now, I want to make clear something. At times people have an emotional reaction to something & they lash out & make comments that can be deemed as negative. Do not do such. Use the emotion towards a positive, legal, & productive manner. I have previously detailed about the action@saveaninnocentlife.com email list. Alex has been in Vegas, so not sure if he has gotten it done yet. Though I encourage everyone to share this blog then join the listing. Actually Alex might post a message here with this blog about an app or some other form of alert type system. I been locked up-for 16 years. There is computer stuff I do not know. So if Alex adds a Post Script message, that is a better way then the action@… idea. Please follow it. (Alex: At this moment, the Action@… idea is active. If you want to join, let me know!)

I have expressed an idea about an app, so can get computer & mobile updates rapidly when needed. I myself will detail the specific ways to help , that maybe a person reading this can do. First things first. Here is motion for execution date.

– link to motion will follow-

-When I first read it, it was … fuck I do not even know how to explain it. The language of the forms are not unique. It is just written so as to reflect my case. My lawyers filed a motion to appose it. Plus request for additional testing.

Now things to to help with. Again thanks to all that donate to the Foundation.
Donations can be sent to The Clinton Young Foundation NL 66 INGB 0006 5173 29 
OR you can use the Crowdfunding page: http://fnd.us/clintonyoung?ref=sh_06cYF4


Now for ideas I have.

As I detailed before. There are songs being made to help spread awareness. Just a different way to spread the word. There will be heavy metal, rock, & hip hop. 2 of the rock songs have been completed. I have an idea for an EDM track. Someone reading this blog knows or is a person that is considered one of the best from the Netherlands with big name recognition. CouId you please see if him or her  would work with me on the EDM idea? If said person does not want to interact with me directly. They can reach out to meike@saveaninnocentlife.com. Meike is one of my most trusted friends. She is from The Netherlands. Even if willing to interact with me directly, please also inform Meike so as to speed things up. I could have days only!:(

Next. Being that I have music being produced. I would like to know if anyone has a building/field/venue that can be donated for a day to host a Justice-music event concert. If you do, then please contact or have said person contact Meike. Again meike@saveaninnocentlife.com

Next. Anyone that has a high level of computer skills. No matter the specific field you are skilled in. Please contact Alex at alex@saveaninnocentlife.com Please provide him with your contact information & expressed  intent to help as needed.

Next. Theater. I have long desired to work on a Play of some sort. If you are involved in theater, be it acting, or directing. (Naturally I prefer both) IF you are willing to create a stage play with me. Then please contact Meike meike@saveaninnocentlife.com

Next. Art/Museum. I have a desire to do an art exhibit. If you work at & or associated with any kind of muesem & you are willing to explore this idea. Then please inform Renate at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com

Next. I would like to write articles about justice/death penalty issues. A non contraversial break down of the topics in a newspaper. It will be translated in Dutch. I would like it to be in The Netherlands largest newspaper, online & or print. If this is something you would be interested in reading in said paper. Then please email them about it & ask that they contact Renate at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com to inform her that the newspaper is willing to allow me to contribute such writings, once approved by their editor.

Next. Anyone that is a lawyer no matter the type of profession. If you are a lawyer then please contact Merel at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com  Please contact her & express your interest in helping where needed.

Next- Anyone that is associated with the media. Be it music media, or whatever. Any form & you would like to do an article, be it about the role of music for us here on the row. As I can have a radio. Though no Mp3s. Just am/fm. Plus the creation of my own songs. Life style media, psychology, whatever. If you have an idea for a story & would be willing to allow me to participate in such story. Then please contact Renate at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com.

Next. Fashion. If you are involved in fashion/clothing/jewelry in any form. Please contact Merel at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com You might be sitting there curious, wondering how I could link with such. Trust me, the world has yet to see the extent of my creative mind. Just contact Merel at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com

Next. Anyone that is an exotic dancer or hip hop dancer (women dancers) First, please contact me directly! 🙂 ha Seriously though, please contact Meike at meike@saveaninnocentlife.com Why? I am going to need someone to perform the dance moves for the music video idea I have!

Next. Anyone that is a part of a band. No matter the genre. If you are willing to do a song with me. Please contact Alex at alex@saveaninnocentlife.com. Just express to him your desire to work on a song with me & the genre of music you are apart of.

I have outlined the many different areas that I need help in. If you are affiliated with these various subjects. Then please reach out to the friends of mine. Once they have compiled a list of those willing to help. Then they will inform me. I will have my ideas outlined & forwarded to each person. Once this happens, if you have no desire to help/ be involved. Then cool. Just please give me a chance to be heard & to express my ideas to you. Ofcourse anyone can write to me directly . It is just easier when My friends have such information, so as to properly coordinate. Also to make sure each person is who they say they are. I might have 90+ days left. Not exactly dealing with time to waste!


If you are from Norway & are associated with any of these areas I list. Then please contact Jorunn at jorunn@saveaninnocentlife.com

If you are from France and share a desire to assist in the listed areas. Please contact Camille at Camille@saveaninnocentlife.com

Anywhere else in the world Contact the listed people from the Netherlands in the specific areas detailed. Merel, Meike, Renate, Alex all communicate greatly in English. My sister will be working on other local matters with appropriate figures.

In addition to this I want to detail that going forward, legal developements might happen at a much faster rate. Renate & Merel are the Legal Advisors for the Clinton Young Foundation. Both have worked on Death Penalty cases in the United States. Merel also interned at another law firm in New York City. These will be the ‘only ones’ who speak about the legal developments in my case. They will post the news & or speak with the media.

This is to avoid any confusion. US Media or where needed Joaquina, the lawyer for the Clinton Young Foundation, will speak in connection with Renate and/or Merel.

These are my most trusted people. People that I love.  My time can be limited & I have no access to the Internet. Dont even have a TV, much less computers (I write on a typewriter the prison sells.) They make sure all is legit & then get with me. They are my eyes & ears & part of my voice. As I wrote, if you are associated with the specific areas I detailed. Please get with the appropriate person. Just give me a chance to be heard. If you do not like my idea, no harm—no foul. If you do, then we can work on something great together. I think all will be receptive of my ideas though.

Again beyond donating to the Foundation. If you are not associated with the listed areas. Then please help spread the word & also if you see a performer/band etc that is supporting me. Please support them. For example the band(see http://clintonproject.com/rock-songs/) produced the song Loves Gone Missing and Final Flight, based on one of my poems. Show them your support. Download or advertise their music. Show your support in being apart of a community of people that believe in justice . In doing show you show others they do not have to be shy to get involved. Instead of buying a song from some mega commercial group, support the smaller artist that is willing to perform music they believe in. Call into radio stations & request their music. Help them  as they help me. If you see a news paper is willing to allow me to contribute writings to it. Then share that papers information with others.

Enourage people to visit that newspapers site & respond to its ads, if this comes to be possible for me.


So for everyone reading this, there is a way for you to help. NO one is weak. All have a voice. No matter how you speak, you can be heard!

Please help me be heard & reach out to my friends if you can in the listed areas.


Thanks. And please share this blog.


Untill next time.

In solidarity

Veni Vidi Vici

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Polunsky Unit
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