Loud and Clear: A bit of this & that

Loud and Clear
Topic: A bit of this & that.
Date: May 22nd 2017

There are people that express ideas’ pertaining to petitions.’ Here is the deal. Overall petitions do not work. The 100K signatures was an Obama thing. Some have read about it, for the whitehouse. The President of the US can not tell a state what to do. There are limits to his power. The USA-system is very complex. Sadly many in the USA do not even properly know it. There can be some success for specific type of petitions. Though it is not needed right now. For example: an overall petition. With say 3 million signatures, having people around the world sign it. The governor of Texas would not even blink at it. I got some plans. Just need people to stand with me, stay tuned in, & express a willingness to help where can.

PLEASE, by all means. I 100% encourage everyone to forward their ideas. No idea is stupid. Though there has to be a time & place for all, or else we will be entrenched in chaos. For example with 5,000 people trying 5,000 different things. It becomes a real mess. I will outline ways I need help. Who to contact. Just please contact the person I list. They can make a contact sheet with a whos who in the areas we need. This way we can accomplish the most with the least amount of effort. Everyone has a strength & something to offer. No matter the age, education, or place. When it comes to raising funds. Jorunn, Renate, & Merel be the only ones. Jorunn has in Norway. Renate & Merel Pontier are over funds for the Foundation. If there are events then a person will be publically named as to who will be at the fund raiser. It is important that those that help me know whos who & that no one ‘acts’ like they are helping me. Alex & Camille was also able to. Though I wanted to shrink the number of people, so as to make sure all stays smooth. A smaller group of people means a more controled setting basically. Alex did express about help for the songs per my request. Though from this point forward. Will only be as said. Jorunn, Renate & Merel.

Now to other matters I need help with. I have a poem titled Arabian Lovers. Being that Ramadan is soon to begin & I observe it here. (doing so out of solidarity with a woman that is, a friend of mine. She is Islamic. I am not.) I have detailed before why this poem meant so much to me. So I want it as a song. I received a wonderful letter from a woman there in The Netherlands. She translated this poem into Dutch. Reading her letter got my creative gears turning. I need help!
I need a woman of Middle eastern or North African ethnicity. Prefer a woman of arabic ethnicity. Though naturally doesnt have to be! Can be Persian, maroccan, etc. I want the poem to be turned into a song. I want the first parts in english, last portion arabic or which ever. With the music being traditional to your ethnicity. Example, basically if your Syrian. Want first parts in english, last portion in your mother tongue, & with the music being traditional syrian music. Has to be a woman that can sing with the passion this poem requires. More so since it is about the plight that sadly many women endure. If there is a well known singer that can do it. Great! If you are a single mother that works at McDonalds but has a beautiful voice & can sing it as I ask. Then wonderful, the world will get to hear your beautiful voice! I just need it done NOW. So if you are willing to do it or know someone. Then PLEASE have contact or have contacts Alex at alex@saveaninnocentlife.com If due to traditional paths prefer to contact a woman. Then contact Merel at info@clintonyoungfoundation.com This way her or him can communicate with you, making sure all is as needed.

Also I recently wrote a new poem. A Dutch Rose. Itis more then a poem though. It’s a new saying. I detail in the poem, can see in the poem section of my website. Now I could have wrote it with maybe some greater word structure here & there. Though what people should notice from my poems. Not only what I write/hut how I write it. Life is not perfectly aligned. It is full of ups & downs.

My poems are more then the words they are detailed with. Just as an artist uses different medias to draw/paint/color a picture. The way that I write the poem. It is why I will at times explain what I write & why. This is so that the reader can get a glimpse of the world through my eyes. I am confined within these walls. So having a person see it as I meant for it to be seen & read. Than it is a way to make sure my creation is seen as I meant for it to be. In a way to have control over my life in the limited ways I can. As I am placed in a situation where I am meant to have no control or power.

To those that have written me & have done so as I requested with the address. The 447 , young, DR in red ink. Rest in blue or black. With this being unique to only me. It surely helps prevent error. Helps to ease my mind, as it is an extra step to avoid mishaps with my mail. Mail is my lifeline to the world. With Jpays. The most problems seem to be from the weekends. I guess the most logical solution to that problem is for people to only send me jpays Monday through thursday. The mailroom is not here saturday & sunday. So they print them off on Monday. Others also seem to have problems with such days, on the weekends.
Alrighty then. Again, just please stay tuned. Encourage others to follow my blogs, so that as I detail the areas of help I need. People can help.

Please visit my site daily.
My lawyers are working on my new appeals. I think the world is going to be really interested in what is contained within it. Much I have never written about, for obvious reasons. If I do not get a execution date this week. Then my appeal will be filed in about 2 months. If I do, it will depend on how long away the date is. I thank all again who have donated & or reached out to the listed people & expressed intrest in helping.

I am thanking people in advance, as I have not yet been told the list of people if any. If I do get a date, I am going to write a different type of blog beyond my loud & clears.
Alrighty then. Will write again in a day or two.

Untill next time.

In solidarity

Veni Vidi Vici

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