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Topic: Life & death watch
Date: June-17-17


People often ask me what I would do if able to get out of here. I normally cite the little things I would do. Though to top of the major events. It would surely be to go to The Netherlands. I would have to! ­­

As I would need to go there so as to retrieve my pet Moo Cow! Yes indeed! What is a moo cow? People often ask me after failed google searches. It is a cow that goes Moo! Any cow can be a moo cow. Though not any cow can be MY pet moo cow!. My pet Moo cow will specifically be a highland cow. After seeing a picture of such, I fell in love with this magnificent beast! It has all this hair. Sadly in most pictures the hair is messy. Mine would not be victim of such. What makes it so great? It has hair on its head. I could run my fingers through its hair & pat it on the head while saying “Thats a good moo cow!” It is not so huge that I could not put a leash on it. So there I could be walking my neatly trimmed & brushed Moo Cow with a leash down Canal Street in Amsterdam, with me wearing nothing but cowboy boots, cowboy hat, & shorts while drinking a nice cold budweiser. With Mr Pig trotting behind me. Mr.Pig would have one of those cone shaped party hats on his head. I tell you, good times had by all!

People often are shocked by my pet choices. All this petist pet discrimination I personally do not appreciate! My moo cow is just as equal a pet as your stinky ass ferret or squawking parrot. Though some pets are more equal then others. None as equal as Mr. Pig of course.

Now I want a hippo. This woman sent me a picture of her in South Africa giving this hippo some tea from a big bottle while kissing it. That is fucking amazing! I always thought hippos to be far to dangerous to have as such a pet. Though this means I could have a big swiming pool for the hippo & also to swim in. I could float around the pool laying on a float on a hot summer day, drinking an ice cold budweiser long neck. My hippo, which I would duely name Fat Ass, could swim up to me & open its mouth so I could pour it a drink of Budweiser also! How cool would that be!? It is great! These people, from South Africa also had pet Cheetas. Which are the fastest land animals. Can it be trained to go fetch a fresh beer? Hm, I must explore this idea more, so long as Mr. Pig has no obvious objections!

I got many adventures to go on. Though it seems that the Midland prosecutor wanted to send me on an adventure of her own making. She was insistent on setting an execution date. The judge thought about it for almost a couple weeks. I guess after whatever, he decided to go ahead with it. He did give us some additional testing, against the protest of the prosecutor. Her whole angle seems to be that I was convicted by a jury, so just kill me. Never mind all the facts that show I was robbed of any chance to have a fair trial by the prosecutors & police. Nor did I have any kind of fair proper appeals in state court. The fight is not over with yet. I spoke to several lawyers last week. Will talk to others this coming week. All the lawyers have worked on my case /currently do so. These aren’t new lawyers, to explain. While I thought testing would be done this month. Due to some other developments It will be mid-July before testing is done. I wish that I could detail what all is going on. However I can not. It is not due to concern for the prosecutors knowing. As they know. It is due to a couple that read my blogs. Relieve me, there are some people hoping that I am executed! As things develops, those that need to know will know. When appeal is filed, then it will be posted.

As for how I feel. When I first heard about the date being set. I worried about Jessi & other people in my life. That it would be hard for them. I been here for 14+ years now. In April of 2003, when I stood before that judge & he told me that he was sentencing me to death. I took that very serious. (The judge does it based on juries recommendation, based on how they answer three Questions in Texas.)

The only time this whole situation really got to me. Was when I was convicted. I was devastated then. As I was 19 years old & a jury told me I would be either spending life in prison or getting executed for something I did not do. The next day I walked into the court-room. Everyone kept looking at me, to see what I guess my reactions was. I was laughing & telling jokes. What was done was done.

I have an execution date. Okay that is done. I am not going to sit down & cry about it everyday. That would be a pointless venture. I only worry about people not doing the things I need done. As I know if everything is done as I need it to be. Then I can win. After the May 25th hearinig. I got to sit down & have a long talk with my lawyers. Most times we only talked during a limited time.

This time though we got to sit down for a couple hours without my feeling pressure from the clock. I was able to explain some of my ideas & positions on a few matters.

Many things are happening very fast. Legal front, personal front. At times some matters have gotten crossed up. Trying to make sure things do not tangle up. I am very greatful that people are positive about my ideas & working towards making them a reality. Music is developing as planned. So good things are happening. I really need someone that works at a art gallery or something of the sort. There is an art exhibit idea I have. I do not want to simply display art for people that already want to help me. I want to be able to reach a new crowd of people.

Now to make some things clear. The reason the crowdfunding for the song was posted about.  (Songs have bene paid for) I wanted the song paid for with funds from the foundation. As the songs will be used for fundraising , just as t-shirts would & etc. Renate & Merel did not feel comfortable with it. Which aggravated me to no end. Though I understand their line of thinking. They both have integrity which is why they are over the foundation funds. If I thought otherwise , then they damn sure would not be responsible for such. Though I also know that people have donated funds there for campaign related matters, & also even for me to use for commissary items. To avoid confusion that is why I posted on my site for people to send funds for commissary to my inmate trust fund account via ecommdirect.com or jpay.com, Which I prefer the ecommdirect.com transfer funds option, as it is cheaper. & I just generally am not a fan of jpay. Anyways. I was sitting here pondering this problem. I am all about finding solutions . I remembered something from the print out of some donations that was made. Renate sent me a couple pages . I noticed something with the donations. A Dutch word “Omschrijving”  & then sometimes Dutch words like‘:Ik hoop dat het niet te laat is voor Clinton”. Other times the words was english ‘pray for him.’ BAM! Solution. When donating a person can put “legal defense only”. Or “defense & campaigning funds”. This way in the future if something comes up. Like for example wanting to order a bundle of t-shirts for an event, Merel or Renate can search through the donations & have a better idea of the budget available for such a matter.

Helps to avoid any confusion & keeps things moving faster As days are a bit precious lately.

I am currently housed in the death watch section. It is A.pod A section. A bit of irony . When I first got to death row I was housed in Apod 3 cell. This section I am currently in R cell. Everytime I go to rec. or visit I have to walk past 3 cell. The symbolic nature of it is not lost on me. When I first arrvied to death row. Death watch was housed in F.section on this Pod. Though after Richard Cartwrights execution. Due to all the attention to his blogs & those that wrote with him. It was highlighted about how Death Watch people could watch someone being loaded in the van, to he transported to be execution. They also would hang on the windows with cups & etc as form of solidarity. As a result of this , death watch was moved to A. section across the pod. When I got this date, the pod I was on C. pod. I could look out the window & see A pod A section & B section . So I could See the death watch section. I would often look to see what all cells was open over here. I could tell by what cell lights was on at night time. Now I look out the window & when looking to the right I can see C. pod E section Windows. Which is where I was when I got news of the date. The pods are separated by 20 feet. There is grass in the area between the pods. Like a green moat. Such a short space, though a world of difference. It feels weird having looked from that way to this way. Now I am looking from this way to that way. All the death watch cells have cameras IN the cell. This came about due to Mike Johnson killing himself before his execution. The cameras are badass! Infrared, regular camera/ lowlight night vision camera. We are not supposed to cover them up no matter WHAT we are doing. There is a monitor in A pod control picket, so that the officer can pick a cell & zoom in & all that or watch all 14 cells at once. Also they can  see other cameras around the unit. Though they are supposed to stay on this section cameras only. 12 building control picket has the same thing but multiple monitors. Also every ranks office. So at any given time, could be 20 people watching me in this, cell no matter WHAT I am doing. Does that make me a porn star?! 🙂 hahahaha!

The ranks have said that we can masterbate (why thank you for the permission!)  so long as we do not do it while looking at the camera… I am serious! This shit can not be made up! If the guy does it while looking at the camera, he can get a disciplinary case, Which means that someone else would have to be watching the camera at that actual time. So they can look at me with camera & watch me. But if I look at camera, the same one I am being looked at with, I get wrote up!?

I kind of cant help but feel that steps into some range of sexual abuse type area. Now I get the idea behind it & while many in prison have lost their sense of humanity. I haven’t so I have no desire to stare at an inmate object with the thought that someone might possibly be watching. It might be the wrong thing. That is not my kind of kick! Though it just shows the absurd nature of this place.


The last 7 days or 3 days I forget. They have to watch only the cell of the guy about to be executed. Every 15 minutes , ANYTHING a guy is doing has to he written down in a log. The next morning the higher ranks look over everything to make sure all is legit & correct. A guy kills himself, people get fired. Multiple people check in through out the days. They want to keep us alive so they can kill us.

 So the logs could literally read like this. NO BULLSHIT!

6pm: pacing cell floor
6:15pm: eating
6:30pm: using restroom
6:45pm: sitting on bunk
7pm: looking at magazine
7:15pm: masterbating
7:30pm: washing off
On & on.

Also I can only rec in this area. This is also the area where they do the tours. Politicians, prosecutors, & etc from here & other areas of the country can come & tour death row. Being on death watch I get to be a main attraction now! Anyways. As for how I feel. Frustrated really. As the date was not needed. It could have been waited on. It is hurting people that care about me more then it does me.

I thank everyone that is helping out in any way they can. Also thanks to everone that writes my name ,number & address as I detailed. Helps make sure there are no problems with my getting your mail. Under Write Clinton. I believe it details exactly have to write my information. This is important as undelivered mail gets destroyed by US postal service after 10 days  if they do not return it to anyone.


Alrighty then. I am going to wrap this one up.

Shall return soon.

Untill next time. Take care, smile, & strive for all that you desire.


Use the pain to fuel the fire.

Veni Vidi Vici


I remain.

In solidarity

Clinton YOUNG #999447
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 south
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