Loud and Clear: Red October

Loud & Clear

Title:Red October

Date: July 15th 2017


It seems that they are determined to take out a white guy in October! I was telling people how I did not really have anyone to truly associate with on death watch. Then they moved a friend of mine/Robert Pruett over here. The ironic thing is prior to my getting a date. It was known the state was planning to set him one. I was hopeful to get moved to A pod so could at least be on the same pod. Then I ended up with an actual date before him. I made a joke when I found out. “Guess we will be on a pod together after all.”


Now Shore has shown up, his data also being in October. I barely know him though. Robert and I joke about when we will get stays. Him October 11th & me Oct.25th. A day before our dates. This way can get all the visits . Plus 14 days before the execution date. A person can make their final spend. Normally we can spend 95$ every 2 weeks on average for commissary. Though final spend is 150$. It used to be more. At one point they would let you spend as much as you wanted to.


I learned that Shore had a date for October also. They trying to make sure they get a white guy in October!  What stood out before shore got over here. There was 2 white guys, 2 black guys, & 2 hispanics. I do not think that to be by accident. I can see them doing it as a way to keep from stacking the numbers one way or another & avoid additional racism accusations.

 When the prosecutor was trying to get my date set. They asked for at least 91 days, but the attorney general told them the next available date is Oct.26th. As Roberts was already pending for the 12th. But then here comes Shore for the 18th. Relieve me, them white folks in Austin aren’t stupid. There is a method to it.


Anyways. Next issue. Look, I am getting really tired of all the depressive shit over the date. I know when my date is. I do not need a reminder.  At this point it is not a serious threat. It isn’t, as I still have testing being done & etc. My point is the data is real. Yes. However the testing can change things. If the prosecutor still wants this to be the case she fights. Then things will be a bit more serious. I thought the testing will be done July 12th for some reason, but my lawyers said no. It will be end of July beginning of August/ as the prosecutors wanted to do another test with something. I could write about it, but not going to. Will discuss it with some media & blog about it. Just right now I am not going to detail it. Time & place. These people are trying to kill me. Its like a high stakes chess game. One that I aim to win.


I seen a woman that is from the Eastham Unit. She is a parole officer. They see us for the board of pardon & parole. Many guys with a date refuse to see them. As they rarely ever grant clemency. She went over all the records from trial. We spent about 20 good minutes talking about everything. I noticed a couple things. One was when I would start going into more detail on some things, she would move on. I let her control the flow. After she got done. I told her. you don’t mind, I would like to comment on one thing.” She said okay & asked what it was. My response was ” I noticed the one question you did not ask me. That was you didn’t ask what I would do if I was NOT executed.”  She was not expecting that. The obvious way she was not expecting it. It told me all I needed to know. Her report to the board will not be a Let Clinton Young live report. I have asked to speak to one of the actual board members. Which I have been told is a right. Shockingly no one really does it. I damn sure am. I want to live!


I went over the blogs that was on my site. They should be getting put back up by now. It has been a long time since going over them. What stood out was how someone that once helped me added some lines to some. I know my style of writing! I know what the hell I didn’t write.  I also notcied that many blogs was not up there. There was 84 blogs sent to me. Thare should have been about 120/130.  Also I noticed was that the pattern of blogs. The early one posted make me look so much more aggressive as some other blogs was not there. See this is why I wanted to go over everything. Will be getting legal papers put back up soon. I wanted to get that done before everyone started to write everyone. This way all could be broken down. Though seems was a bit of what they call miscommunication.


People ask me how I feel. I feel good. I actually feel more relaxed then I have in a long time. When I first got the date I was angry , had that back to the wall feeling. Which is good as I started to think better about everything. Thought up some different angles. It will all be detailed in August. Also I will be soon posting who all I picked to witness the execution if it did come to that. Will post that in a week or so. I get to pick who visits, witness to the execution,& who I get to talk on the phone with that Final day. The day of a persons execution here. It is the most organized & planned day in a persons life. The only unknown is the courts, if something is pending. If a person does not have anything pending in the courts. At 6pm the process of the execution begins, with a team escorting the person to the gurney.  I do not plan to reach that point. As I have many good things in my case. When you are innocent such things develops.


To those that write me with jpay. Casey, Amelie, & etc. If you do not put your address, I can not write you back. Please read the guidelines & etc. Ya know, I recently found out that Jpay supposedly in their contract agreement state that anything sent through jpay they have the rights to. If that is the case; words, pictures, & etc. They claim to own if sent through them. Jpay is owned by a police service agency Securus. If they sell goods & services to prison & police. What would stop them from selling information that can assist in profiling? Guess no one reads the fine print these days.  People can look over terms of agreement portion & let me knout if that is true or not.


On my song about arabian lovers & one looking for someone to sing it. Look, writing me telltng me you have friends that may do it. That takes to long. Get with Meike, let her know who, so she can get It done. Heres the slogan for the next 91 days. “Make it happen.”

You know, I been really thinking about my idea to have a pet hippo. Them damn things get to be 8000 pounds! That would be a hell of a feed bill.


These damn people set out to de-masculate me! AS they robbed me of my beard.:( They do it every year around a persons birthday, so as to take a picture. It is not needed. they just do it to harrass us as they only take pictures once every five years for guys who do not have a beard. It is alright, as I am re-masculating! ( FYI – I know the right words. I just say it how I want to.) Look, people have tried to get me to shave by choice. Aint happening! I had grew it out & then trimmed it down. There was male & female officers making comments after I shaved. Called me baby Young. The barber that I always have cut my hair & trim my beard. He said ” Damn homie, we done put so much work into it!” 🙂 ha. After it was shaved off, I looked in the mirror. I looked like I was 19! I was rubbing on my face trying to get it to grow faster!:)ha As for camera in cell. There was only one time it really got on my nerves. This year I started out observing ramadan, out of solidarity with a friend of mine. Though being that I hadn’t heard from her. I kind of gave up on it. Though one night, I was asleep & they brought my tray after 10 pm. I woke up to get it & went back to sit on the bunk. A guy called my name, so frustrated I get up & go back to the door askin,”What’s up man!?” He asked me to walk back to the bunk. So I am standing there / thinking what the fuck is this As I feel like l am being  bothered.

Back to the door I come asking,”what the fuck?’ Turns out he could see the monitors reflection in the control picket windows. He noticed the movement when I got my tray. He told me that she had me on full screen. Normally the screen has all 14 cells on display. Which makes the displays small like 3inch by 3inch. Normally a person doesn’t get full screen display untill 7 days away from execution. When he told me she had me on full display. I looked at the picket & said “yeah it don’t surprize me.” Then went back to eating. As I was eating I thought about being watched & I got mad as fuck. I wanted to throw the tray at the damn camera. I was being watched as I slept & then ate.


Long sigh.


Anyways. I am going to wrap this one up. Will be back to writing more. I got to as I been not doing anything but thinking about my case.


Also court ruling in favor of us with social media! So thats good.

Veni Vidi Vici


I remain.

In solidarity

Clinton YOUNG #999447
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 south
Livingston TX 77351