Loud and Clear: Love

Clinton Young
Loud & Clear

Date: Aug .20th 2017


The world needs more Love! It seems like today civility has gone to the garbage heap. Everyone is so mad about everything. Half the time they do not even really know why the hell they are mad. They are just mad! People protesting this belief. Protesting that political group. Driving cars into people. Killing in the name of hate. Killing in the name of religion. Everyone just needs to chill out!

The future does not seem bright. These terror groups that keep driving into groups of people & blowing things up. I doubt they even have a real goal about what they want. Atleast not a realistic one. Though to show that no matter the foreign policy of the country. They will still attack it. It is not an attack on imperialism or political thought. It is an attack on the way of life in the west.

Spain withdrew the troops after the Madrid train bombings. Being that they are not in the middle east, why attack Spain? It just goes to show it is 100% about attacking the very way of life that westerners live. Attacks have taken place in Sweden, Finland, & etc. The reality is that there is no way they can win. Atleast not in the sense of bringing any of these western powers to their knees. It will farther divide the cultures. These attacks are not going to stop.

More so as long as funds continue to pour into countries that support it. Prisons in the US are, more often then not, labratories of hate. The division amongst those locked up. It is something that the administrations desire. It allows them better control. In California all the prison gangs put aside their differences & united for common goals. These are groups that have slaughtered each other for pride & power, over the past 30/40 years.

The violence didn’t scare the system. As they can deal with violence. Buy stronger weapons. Build more solitary cells, pass tougher laws. Violence helps the system thrive, as they can tell the public.I”Look at these dangerous super criminals. We need more money, we need more prisons. Vote for me, I will keep you safe.” No, what struck the system at its core is when they all united & in a peaceful way expressed a political desire. They won to a large degree. Unity was key.

When it comes to love.
People can always appreciate what is done from love. I have always seen hate as a weakness. People ask me if I hate my co-defendants. No I do-not. They are not worth hating. A snake does what a snake does.

Side step for a story that happened here.
I was on the outside rec yard with another guy ( as I have explained, the rec. yards are split, by bars. So no contact.) We made up a game by using a tight  rolled up sock, with some rice in it. Would throw it like a baseball. It would bounce off walls & such & the other person had to catch it. It would sometimes bounce outside of the rec.yard gate. I would then have to use a t-shirt to get it back. During a game there was a wasp walking around the rec. (Wasn’t flying) I didnt want to step on it, so I started to try to blow it out of the way. I was trying to shoo it away. Once it got out of the way, I went back to playing. The ball went out of the rec gate. I grabbed my shirt to get it and BAM! Felt a pressure then sting. It got me on a callous on my hand. I yelled out ‘damn it’ & then Shook the wasp loose from- my shirt & got the ball back. The other guy said “See if you would have killed it when you had a chance, it wouldnt have stung ya!” I looked. at him & said. “I’m not mad at it. It just done what a wasp does.”

The reality is that it only stung me as it felt under attack from me. That ls the difference in some humans. They will needlessly hurt & or betray others. Sometimes they are worse then snake. As a snake is just like a wasp

It’s really why as children grow. There needs to be a greater social investment in them. As frustrations often transform into hate. Be it some anarchist, Islamic terrorist, skinhead neo-nazis, black militants, extreme zionist radicals. Whoever it maybe. Now it is totally different to be proud of a persons heritage, religion, culture, ethnicity, nationality.

We often find comfort in the traditions of our nations. 4th of July celebrations, Kingsday parties, Ramadan, Christmas, Chanukah, whatever. People can appreciate the events & dedications to these days  & much more.

Each nation, religion, culture has its days. A celebration of love i5 embraced by all.The problem is when people- want to force others to live then way another desires.

There is an irrational fear that one will lose something. The big fights over marriage is a great example. In the US it was like half the country was about to have a damn heart attack that gays was wanting to get married. I get it that people have different ideas based on religion & etc.

But really, whos fuckin business is it what the next person does? There was even laws about what two adults could do in their bedrooms. From the acts Commited via anti-sodomy laws, to laws banning the sale Of sex toys. I mean what the fuck is the government doing in peoples bedrooms!? The same people that pushed that agenda wanted the government to stay out of churchs & schools. Thets the thing about giving the government power. It never stops where you-want it to. If a religious institution wants to clebrate certain marriages, okay that is their right. Not the government

If I start a church that only marries Mr.pig to ms.piggy. Okay, if you got a problem with the Church of Oink, get the hell out.I dont want any Pigist in my congregation anywayst :)Ha!

It was once that we could celebrate the exchange of various ideas & beliefs. Now it is as if even thought is under attack. People attack each other over race, religion, environment, economics. & etc. As time has gone by, we seemingly have gotten more divided. When 9/11 took place, the USA for a brief moment became a land of United Americans. It seems that was the tip of the hill because it has been down hill since then. (it has been said that no form of democracy has ever survived longer then 250 years. The USA is closing in on that year mark)
Humanity should not need disasters to stop & reflect. We shouldrit need to have a face for tragedy.

Why can not intellect rule the day?

How come Love can not be the force that propels us?

Coming into prison at such a young age. It would have been easy to sink farther into a spiral of hate. Many states ban pen pals. Flordia & etc have very strick rules. South Carolina does not even allow people to have online presence. (this really only serves to cover up abuses & promote isolation. Other states have different rules. Texas is not so strick. One thing about Texans, we do believe in the right to express. To have free speech. Its the very reason I can write these blogs as I do)

The women that have written to me. They have helped me to come to truely appreciate that Love is control enough. The thing about having people in your life. You become responsible for them,accountable also. They help shape you. People that are well loved, respected, & apart of a social fabric. They do not generally lash out with violence& hate. They do not go into schools & shoot up kids. They do not drive cars into crowds of people freely expressing their ideas. They do not blow themself up. There just needs tabe more Love, While most modern rap is nothing but materialism & the sexual objectification of women. Which is why I do not like most new rap.

2pac was a genius with the pen. The violence that-consummed the later years of his life, has painted-his image to mainstream society. However he truely was one the great poets of our time. People that have never read his works, He wrote many poems, essays, & songs. They might not appreciate his talented outlook. Though there was a philosophy that he expressed on his stomach through a tattoo. Many people have copied it, though fail to even know what it meant. 2Pac had THUG LIFE tattooed on his stomach. It stood for -The Hate U Give- Little Infants Fucks Everyone. That is so true. Unloved children grow’n’up to destroy the world around them.

As a society women must be our cornerstone & children our foundation. As a man there is that duty to be a pillar.

I am a complex person. My life has been a very unique journey. It can be said that I have an aggressive personality. Growing up we did not really talk about emotions & such. Boys play hard, fight harder, & work hardest. Talking was more associated with women. In prison -violence was the form of communication. I have not always been a great person, great friend, great brother, great son. Though as I have grown up, I have strived to be a great man. To make those around me stronger. To use my intellect to guide others toward their own strength. I will leave the nature vs. nurture battle to more sophisticated folk. I know that in my life I have been given plenty of reasons to be evil. Though some part of me. Even as a child I understood that people hurt others because they can. They attack whets weaker. Once I was really upset & was walking across the yard.

My dog at the time kept rubbing against me & messing with me. He was a golden retriever. I was 7 or 8 years old. I smacked him upside the head. He yelped & jumped back in surprize. (at the time I was mad at my step father) When I done that, my dog looked at me like I was crazy a voiced popped into my head that said “you are no better then him.” (him being my stepfather) That never left me. I understood then that it was only out of cowardice that bullies exist as they are.

That experience is also why The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is one of my favorite books. (Not saying my dog was talking to me!) I Love animals. They just are who they are. Only thing that beats a good dog, is a great pig J
As I wrote I am a complex individual. Even my quirky pet choices reflect that

 Most people comform to some various pre-designed mold. They rarely carve their own path in life. When it comes to me , so often I have had people shake their head and say,”that’s just how he is!” 🙂 I am not easily defined Though one thing about me. I always try to take each person as an individual. Which helps develop a better understanding of people overall. I am trying to write a great amout as short as I can. As I know my blogs can be long windows. Bare with me.

As I started this blog about Love. I will end it on such.

By the time this is posted I will have less then 60 days of life left on this earth. Unless something changes. How do I want to leave it. Hopefully someone that has read my words, that had thoughts of hurting others. Hopefully they have came to understand the strength is in being able to protect the weak, not attack them. The strength is in Laver in all its forms in hate. You can be who you are without tearing others down.

One of my other favorite books is by Paulo Cohelo. It is about Love, though in a more romantic sense. The love for another love of self. It is titled 11 minutes by Paulo Cohelo. I recently re read The 5th mountain. Next week I am going to re-read 11 minutes. I would have to say Paulo Cohelo is one Of my favorite writers as I have read more books by him then any other author. The Alchemist is also really great.

Anywho. I am going to-wrap this one up. As I leave I say. Cool is the rule. Dont trip tater chip! Just be cool.

Dont worry be happy. Calm the fuck down take a deep breath,

And  enjoy life.

Veni Vidi Vici

I remain.

In solidarity

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