Loud and Clear: Days of life

Clinton Young
Loud & Clear Topic: Days of life
Date: Aug, 15,2017

As the days tick on, I have been meeting a great deal with my therapist. He are working on my anger issues & obsession with Priyanka Chopra! Alright, alright! I am joking, everyone CALM down.

I do not have a therapist! 🙂
Well beyond Robert that is! While prefer to be housed on a different section. It is good having someone that can really talk to. Being that we are on death watch & not allowed to rec. around any others. We are able to get outside 3 or 4 times a week. Could be more, however they shut the rec. yards down at 1pm due to the heat.:( Which really upsets me.
As I love the sun & heat! If it is 100°F. Then I am happy! Not sure what the celsius is for 100F.

Anywho. They shut the outside rec. yards down, as people have sued over the heat levels. As most prisons, the general population areas do not have air conditioning. As a result guys sue not to work. The powers that be say no work no rec. Now for death row I am totally clueless as to why that applies. We can not work! The outside rec. yards have water fountains. Officers do security checks every 30-40 minutes. Plus when we come in, the building is air conditioned. Look I know you all read that we dont have air conditioning, never get vegitables & all this other bullshit. Its just that. bullshit! 
Is it some ideal tempature for some specific person? Maybe not. Though I got cold air coming from my vent. I normally block the vent as I dont like the cold! The air would blow harder if they would change out the filters more often. They used to do it once a year I think. I havent seen them do it in 10 years! Gets clogged, reduces air flow. Plus there is cross section vents that are in the wall that separates the pod in half. A,B,C section on one side & D,E,F on the other. Before with these vents & the wide space under the doors for the cross avers. Air would flow better, but they weilded some plates on the bottom of the doors to keep people from passing things under them. Being that not all vents are open on the cross section. It makes it where one side gets more air then another. So for example. A.B.C on A-pod is warmer then D.E.F section. Even with cross section vent open, as it is on this pod. But the air doesnt blow as hard.
Meaning the filter needs to be cleaned/changed out.

Beyond Randy being a friend. Why would I give it to him over my other friend William Irivini? who is one of my best friends. I never write about him, as
he doesnt seek out pen pals & such. Though the people I am closest to here are Randy Halprin, William Irvin, Robert Pruett., & Harvey Earvin.
So these are the four that crossed my mind. William is innocent. I know his case in & out. He is innocent! Just had some shitty lawyers. He will be able to beat the case.
Harvey has a chance to navigate the system & get off death row. Once off death row. I think he would have a good chance to get parole.
I got a lot of love for Harvey & know that he could get out & be a productive member of society. The brief moment that so defined his life is not the sum total of the man he is. Not by any stretch of the imagination.
Robert & I have not always been so close. Though over last couple years have gotten closer. We been cool for years. Other peoples bullshit caused some distance in the past. Though in recent years have developed a great deal of love for him . We have become good friends. He got majoraly fucked over! He was given 99 year as a 16 year old kid. Certified as an adult for a crime he had nothing to do with. There is a BBC film about Robert. About his life & being innocent. Now he awaits death based on inmate snitch testimony. NO DNA or anything from him. No prints! nothing! He didnt do the case, but a inmate said he did, so he gets sent to death row. Bottom line is he should have beat this case long ago. In Texas the hardest cases to beat are any that involve law enforcement. Be it police officers or guards. To put into context jail house snitching. There was guys who was NOT EVEN AT THE SAME PRISON trying to say they had information. Prison truely shows how some will sell their own mother) if it would benefit them. Robert can eventually win his cases.

Randy due to politics of his case has the hardest fight. Beyond that factor. I know Randy & have spent a great deal of time over the
years discussing different things. He a good dude. Plus if released. Randy would not hurt anyone. When he first came to prison, He was a teenager, going through a lot Of shit, & high on drugs.
He done something really stupid that he deserved not only to go to prison over. He also deserved to have someone beat his ass for it.
(I have told him such before & he even expresses such.)

Though this is so that they can be up to date on all. However it can not be shared at this time. I have no desire to give the people trying to kill 
me any advanced warnings as to what will he filed.
The day it is filed it will be posted on here. On contacting people. Again thanks to all that sent the letters to the dutch government. I mention the dutch as clearly I have more attention in The Netherlands then anywhere else at this time. Though I encourage others to do the same for their government. Here is the deal when it comes to writing people from Texas.
Texas has a stand alone mind set. Which is why it is called: the Lone Star State. It was its own country for a bit at one time. Texas politicians, more so the republicans that dominate the government of Texas. They will give an ear to a C.E.O or foreign leader they trade with. (From an economic position Texas is a world power house) There are major connections between Texas & Netherlands due to
energy sector, shipping,& also many companies are listed as headquarted in Amsterdam as The Netherlands actually has a lower corporate Tax rate then the USA. (People rant about tax laws that help the rich. It is not the US corparate tax rate/ as it is listed at 35% & is one of the highest rates in the world! I think it is highest in the G8 or G20 groups.)
That is why I say if you are an adverage dutch citizen. Greg Abott, the Texas governor, will never think once, much less twice about what you write him. He will not even see the letters.
Instead of writing Mr.Abott. Write to politicians,& C.E.Os, from your country, that does business with Texas.

Alrighty now. Things are going to be moving faster now. I will be posting more. Know that I am very greatful for everyones help. There are ways that all can help.
Going to wrap this one up. Till next time. Take care!( Oh, I made mention about social media. I misunderstood a comment made on radio. I thought a court ruling applied to people in prison.
It was about convicted sex offenders. Ooops!}


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