Loud and Clear: Humanity & etc

Clinton Young Loud & Clear
Topic: Humanity & etc
Date: Sept.14.2017

NOTICE: I have gotten back into groove of writing more. I ask
people to please bare with me. Thank you.

Greetings to all!
Many times people write to me about losing faith in humanity. It is easy to water that though then viewing the various forms of media.
My case surely doesn’t equate to an indictment on humanity. While there is an injustice, I always say, I made a series of stupid choices.
Though the way media is in todays time, it is so easy to get
locked into your own little sub group & then start to see everything as adversarial.
People go after each others throat over these issues that divide, be it politics, religion or whatever.
We build up these fences.
That’s why we need storms. To cause people to have to stop & reflect. To look around & re-evaluate whats important.
With so much energy put into material items, we often overlook the people around us. We have became masters at developing ways to ignore each other. To fill our lives with distractions. Then the storm comes & you realize those fences are not so high after all. You are forced to look up & see the people around you.
Hurricane Harvey stormed in the state of Texas, then suddenly the impossible became possible.
With so much destroyed, it would be hard for any to have hope. Though from the shadows of destruction. The storm showed that not all is lost.
As Harvey raged on & the floods ripped through south east Texas People left the comfort of their homes. They loaded up supplies
& hitched up boats, driving into harms way to help others.
Houston is a very diverse and heavily democratic leaning city.
It is not hard to guess who those men in jacked up trucks & fishing boats voted for in the last election.
It damn sure wasnt Hillary.

There was a reporter who interviewed an older gentleman She was not from Texas. She covered natural disasters &
as she expressed she had never seen people respond as they did. As she interviewed the older guy you could tell he was just an old
country boy..

She asked him why he came down to help people.
He paused for a couple of seconds. It was clear what she was asking was ‘Why do FYOU come help THESE people.’
He responded in a slow southern draw. “Ma’am..Today we’re all Texans.”
That touched me so much.

Its why I love Texas; The spirit of the state.
Texans will fight each other 6-days a week though if on the 7th your drowning; they will reach in & pull you out.

Texans are a passionate & fiercely independent people. They absolutely hate people not from Texas telling them how to live or act.
Robert & others always express amazement at my affinity for the state. Though that’s viewing it from prison.
The state is not trying to kill me. It is a few select people that know nothing about the case truly or one that simply doesnt care.
Though when people are educated, they see the problems. It is why I tell people do not react with animosity.
If someone says I need to die, Ask why & then ask about fairness & justice & then educate them about the facts. People then will change their mind.
Rage with rage just equals more rage.
Anyways Having lived in other states there is often a dislike
of Texas. Texas has always been seen as rowdy & a bit uncivilized.:) I would go to other states I Like when I went to Wyoming.
First day of school A kid tells me “My daddy says only steers & queers come from Texas. You don’t look like you got any horns!” Which is a line from a movie
Heard that line so many times in other states.
Having to fight because of being from the state, it increased
the passion for the state. Back to my point.
The storm showed that there might be these one or two issues that we disgaree on. We hyper focus on that instead of the 8 or 9 issues that we share common ground
It is sad that we need these disasters to stop & reflect.
Though with disasters, you also end up seeing the worst in people. Some decided to go scam & steal from people.
It takes a special kind of shit to rob people while they are drowning.

Stores were jacking up the cost of fuel. One store went from $2 a gallon to $9.90 a gallon for fuel.
-Which is illegal in Texas. During natural disasters crimes get enhanced to harsher punishements.
If I lived in a community and a store started to triple the cost of fuel & water (one tried to sell water for 30$ for a case of water!) That store would not be able to operate in my community. They would have to sell or shut down.
I would have people boycotting it.
Running a business is one thing. Taking advantage of people in need When they are going through hell & have lost damn near everything To hike up costs on important items, Yeah that is just foul.
Bottom line is we often look at storms for the destruction they do. Like this case. With the way it has impacted me being that I was wrongfully convicted) Now yes the care fact is that
there is no silver lining for the families impacted by the case or the victims. That is not lost on me.
The scope of it for me personally is that had I not came to death row. If I had walked out of that courtroom at 19 years old, beating a double capital murder case, with all that I was involved-in
Back then, While I would have liked to have hoped that I would
have gotten out & changed my life,chances are that most likely
I would have ended up dead or in federal prison for life. Since being here people around the world have been impacted
in positive ways. A woman that had been attacked as a teenager went from not wanting to leave the house. I helped her regain control of her life. She is now married with two kids.
Who knows what the children will grow up & accomplish.
People –turned away from suicide, got out of bad realtionships.
Redirected their life towards other goals.

In some ways I have impacted the way the world turns.
There are people that go through life just going with the flow. Never seeking their own path. That or worse, they are too afraid to carve their own path. I have actually gotten to impact peoples lives.
If I end up losing, the blessing is that I was able to love & be loved by some wonderful people.
Also that I was able to inspire others.

Plus, I will get to express feelings & love to my friends & family. I think that is one thing that many here overlook.
It is easy to only see the world through our own eyes.
The situation is viewed for the final result, versus the journey there. (We get to at least say ‘bye’)

The reality of the death penalty is death. Most are here for depriving another of their life.
The system sure has its flawsi I can damn sure name many in my case.
If they do get me, I will have impacted so many more people around the world than I ever would have had I not come here.

I am not bitter.

Now no way in hell am I giving up. I am innocent in this case,
& will fight to prove that till the very end.
While I was pissed off before1 I am not anymore.
Instead of seeing what I do not have, my focus is on what I do have.

People have shown me a great deal of love.
The storm makes you refocus!

I thank everyone that helps me. A special thanks to those that donate something each month & continue to actively help.
The filing of my appeal was pushed back one week. Will not be filled untill the 25th of September.
Please help spread the word, share my poems & blogs & posts links to my sites.

Another blog will be posted in a few days.

Take care, smile, & strive for all that you desire.
In solidarity

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