Loud and Clear: Ways to help

Clinton Young
Loud & Clear
Topic: Ways to help
Date: Sept. 17th 2017

Spoke to my lawyers last week. Nothing really new. There is a hearing to remove the execution date. Even though the testing came back exactly as I said it would, they do not want to agree to remove the date. The fight goes on.
I want to thank all those that have written letters to various officials. Those that continue to donate & spread the word.
I wanted to detail additional ways to help.
Music- There are several songs that have been made for me. Some will be for download at cost and others will be free to share.
The song “Song for a stranger” by ELYA is on Youtube and has a video. (http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com/song-for-a-stranger/)
If everyone reading this goes to YouTube to view it and then posts links to it and encourages everyone they know to view it then the higher the view count is, the more attention it gets, the more attention she gets, the more powerful her voice is, will help get other media involved.

Reach out to others on YouTube and various social media & ask them to share the links and/or mention it. Music is something everyone enjoys. It is easier to share a link to a Youtube video with a wonderful song then it is to get someone to read lots of pages about a death penalty case and/or to post directly about such.
It is not as controversial.
Also reach out to radio stations in your town & ask them to play the song.

The song “Death row” by Pyrexx. If you are into hip hop, I wrote this song with the intent that it would be an audio autobiography-esque song.
It is free to download and share. Please do so. (You can find it here: http://www.theclintonproject.com/buy/ )
The more that it is shared, the better. It mentions my site so it is a way to advertise my case. It details about the case, so it is free.

The “Lore of Loki” is a rock song. It is available for download at costs the funds go to my defense.
The more downloads it gets, the more attention I can get in other areas. For example, let’s use wishful thinking here & say the song gets 1 million downloads, such would catch the attention of media around the world.
In covering the song they would then also focus on my case.
So you see how it can be used as a way to raise attention? People download music all the time. It sounds good. If you like music, there ya go.

Two other hip hop songs will be soon available for download. Then hopefully I can get the country song that I wrote produced as either a country song or a southern rock song. I am also trying to find someone to sing the Arabian Song.

Next up. A young woman that writes to me, who happens to also be a model, is going to be helping in a few ways. She is from The Netherlands. Her name is Alyssa Traore. I would like everyone to please follow her on Instagram.
Now I know you might be thinking “Clinton, how the hell is following a model going to help you?”
Simple! The way things are these days, the more popular a model is, the higher her status is. With such allows more doors to be opened.
If you do not have an Instagram account, please create one and get you some family & friend followers. Then follow Alyssa. See here is the deal, if she had say 10 million followers
(I doubt I can bring that manyJ) but if she did, she would have the attention of many many people around the world. Doors would easily open for her and she then could pull on people’s ear & tell them about me.
By helping people that help me, you make them stronger.
Also to all in The Netherlands, by following her on Instagram & viewing/sharing the Youtube feature by ELYA, you send a message to other celebrities who might be worried about diving into a controversial topic. That it is okay.

An addition to this idea is that everyone reading this in The Netherlands could contact the most popular TV shows, newspapers and magazines and tell them that you would like a feature done on Alyssa & ELYA as to how artists participate in activism. In doing this, the media helps to reach even more people, thus increasing the status of Alyssa & ELYA.
The Youtube views spike, her Instagram followers increase, you don’t only help me, but you help those that help me.
It is a way to have a form of community support. Each helping the other. The end result is everyone is stronger.
Others see & get involved.
This is a free way to help,

It is a way that no matter your age, you can actively help. Ask others you know to do the same thing.
Reach out to music blogs, fashion blogs, magazines for fashion & music, etc.
Famous Youtube stars & so forth.
For every person that tells you no, ask 5 others.
If they tell you no. You are not harmed in any way. Someone will say yes and then we will help them.
To the person that said no, hey so be it for them.
These are ways that people can help for free with just a bit of time online.

Last but not least. Due to various problems I have had with mail and due to limitations to the number of stamps I am allowed to buy from the prison, I can NOT get stamps in the mail. They will be denied!
A program is being sorted to be installed on the websites for me. The letters will be printed by my sister & mailed to me. I believe it is .50$ per letter, is how the program is.
This is to cover the cost of mailing it to me. This will make it faster, cheaper & surer delivery for people that I write overseas. I can respond by sending the letter to my sister & she will scan & email it to the person I write. My sister will be only one with access. This makes it much easier for me to write with people. More so given my days are numbered.

It is not required. Not saying that. Though it is an option for those that want to use it. The cost is to cover delivery, US mail is .49$ for standard letter rate.

Trying to find ways to streamline everything. Also to increase ways for people to help that only require a bit time.
Also with my poems, please feel free to share them with any & all. Just make sure you add that it comes from me and my website. Thanks!

Going to wrap this one up. Will be back in a few days.
Thanks to all that have continued to support me. It is not over until it is.

If every day you reach out to several people, you are helping.
Again; thanks in advance to all that follow Alyssa on Instagram and also view the Youtube feature done by ELYA,

Take care, smile, & strive for all that you desire.
In solidarity

P.S.*ATTENTION* If you write me for first time with jpay, I have to have address or I cannot respond. I cannot respond with jpay.

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