Loud and Clear: Anti-Venom, Case & Help

Clinton Young Loud & Clear
Topic: Anti-Venom, Case & Help
Date: October 8, 2017
“Keep fightin’, got to keep my anti-venom strong because these snakes keep strikin’!”
The powers that be in Midland never fail to amaze me. I really had hope that they would do the right thing, however, it seems that the new D.A is just all jolly to kill me. As the testing came back exactly as I said it would, the never ending list of people coming forward saying that Page bragged about the murder continues. People from various ethnic groups, none that associate with each other, the only common theme is Page bragging about getting away with murder.
For a first, I have to thank Midland Reporter Telegram. It was due to their story about the October 16th hearing that my lawyers found out Page was not only back in Midland, but he was also being given “Use Immunity.” (Which means anything he says about crimes in Midland, he cannot be prosecuted for.) The idea being that this would get him to tell the truth. Problem with that? Yeah. They gave him that at my trial & he still lied & has admitted he lied in my trial. So that piece of paper doesn’t mean shit. But whatever he said, they would use against me.
Half of my appeal is about Prosecutor misconduct, yet here the D.A calls Page back in secret. I feel safe assuming they met with him & had private discussions with him. As they have many times before. (D.A is for District Attorney, The Prosecutor.)
There was all kinds of stuff that the D.A was doing that they failed to discuss with my lawyers. They call that something… Ah, what is it? Oh Yeah! It’s ILLEGAL!!  A total violation of my due process rights & is a clear cut ethics violation.
It gets even laughingly worse. The Judge signed the orders for the D.A 2 days before the D.A filed their legal arguments, which are known as ‘motions’. Now how would a Judge or why would a Judge know to sign off on an order to a legal argument that has not yet even been filed? Well, they were clearly discussing the case in private. Oh, there’s that word I am looking for again!
My lawyers read the story in the newspaper. They naturally filed with the higher court.
Maybe the D.A thinks that if they kill me it will all end. NOT!
Ya know, I am mad at myself. People wanted to do so much with media, protest actions, etc. but I told everyone “No, just chill. I want to wait until the testing comes back.”
I naively believed that once the testing showed what I said it would, the D.A would come to the table and have a discussion about the most reasonable solution. But that did not happen. Instead, they dug in harder and started doing even more crazy shit.
Here are the basic facts:
#1. Over 5 witnesses swear under penalty of perjury that they were threatened, offered deals, etc. by members of the Prosecution before, during and after my trial. As late as 2010 at a hearing James Kemp discusses this in the film “Deal with Death.”
#2. A letter was found from Mark Ray to Harrison County D.A about plea bargaining. This letter was never given to my trial lawyers. Instead, it was given to Mark’s lawyer who put it in his file. Which in turn meant we would never see it before the trial due to Mark Ray’s legal rights with his attorney.
#3. The D.A at the time of my trial promised in a letter to turn over all favorable information. They failed to do this. In the TX DPS files it was discovered that they didn’t.
#4. The Violent Crimes Task Force met with a witness about Page saying to put the murders on me. This information was left out of the case file until recently. Two Judges ordered everything to be turned over.
#5. Courts found that the Harrison County D.A had indeed discussed plea deals with Mark Ray’s lawyer. Okay, that same D.A testified under oath TWICE that he didn’t do that. So it has been affirmed that a former D.A committed perjury TWICE! Which is a felony in Texas!
#6. Here we are in 2017 and all the above mentioned events took place in concern of the October 16th hearing.
#7. That’s not all I got. There is something that hasn’t been mentioned before. 🙂 It will be though.
So they have shown a systematic pattern of misconduct in my cases. I can show this from before my trial, during my trial with allowing false testimony, to after my trial. This spans from 2002 to 2017.
Oh yeah, don’t let me forget the D.A at my trial filed a false complaint on my mitigation specialist. Also threatened to press charges on my paralegal. He was actively threatening my defense team. He retired after the appeals court denied my first appeal.
Damn, also don’t let me forget about the evidence in my case that they threw away or ‘lost’ as they say. I really do not understand why this new D.A is so obsessed with killing me. I really don’t. More so, being that I have shown everything is as I said it is time and time again. Two jury members signed statements for me. If all the jury members would have talked to my defense team, I could have gotten more.
I was recently approached by a member of the media to discuss the role of Journalism keeping branches of the government in check. It is needed so much because people are so ignorant to the law. People believe all these myths.
In Texas there is a HUGE difference in how death penalty & non death penalty cases are handled. If Robert Pruett was a non death case, he could have had a new trial 4 times over instead of being 3 and a half days away from dying. Andrea Yates killed all her kids. She got a new trial because a guy lied about a TV episode in her trial! Yet, I can show several witnesses lied in my trial, including FBI Agents and Police Officers.
Yet here I sit. 🙁
Death Penalty cases are treated so differently.
Sadly, this myth does real harm. As even politicians believe some of the myths of the system. This myth that we are getting new trials left & right & that we delay justice… That is so far from the truth! There are hard limits on what can be done & when. It truly puts peoples lives in danger!
Back to the medias role. Anthony Graves is free in part thanks to something the prosecutor admitted to the media. See, I always try to argue that this is about Justice & what the constitution allows me. A fair trial. I never had that. Just give me what the law says I can have!
People want to pick and choose which Constitutional rights they want to give. Everyone wants free speech and guns. Why can’t I have a fair trial? It’s because they know I would win. Never mind the fact that I never killed anyone. Instead of them admitting an error, they would rather kill me.
Take my life to cover up their misconduct.
So the motive to kill is NOT justice. Not in the least. If it was about justice, Darnell would never have remained free, Mark would not have gotten just 15 years and Page would not have gotten only 30 years.
To cover up all their errors and misconduct they think that if they murder me, I will become silent.
No, not hardly. Too many love me. Too many believe in me. I know too much about the law. My baby sister loves me too much. If they do kill me, she is going to know how to carry the fight forward.
Time ticks on.
To other matters, I want to thank everyone that attended the event in Amsterdam. Also, a very special thanks to Shanna Nico for her participation in the event. She said she would sing and she did. Forgive me Shanna for not mentioning you sooner. My friends were so focused on getting everything in order I was a bit late in getting all the specifics.
To everyone, Please download music by Shanna Nico. Post links for her on you social media pages and encourage others to do the same. Help her in response to her helping me.
As I mentioned before, the stronger you make those that help me, the stronger I am. Plus, in a way, it is a way to Pay it Forward.
Also, if you are a fan of hip hop, please download “Works” by Pyrexx and post links for him as well. He did the song “Death Row”, “Hip Hop Song”, and it working on another known as “A gangstas death.” (the song is critical of that lifestyle). The Song “Death Row” is free to download and it is encouraged that any and all download it and share it as a way to help bring attention to my case.
The Rock song “Lore of Loki” by Forsete is good so if you like Rock music please download this one. Also share links with that band with others that like rock.
Many people think that because I have so many hip-hop songs, that is my favorite music. I actually listen to country and rock music more than anything. I like some older hip-hop and some new stuff from the southern region of the U.S. I am Texas made, so mainly I  like artists from Texas such as Pyrexx. I will even listen to some Mexican music if it is an artist from Texas. Might not understand a damn thing they are saying! 🙂  haha. Will just get Amy to translate for me 🙂
See, with the music, it is as I have said before, It is a non-controversial way to spread the word. Also, the more downloads, the more attention I get. I still want to get my country song and the Arab song produced. The reason why I made the choice on having the song “Death Row” for free is because it mentions stuff from the case and out of respect to the victims family, I did not want it to be for profit.
I additionally want to thank everyone that has written to the Governor and Parole Board and those who have reached out to other media sources.
Every single day reach out to someone.
Ask people to share the links & songs also.
Every day do something. It will grow and grow.
If someone tells you no or rejects you in any way, then ask or tell 10 more.
Fear is a brake to progress.
You all are my Anti-Venom!
This is getting long winded so I am going to wrap it up.
Will be back in a Couple of Days.
Thanks to all that help.
Veni Vidi Vici
In Solidarity,
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