Loud and Clear: Robert Pruett

Topic: Robert Pruett
Date: October 14,2017
The story of Robert is one that is complex & an indictment both on poverty & prison.
It casts the justice system of Texas in a decade long shadow from a shameful cloud of injustice.
Being certified as an adult at age 15 for a murder his father committed, he was given 99 years.
He was thrown away by people that could have & should have redirected his life. He never had a real chance.
His dad was in and out of prison. His mother, uneducated. He never even really got to be a child.
If we could rewind the hands of time, the person Robert was before coming to prison would be one that few people reading this would admire. He was a product of poverty & prison.
With that comes hate and crime.
Though the man the state of Texas killed, that man was one that inspired others. A man that was full of love & life. You can see it yourself by going to the site for execution watch, produced by Ray Hill, and see the interview there. I highly recommend that any & everyone watch/listen to the entire execution watch show that was done on Robert. Share it with everyone you can.
Robert was very intelligent. Everything came easy for him. He was someone that always tried to make the most of a situation. Like being on death watch together, time flew by because we were having as much fun as we could. (Often to the amusement of others on the section & pod.) 🙂
So many here are just miserable people. Everything is ‘woe is me’.
Robert was like me. Just grab life by the horns. He never shied away from a fight, spoke his mind. He was also always interested in the human element, what made a person who they are. We had many common interests, which is why we became so close. We also shared a kind of similar story, both having been in prison for so much of our life. We both dealt with the pressures that come with being young white guys tossed into violent prison systems. Then coming to Death Row at young ages and going through the changes we have.
I myself have not always been a person that many would be impressed with. Again, like Robert, the people that came into our lives made us see the world with a bigger lens.
One thing truly holds the key to power. It is LOVE. Going through some of the things I have as a child inspired me to want to obtain power. I saw power as my ability to dominate the world around me. To do it in the way it was shown to me, by force. Robert was the same. These common themes are what helped us develop such a strong bond. It is also how he was able to inspire me in ways.
He was not scared of death.
The morning of October 12th I woke up hearing him talking to someone. I laid in bed smiling, I could tell how hyper he was. He had even expressed a few times how excited he was to see what was next. Growing up in prison, there is not much attachment to this world. When he talked about living life, it was always with Theressa. She was the one he wanted to live for. To get out and build a life with her.One thing that helped make his days easier in the end was how strong she was. After one of her visits, he came back and we talked. He told me, “Bro, she is so much my chick. We really are perfect for each other. She is so strong, I thought I would have to work to comfort her but she is tough.” This brought him more comfort and made everything go smoother for him. 
Everyone deals with pain differently. I always tell people not to cry but to fight! As long as you can fight then you can win. Although, this is a hard situation, It is not natural. It is confusing to most. The important thing is to try to make the most of each moment.
Last Saturday Amy came to visit me. Robert was visiting Theressa & Cenda (forgive me if I spelled that wrong) and I was in a different booth at first but then got moved to the booth next to Robert. That is when the picture of the two of us was taken. We had the most fun we could being the situation.  Amy wrote to me about how it inspired her seeing how we interacted and were just ourselves and enjoyed the moment. 
When you watch the execution episode you can hear the smile in his words and see it in his face. 
Make his death worth something. Take from it a better appreciation for life. Do not be afraid to live. You have one life. Make it count! That doesn’t mean go out and make life all about you. Many people use such thinking to step on others.No, you can have the greatest life possible just by loving life and the world around you. Do not be driven by always wanting more because you might just overlook the treasures you have right at your feet.
Robert was one of a kind. I was out at a visit the day of his transition. I was in the booth that made it so that when he was being escorted out, I could see him.
On the day of a persons execution they escort from the visitation booth to the transport van. They place the person in the visitation restroom so he can use the restroom before getting in the van to go to Huntsville. As he turned the corner to walk towards the restroom he yelled out “Loki! I love ya bro.” I said the same in return after he was done and cuffed again. As he was walking back past me to leave the visitation area and my head was leaning against the visitation booth screen when he stopped right in front of me, looked at me with a big smile on his face and said again, “I love ya.” I managed to get the words “you too” out. I watched him walk out of the visitation area and I sat down feeling the pain of the moment. Then I laughed as the thought entered my mind, “The fucker smiled at me.”
I was optimistic something good would happen as the slim chance existed that it would. Though on the execution watch show Ray Hill took the call from Dave Atwood (who was at the Walls Unit where executions happen) and he said that Robert’s people were crossing the road. This means they are being escorted to witness the execution. That is how people know it is going forward. It didn’t really even hit me then. It wasn’t until they played the recording of him, then it really hit me.
It was the first time I really had someone close to me be executed. Though we had gotten so much closer in recent years, more so this year since we were on C Pod together. Then I got my date and he got an execution date shortly after me. We spent every day talking. We were always going to the outside rec. yard together. We couldn’t be on the same rec. yard but we could see and talk to each other. Just imagine being in a room with no roof that had a fence splitting it. That is a rough example which makes it a little easier to understand. One person would be on each side of the fence. We laughed, cried, argued, cussed other people out together, had others laughing with us or at us, hell we even had officers laughing. A bond was formed stronger in a situation that is so unique. Every day was not only a new day, it also marked one less day on this Earth. We made the most of it.
The storms of life make us stop and reflect.
Robert got into Physics during his time here. He read many books on it while he was here and his belief was that energy never dies. The world is made of energy and as a result we never die. Out physical bodies die, but the energy that is in us never dies. We fear death due to all we hang onto here on Earth. Also the fear of the unknown.
Robert came to not see death as most people do. That is why he did not fear it.
As far as his case goes, the lawyers discussing it on the execution watch say it all. Although, something I did notice was when the person from the Special Prosecution Unit spoke to the media on the radio, he did not say Robert was 100% without a doubt guilty. Instead, he said “A jury reviewed the evidence and found him guilty.” (5 members of the jury said they regret convicting him.) The evidence that they used to convict Robert was false and flawed. Jailhouse snitches changed their stories and did not have any information until they were offered secret deals or they were in trouble a year later and were trying to get out of it. The forensics they used in his case was flawed and bullshit.
They did not kill Robert because they proved on Appeal that he was guilty, No. He was executed because of being legally barred as legal claims were not made on time.
See, there is this bullshit ass myth in Texas that people are so fucking wrong on. The myth that we on death row get off on technicalities. NO! That is total fuckin bullshit! I challenge anyone to find a case where a guy is free from death row due to a technicality. Find me ONE fuckin case where a guy got a whole new trial for it and got away..
No, it does not happen. Instead, what happens, is they kill us on technicalities. A lawyer fucks up, we die. THAT is what the fuckin media will not focus on in Texas. It is like everyone has to propagate this myth that we are beating the system.
If that is the case why the fuck is Robert Pruett dead for a murder they cannot prove he did?! But instead, he can prove he did NOT do!
Why is Todd Willingham dead? Carlos Deluna? Gary Graham? Etc.
Hell, the prosecutors admitted and the Judge and appeals court signed off on it that a prosecutor in my case committed perjury twice. He lied about the plea bargain discussions with one of the co-defendants lawyers. Appeals denied, denied, denied. I begged for a new state appeal lawyer. Then it came out that the investigator was smoking crack and falsified all the documents in my appeal. They tell me basically, Oh Well. Tough Shit.
I also want to making something else clear, when I express my love of Texas, it is NOT the prison system or injustice system. Not at all. It is about the mythology and spirit of the state. It hurts my heart that so many people in Texas refuse to look into the systems they support. If they do, they doubt the death penalty. People who read Robert’s story, and hear the execution watch show, it will open their eyes.
I have some people that gave statements for me. The prosecution says they cannot be trusted because they are criminals and drug users. HaHaHa. What the fuck is every witness they have?! Criminals and drug users! So their dope head crook is better than my dope head crook? This is not unique to me, Robert had people who were not even on the damn unit with him, units over a hundred miles away, writing in trying to be a snitch for the state! Yet, the government was okay with killing one of it’s citizens based on the word of a person they would not even trust to borrow a single dollar. A persons life is worth less than a dollar to them.
The person that the state of Texas killed on October 12, 2017 was by no means the same person that entered Texas Death Row. He damn sure was not the same person as the kid whose life was thrown away when he got 99 years. While his life was not lived the “normal” way, that doesn’t mean that it was worth any less. Do not let Robert’s execution be for nothing. Robert is a good example as to why we should not write off other people. The people that entered his life helped to make him a better person. As a result, he made other people better.
Learn, Live, Love.
Shield Wall Brother!!
Veni Vidi Vici.
In Solidarity,
Clint Young #999447
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