Loud and Clear: It ain’t over yet

Clinton Long Loud & Clear
Topic: It ain’t over yet
Date: October 21, 2017
A small battle has been won, but the war is far from over. When my lawyers told me on the phone that I got a stay, they all started to cheer & such. My mind, right away, went to “Okay, what’s next?” The urgency has changed but the dynamic remains the same. I am still on death row. Now is far from the time to take the foot off the pedal. If anything, it is time to mash it harder.
Everyone can stop writing to the parole board and governor. The Governor only has limited power in what he can do with a death penalty case and now that I have a stay, it is 100% out of his control. I am back before the court.
I understand that some people have been confused about why not the DNA Claim and all that other stuff. DNA is not in question. So to clear it up, I did not have a DNA claim. DNA is mentioned because it matched the co-defendant. My claim was about gun shot residue. An item that had the co-defendant’s DNA also had GSR on it. Hence, he shot the gun while wearing the gloves. Now, the way the C.C.A of Texas works, they do not rule on a case in such a way that will open the door for many other cases. They always try to deal with it case by case. They could have granted all my claims, though it would have been kind of pointless really and would have only served to be a case to be used by others on death row. (Which those against the death penalty see as a great thing) However, the judicial landscape of Texas does not cater to an anti-death penalty political climate. By ruling on the claim they did, it helps me to bring everything else into the equation. For example, the gloves. 11.073 is a new appeal angle deal with forensic science. In order to win that I have to meet a set of standards. I cannot just say “GSR on gloves, I win!” There is a series of standards that have to ALL be met. As a result of this, it is harder to win because there is more to prove. The claim I won on, there was only one thing I had to do, prove the co-defendant lied. In doing so, I can bring in the gloves and everything else without having to do a checklist of standards. The Judges in that court are not stupid. Almost all of them are former prosecutors, if not all of them. I am going to have to sort a few things out before going back to Midland. They can take me back to the county at any time, but I suspect they might wait a bit. More so since they are currently holding Page hostage out there.
Which please, people, stop attacking him. I got a stay of execution based on him admitting to my lawyers on the things he lied about. He came clean on mass majority of everything, except the murders. What matters is that Midland county doesn’t do anymore unethical actions like threaten and intimidate witnesses. I think doing it to 6 is enough!
Right now I need people to focus on the future. Helping promote my sites, songs, the people I have mentioned that support me, and donating. As I have said before, if someone sees that people support a band that supports me or a model for example, then they will not shy away. Others may come to help through this. Also, I ask that everyone please share the Execution Watch by Ray Hill; episode on Robert Pruett. More so, people in Texas. People in Texas need to know that a 15 year old kid who never even killed anyone was certified as an adult and given 99 years in adult prison. Then, in turn, execute him for a murder with absolutely no evidence. That a man was killed by the state due to technicalities, that the courts say was his lawyers fault. The only way true reform can happen is if the myths that cloud the justice system are destroyed. People need to understand the realities that plague the system & cause innocent people to be locked up and even killed.
Murder has different labels under the law. Manslaughter, both voluntary and involuntary; Negligent Homicide; Capital Murder; and the most recently created one, Justifiable Homicide, which was brought about 11 or 12 years ago. Before this law, when we were “Texecuted”, the cause of death would have been homicide. As a result, the death certificate became a political tool for the anti-movement, which was really highlighted under the old school uncensored blogs with Richard Cartwright & so forth. Politicians came up with a new definition for the law, Justifiable Homicide. Homicide, by definition, is the killing of a human. The state of Texas did not carry out a justifiable homicide of Robert Pruett. No. They fuckin murdered him.
The past 2 weeks surely have been a roller coaster. The silver lining of the experience with the execution date is, well, there are actually a few of them. First being my own self reflection whilst in the shadows of death. As I have mentioned, the storms make us stop and reflect. The last couple of months, I really had the best visits. There is a song by Tim McGraw called “Live Like You Were Dying.” I am horrible with song names and artists so hopefully I got it right, but basically it is about a man that is dying and it details how he is living his life. I’ve always been one that was about the people around me. The concept of ‘who can you call at 2 in the morning’? At the end of the day, when all else fails, there has to be a person in your life that you can count on. I have never had to struggle with having people in my life. The blessing of looks, brains, charisma and strength; it attracts people. I took that for granted. When faced with losing it all; it humbles a person. I also got to spend the days with Robert. Additionally, there was so much more attention that came to my case.
It took me a couple of days to really process that I was not going to die on October 26th. I expected someone to come back with some type of bullshit. I was visiting on Friday with Merel when I was told I had an attorney phone call. It was an unexpected call so the first thing that came to my head was the date. Beyond suicide, no one has to sit around and think about the exact date and time of their own death. It was 2 weeks after one of my best friends died. When I was doing my 14 day processing (which is 14 days from the execution date) they took me to the office with all the high ranks of the prison, as they do everyone 14 days prior to their scheduled date, I had to meet with Wardens, asst. warden, Major & Captain for 12 building (death row & ad -seg.). We sign some religious forms for the reason I am not really clear, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I think it is about the chaplain that will be at the death house. Then, I signed forms about what to do with my body. I had a message from Robert to the Warden as he was having his final visit and the night before he got no mail. Well, he did get an envelope with no letter in it and no return address. It just had some message on the outside from some Christian group. (Also, if someone from said group is reading this, your idea is fuckin stupid! Whatever idea you had might have been good, but this was a dumbass stupid fuckin thing to do that no one likes, appreciates, or even really gets the point of. So, how about you stop doing it or come up with something better.)
Anyways, the experience is crazy! I am sitting there planning what to do with my body incase the state anatomical board will not accept it; I was going to donate my body to science. I mean, with a brain and body like this it would almost be a crime for humanity not to benefit from it. πŸ˜‰ haha
Seriously though, I am discussing with these people about my body, who will watch me die, & my final visits. All of this on the very day my best friend was set to die. That is such a unique experience. Oh, I forgot to mention, they also took the handcuffs off of me. So the first time a person will be in a room with other people without handcuffs on death row is when they do their 14 day processing to get ready to die. Hmm.
Time ticks on..
When I found out about the stay, the investigator asked me if I had a statement about it. I couldn’t really focus on such a thing but as I was trying to think up something short to say, which is not one of my stronger points πŸ™‚ I expressed a couple thoughts and the investigator said, “how about this…”. My response was, “cool, go with that” and we went on to something else.
When I was visiting with Renate & Merel later, Merel told me she had told Renate that I didn’t make that statement. She knew this because there was no emotion in the statement. That got me to thinking about my words. That my ability to make people feel what I feel when I write is what impacts people I guess. I certainly never follow all these grammar rules and such. I just thought it was neat.
On to other matters.
I express from my heart the love I have felt from everyone. To the people of The Netherlands, Dank u wel. Ik hou van jou! A very important point I wanted to highlight is the claim that I won on in my appeal. The claim involved 2 elements pertaining to Page. One being his statement to my lawyers, the other being his statements to Jessica in the film. Jessica literally helped save my life. (The song Crossroads by Bone Thugs & Harmony just came on the radio…A fitting song at this time. It also was the favorite song of a friend of mine from when I was a teenager. His life ended way too soon.)
To the people that have fought so hard for me these past 5 months, Jorunn, Renate, Merel, Meike, Jessica, Alex, friends & family, my lawyers, strangers, and too many others to name. Thank You. The various groups from the TCADP, ICADP and other anti-death penalty groups, criminal justice groups and human rights organizations along with concerned conservatives. Thank you for encouraging your members to speak out. As you all know from experience, the fight is not over with yet. I would encourage people to join these groups. The TCADP does actual lobby work for reform with elected officials in Texas. If you are from Texas and want to be a part of working towards reform and educating others, then I would suggest joining Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. TCADP.org is the site I believe. You can be from other states or countries and join Amnesty International also, though of course their focus is much more than the death penalty. The logo for them is a candle & they did help shine a light. Amicus, Reprieve and other more legal focused groups helped as well. These are vital groups that need legal talent that can intern on cases. Being that they deal with death penalty cases, they try to pick from the top of the class as peoples lives are at stake. Merel and Renate both interned with Amicus.
Now, I’ve got to give a special thanks to all those in the Lone Star State that stepped up. More so those that, while supporting the death penalty, recognized the injustice of this case and then spoke up about it.
I need more people from Texas; as you pay the taxes, you vote the politicians, prosecutors and judges into office. You should be outraged that over $300,000 has been spent so far on this case just on trial and appeal costs. It isn’t over yet! I am going back for a new round of appeals now.
Midland county seems so content on covering for the former prosecutor and their good ole boy buddies then what it costs tax payers, victims families, my loved ones, & pervert the very concepts of justice that is guaranteed by the Texas and & U.S Constitution. None of that matters to them it seems. Thankfully, I get to live to fight another day.
I was surely thinking that I was going to have to be hanging out in the big meadow in the sky with Mr. Pig, eating watermelon and watching the video to the song “Honky Tonk Ba Donka Donk” by Trace Adkins on endless loop. πŸ™‚ haha.
But instead I get to live to see October 27th and work on additional projects!
The songs I’ve mentioned that I’ve written, which Pyrexx performed, I didn’t realize they were not yet distributed. By the time this is posted the songs should be available for download. They are located on my website that hosts my personal stuff: www.saveaninnocentlife.com.
For official case information visit saveclintonyoung.com. This is set up as an official word of my lawyers for US Media & such.
Clintonyoungfoundation.com is operated by Merel & Renate and focused on international media and the more ‘hit the streets’ type of campaigning. Also to raise funds for public awareness campaigns, future legal fees to be saved up so that when I get a new trial I can hire the best lawyers possible. (My current lawyers are only appeal lawyers.)
Bottom line is this. Songs, sites, blogs, etc. it is all about one thing. Winning.
I am in it to win it!
Veni Vidi Vici! πŸ™‚
P.S Actually when my lawyers first asked me for a statement to be released I did say Veni Vidi Vici! Though I haven’t won yet, so got to keep on fighting. Need you all as my anti-venom, because these snakes keep striking!
Keep Fightin’.
Take care, smile and keep on keepin on.
In solidarity I remain,
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