Loud and Clear: Updates

Loud and Clear: Updates

Clinton Lee Young – Loud and Clear
Date : Jan.26.2015
Topic : Updates

I was just thinking about how I never updated about the rec. yard & the birds. I did win the battle. The rec. yard was covered again with the netting to keep the birds off. However after being able to have the run of the place for so long. These terror with feathers was not willing to go down without a fight ! When they returned to the rec. yard to do as they pleased. They was met with a shock. The netting hindered their free flight.

No more was the world their own personal toilet. Angered. They attacked with a vengence. Finding a small hole that was left in the netting. Where it was tied down. They entered. Feathers & birdshit was scattered about. As in their fit of rage they was unable to easily navigate their way back out of the rec. yard.
A few of the braver souls laid in wait. Their plans to unleash an unholy jihad on those that restricted them.
A guy that went to rec. first in the morning. He & another guy was walking around talking. (The rec. yard is split in two. Can see each other & talk, though no contact.)
When the demon on wings swooped down releasing his load on the unsuspecting guys arm.
🙂 haha ! When he told me the bird shit on him. I could not help but laugh out loud. I told him, « Ha, the bird got you with a shit hit ! » I swear to you all, that happened !
I tell you, we are not dealing with normal birds here !
Though they faded away as they was unable to roost in peace.
I was then moved to another pod. When getting to this pod. I go to the shower for the row I am on. The walls are black with mold ! Sadly this is far too common. The inmates that come back here to clean up, they do not do anything beyond the bare minimum. As they do not get paid for the work & the officers do not force them to do it. Some of us use supplies we buy from commissary to clean it. I had to go to the shower the next day with a hair brush to use as scrub brush & a bottle of liquid detergant.

After spreading the cleaning chemicals all over the wall & then scrubbing it down, I use my hand to direct the water to the wall. It was like a brown waterfall going down the wall.
Being that the walls are supposed to be white. It was finally bright in the shower, since the walls was white again.
Sadly few people take the steps to change their environment.
At least beyond the cell that they are in.
People will complain all day & ask the people they write to file complaints. Yet will not themselves take any additional steps.
As the world spins !

Again thanks to all that have ordered shirts & bracelets.
Some ask about funds. Any & ALL funds raised from donations, & sell of items are strictly for my defense. None of it is used for anything else.
So yes the funds from the t-shirts do go to me, same as the songs.
While on the topic of the shirts. I developed an idea to create a form of protest with the shirts. I would like to everyone that has ordered a shirt, to please wear it 3 days in each month. The three days are the 3rd, 12th, & 25th. These days are picked because of the letters they represent in the U.S alphabet. Which is the C, L, & Y. Which of course are my initials.
When wearing the shirt on these days, please post a picture wearing it on the social media pages. As not only does it show support for me, it increases the idea of community. As a group of people working together towards a common goal. In solidarity.

A new form of gaining attention has been developed.
Large window stickers have been developed to help advertise my website. With both the website & a slogan that I developed. I know that many might not use the slogan, as it is heavy. So the stickers are separate, this way a person can just post the one with my website on their car window. Though using both are best. The information to order these will be posted on my website.
It is a way to turn a person’s car into a mobile billboard.
Help to reach people that normally would not be reached.
I know that some might not like such a direct approach. Many worry about what others will think.
If you do not speak up, then who will ?
If you believe in something, then you should represent it.
True some will try to drag you into the death penalty argument with all the different example of why they support it.
However my site is not about the death penalty. It is about the basic desires of humanity. Fairness & justice.
The death penalty only highlights the injustice, as they are trying to kill me for something I did not do. Even if a person is not 100% sure of my innocence. NO ONE can reject my claim that I was never given a fair trial or appeals.
That can NOT be disputed.
It is a desire that people around the world order these stickers.
The stickers go across the back of the car window.
An example will be show on the site.

As for my case. All the legal filings have been presented. Now we wait on the court to decide what happens next. It is my desire that they grant oral arguments. This way the lawyers for both sides can argue before the judges. It is easier to get more across with speech, then writing it out.
There are several options of what can be done. They can reject everything. Which is the worst case scenario ! I have 7 issues that I can be granted an appeal on. Which then I will have to do more filings. However I have GOT to be granted an appeal on at least one of those 7 to win an appeal in the current court. Hell, I got to win one before I can even file an appeal !
The other matters are due to the new evidence. They are 3 different filings. These different filings can result in me being returned to the lower courts to file a new appeal on the new evidence & or my innocent claim. I should get word within 6 weeks. Time keeps on ticking.

I am going to wrap this one up. Another blog will be posted next week. As there is lots to write about. I plan to get back to working on events & all that good stuff.

Please spread the world. Thanks! In Solidarity

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

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