Loud and Clear: Nov. 18th. 2014

Loud and Clear: Nov. 18th. 2014

I know that I’ve been silent for the most part. Several factors have come into play.

One of which has adversely impacted my efforts. A bit of good news, is I was able to get the other lawyer that I needed started on my case!

I have several issues to blog about. They finally put the netting over the rec. yard. 🙂

The birds were none too happy about that! I fight to win all battles, though. 🙂

I also had another interesting trip to the hospital to blog about.

I will write all of this over the weekend.

To a more serious note. Nov. 26th marks the 13th year locked up on this case. However, for one of the victims family, it marks an even worse date. The day they lost their loved one. The situation is complicated even more, as it is so close to the US holiday Thanksgiving. It’s just a bad time all the way around.

With my appeal, the state obtained more time to respond to my filing, which means that there would not be a ruling untill after the new year.

I thank everyone that has continued to support me, even though I haven’t been active. All the stress and frustrations add up. I have been fighting so hard for so long, yet, the hardest part is yet to come.


Veni, Vidi, Vici
I will be back blogging after this week.
Take care.

In solidarity,
Clinton Young
Polunsky Unit
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