Loud and Clear: A new year

Loud and Clear: A new year
Clinton Young


I was sitting here thinking of a good start to the new year. Then the breaking news interrupts my daydreams, of how I would accept my Grammy award for song writer of the year. Okay, maybe that is a stretch of the imagination. Though the reality of terror was not.

The shootings in France & the manhunt that followed. Suddenly my song seemed a bit trivial. I actually was hopeful for a visit on Friday from one of my lawyers or someone. This way I could have had the release of the song delayed.

These kind of terror acts really due go against the grain of humanity. As terror is meant to cause fear. To change the course of behavior. Though when it is used to attempt to silence people. It is a bit worse. As the voice is the key to freedom. A baby fresh from the womb, let’s the voice cry out to announce ones arrival.

Free speech is so ingrained in the concept of freedom for the west. In the U.S, it is the very first amendment in the U.S constitution. Which no other constitution has lasted as long. So important is our belief in free speech & the freedom of religion. That not only was it listed first. The very next amendment is our right to own guns. The symbolism being to the government, that it shall never attempt to silence the people.

In a way, the freedom of speech is like a religion of the west. The terrorist telling the west that it can not speak as it wants to. It would be the same as the west telling them they could not worship as they want.

To support my position on this, I need only to quote Stephane Charbonnier himself: “I Would rather die standing then live on my knees.” When refusing to be silent. It really impressed me how the people of France turned out after the attacks. Though there should have been such turn outs all over the world, to that degree. To see newspapers & media run the same images that pissed the terrorists off. That is how terror is defeated.

To stand up & say “ Fuck you!” , it shows the tactics do not work. It does not matter what someone says or does. We are responsible for how we react.

I do not agree with every religion. Nor do I like what every person says. I am big into politics, I listen to many political talk shows. Ofcourse some say what I do not like. Though I would not dream of depriving them of their right to say it. The line “I do not like what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it”.

That sums up the mentality of the western embrace of free speech. People make fun of Jezus, Bhudda, Shiva, Jews, Muslims & all in between. Personally I disagree with attacking what people believe in. I do not care what it is. Though I can not dictate what others say or not. As then there is no freedom. When acts of these happen, people get into the Muslim terror acts vs. Christian terror acts & etc.

Some even go back to the horrors of the roman empire. One guy on the radio even used the example of the mass shooting in Norway. Now if I was the host, I would have entertained his position & asked: “Okay what else you got?” As in modern times, there has surely been more acts of violence by those that wish to twist Islam. However, it is nothing modern. Social media just makes it more personal. Plus it is impacting the west more. It has been going on one way or another in the Middle East since the 1100s. Just read about the Nizari Ismaillis.

Though their struggle was different then the modern terrorist. The modern terrorist is not fighting for preservation. Instead they have a desire to conquer. To force others to accept only their ways. I write to muslims in Europe, they are grateful for the tolerant nature of the west.

Though people get a knee jerk reaction to these vile acts, they then use it to justify themselves on becoming vile. Hating billions of muslims for a radical twist of some.

All it does is served to create a greater divide. Which then becomes a breeding ground for the very illogical thinking we wish to defeat.

To cure cancer, we attack the tumors, not the person. However, we surely should not in any form, tolerate those that wish to go against the core of our existence & the freedoms that we enjoy. This world we live in!

Long sigh. Anyways. I am back to writing more & blogging. Will be a series of blogs written about my past few months. I am also going to be getting back to work on events. My days might be numbered. I will not spend them laying on my back. Stay tuned!

Stand tall, fade all, never fall.
In Solidarity,
Veni, Vidi, Vici

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