Loud and Clear: General update, relationships

Clinton Young – Loud and clear
Date : March. 1st, 2015
Topic : General update, relationships,  + who will lead my campaign.

There has been a couple blogs I started & or wrote. Though I had them trashed. As I was not in a very good mood. When I get upset, I make it pretty clear !

Then I got sick. Glad I got over that, as I had a radical cough that I thought would never go away ! It finally has. Though surely was not thanks to these people. I went to medical one night as I was coughing so bad, I could hardly breathe. My fever was 99.6°F. I had sweat coming out of my forehead & it was certainly not warm outside. They gave me some « Non-Aspirin ». What the hell kind of shit is that !? It isn’t named for what it is. Instead it is named for what it is not ! The main ingredient is what is in tylenol.

I threw that shit away.

Another update. I got on a vegetarian tray. It surely is not salads & fruits ! It is beans or black eye peas as the main course. Then a peanut butter or cheese sandwich. Being that I am on the diet tray for high blood pressure. I get fruit at night time with the tray. Though it is apple sauce or some kind of canned fruit. Which they give the diet tray also the diabetics. I fail to see how bread with every meal & canned fruit soaked in highfructose corn syrup is healthy ! There is a portion of another vegetable.

Though by weight, there is more food on the tray with the diet tray/Vegetarian. I got on it as I was sick & tired of these mystery meat hamburger patties they give on the diet tray 22 times a month ! I swear to you all. This hamburger patty. When you look at it, you can actually see pieces of bleached veins. It is a grey colored patty speckled with bits of whitish viens. If the burger is not cooked properly, it is pink & grey. Just horrible looking. Other times it is soaked in grease. Again, it is supposed to be a healthy tray !

I said to hell with it & got on the Veggie tray. Its not so bad. Today I got a mix of ranch beans & black eye peas. A cheese sandwich & two pieces of buttered toast. Which I surely do love me some buttered toast.

Hmm what else… If you have not yet seen the shop on my website & seen the window sticker. Please give it a look. It was made to turn the car into a kind of mobile billboard. Yes I know it is big & all that. Though I must ask this question :  « How else will you get a person’s attention, unless you stand out ?

Stand out & represent what you believe in ! I would like to be able to get 50 people around the world to get them. As it will help us to reach many that never think about the death penalty. Got to educate the masses, or no change can be had.

Hmm. Oh yes ! There is also maybe  48 shirts left from the original batch that was made. Legal news – Nothing really new. A court ruling that I at first was thinking would be really helpful to me. Sadly the « way » the Supreme Court justice worded the opinion. It limited it way  too much, so that it would not impact really anyother cases. There is this idea that court ruling in death penalty cases have to be very narrow, so as to not open the door for everyone to slip through & « delay justice ».

Though what it does, is cause a few select cases to get stuck out in the rain. Though the guy whose case it was. He will be getting a new punishment phase. Meaning he will either get life in prison or death again. My claims are focused on Conviction, not « punishment ». To explain that, as for what my claims are. Basically I have 15 ways « something » can happen beyond a total rejection. I can win permission to have an appeal at the current level on 7 claims. There are 3 other « specific » claims that were presented that can cause me to go back to the lower courts. One of which is new evidence which supports innocence. Of the 7 appeal requests. 5 of them, I can be returned back to the lower court I was last in. This way certain « legal questions » can be sorted out.

Now there was another case that was recently ruled on it January that I was giving no attention to. However the supreme court ruled in the guy favor & the 5th circuit, based on that case, returned another guy to the lower court. This being 3 months after the same 5th circuit judges totally denied the guys appeal requests. They overturned their denial & sent him back to the lower court, due to how the Supreme Court ruled in a different case. My case is much more complex & also I have, what I believe is a stronger legal position, than the other guy. Though I might not have the same 3 judge panel that he had, so as a result could get a totally different ruling. ☹

The panel is a secret until a ruling is given. Right now I only know of one judge.

Beyond all that, I am in a better mood. I do not know if I was depressed, so much as I was just burnt out !

Another quick topic to cover. A woman that I write recently sent me a letter. In it she mentioned something that I never thought about, as it was not my intent. She stated that the way I wrote some stuff, gave an impression I wanted a relationship.

Now to be clear. Her &I did not start on the best of terms.

Why is not important, though it was not my fault at all & she got caught up in another, I will call it « improper approach ». So was not her fault.

Anyways. All is good now & we get along great.

Though what I took as just generic conversation pieces, she perceived it as something different. I was just mentioning likes & dislikes. As for personalities & such. Though it was more about human nature & the different types of people I have encountered.

It was not my intent for her to get that impression But I thought it a good push towards my making something clear. That being, I am not getting into any relationship while here unless it is my ex, that I told to get on with her life after my appeal was denied.

As this is a complicated difficult & truly unique situation. The state is trying to kill me. I am married to my case. Now it does not mean I would not develop stronger bonds with people. However that as well takes some time. This is why my initial letters are generic. As I am not going to blindly trust someone right out the gate ! Hell no ! Plus  some write & expect me to write all about myself, yet they write nothing about themselves ! This is supposed to be a 2 way street. Also I do not want to write about my childhood on the first letter. I understand the curiosity, as people wonder what brought me to this point. My position is this. If you are not going to walk up to someone & ask them about their childhood, then don’t ask me. I will sum it up. It was fucked up. I do not like thinking about it. As I get aggravated. Keep in mind, I am stuck in a box with little to occupy my mind. Negative thoughts get amplified. Also I am 100% adverse to people discussing my letters. I really do not like it when people even post they got a letter from me. Not saying it is meant as bad. Just keep in mind, that I did not grow up on social media. All that came out after I got here. Plus I was raised in a culture of « what is said in the house, stays in the house ». It takes time for me to develop a bond with people. Cool is the rule.

Anyways. I am not going to sit here & try to over analyze every word I write. As a compliment is not a marriage proposal ! Plus, to be honest. It takes a really unique woman to be on that level with me. More so due to other women that came before.

As each impacted me in different ways & shaped my views farther. I readily admit, that I have had some great women in my life ! Each one raised the bar higher.

Why would I still not be with one of them ? For the most part it has been my fault. I did not « cheat » or anything like that.

Anyways, another reason why I would not to go that level with a woman, unless I really got to know her. There is some crazy ass people in this world ! Let me give an example.

A guy that was here before. He has since gotten off death row. He has a wife from overseas. Where does not matter. He « thinks » she is highly educated, very wealthy, & all that with a great job. He « thinks » she had made some financial moves to help him in the future. Everyone else that knows her, knows she is full of shit. A guy here was reading off comments people was making about her, from a print of Facebook. I felt bad for the dude, as his wife is a nut.

And he has no clue at all of the truth.

I could give some specific details, but it would be easier to identify her. It is not my interest to get in all bullshit. Point is, a damn fool Clinton Young will not be !

The main people helping me. All have met one or the other on person. I mean those helping with my campaign. Jorunn, Alexandra, Camille, Louise, Catia & Anna. They are all solid good people. Same as Alex & Renate.

Alexandra was picked to be  the « go to » for my campaign. As she is a go getter, has multiple skill sets that suit such a role. From being able to speak multiple languages, to creativity & having a solid foundation in life. Plus we see eye to eye on several matters, She is also in contact with my civil lawyer/investigator that she recently retained. The funds from the shop sales are being used first. She made the shirts & bracelet. Linda made the window stickers.

(Let me be clear. There are other great people that help, such as Linda who has met others in person. I just did not mention them, as they do not have the primary main role in my campaign as the others do. As everyone is interacting with those that are different elements of the campaign. Which requires people to have faith in them & know I have faith. I just want to be clear, so it doesn’t seem as if I am leaving anyone out.)

Alexandra & Jorunn are great examples. Both are go getters. They made up shirt styles. Jorunn has gotten shirts made and calendars & such that she sells out of her business. Due to currency difference & shipping. The main focus with her stuff is Norway. Beyond that, they both treat me damn near like family.

Jorunn sent christmas gifts to my nephews. That really touched my heart. (Also my baby sister is selective in who she interacts with that writes me. As she has seen some of the crazy dumb shit people did in the past. She does not have much tolerance for bullshit drama.)

Alexandra, right out the gate after she seen the film. She started making moves. Getting the shirts made. Sold a huge portion of them to people she knew. She did not profess to be my friend & such. She just truly believed that I did not deserve to die.

My bond was sealed with Alexandra, when I ‘ve seen her in December. We had to have a visit, as sadly,  it was mainly about business, as another investigator fucked me over. Which now we got to sue her as she lied on her billing. Thankfully I have a much better person helping now ! Though there was questions that needed to be answered. The easiest way is a visit. During our visit, she was voicing her position on something. She looked at me & said. « I am not your friend, I do not know you. I just started to write you. Yet I am pissed off about this problem ».

It was about a complicated situation, with how some others reaction was to something. Anyways. When she said that to me, I wanted to give her a hug ! Had the glass not been  there I would have. The visit was good for us both. As we were able to discuss more in 8 hours, then we could in 100 letters. I believe the visit helped her also, as I was able to elaborate on some matters including how I think & etc. We are friends now.

I will put it this way. I have NEVER said anyone could all out be my voice. I have always been of the position. My life, my choice. Doesn’t matter if it took extra time. Though Alexandra is so much on point. She is over my campaign. Instead of waiting on a month for word back from me, due to the slow pace of mail. Just ask Alexandra ! To elaborate on this, it will explain.

It would not be practical to have ten people from Norway & ten people from Italy contacting Alexandra. As then she would do nothing but respond to people.

Jorunn handles my main FB page & is in contact with Alexandra.

She is also over the Norway page. Anna & Catia deal with the italian part of my campaign.

Someone from Italy would contact them, just as someone from Norway would Jorunn. France, a person from there would contact Camille, + so forth.

I am trying to expand my campaign, so as to be more successful. I cannot have Jorunn focusing on the 4 corners of the globe, as that takes away from her being able to soldify our efforts in Norway. If I « had » to give a title, to make it simple. Then it would be to say Alexandra is the president of the S.A.I.L. campaign.

Example : Camille would be director of my France arm of the campaign, and so forth.

Appropriate e-mails will be set up for them & easy to identify on my site.

Alright. To sum up this blog here .

Not looking for a wife, Alexandra runs the show, hold up !

On the not looking for a wife comment – Charlize Theron, if you are reading this, I would surely reconsider ! ☺ ha-ha. Though I am sure Sean Penn would have something to say about that. Seriously though. I am feeling better. Am ready to get back to blogging more & even get my book reviews & song reviews posted. Plus my Mr. Pig ! Yeah buddy. You all are going to love Mr.Pig ! 😉 He is a bubble butt loving, Budweiser drinking, honey bun eating pig. I swear I do not know where he got such interests from ! Be back next week !

In solidarity,
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