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Topic: Updates & such

Date: May 20, 2018


Finally managed to sit down & force myself to write this.


I haven’t been writing much of anything lately. Was frustrated about many things. Namely some people. I will be so glad when this is all over with for so many reasons.


The hearing was granted, which is a good thing. This is not the same kind of hearing I was supposed to have last year. It is a whole different animal, so to speak.

Plus, I no longer have that bullshit ass Judge that was acting as if he was a prosecutor.

I am not going to get into the specifics. I previously had blogged that I was not going to post some things. I mean I wrote this in my blog, yet someone still chose to post about it even though my lawyers asked him not to.


On to other matters.

I am going ahead with my book. It is on pace to be completed by June, then in print by July.

I have been conflicted with this as people know. My idea about the charity is out the window as I haven’t heard from the people who were supposed to be helping with it in months. At least not in connection with that.

Which is cool. I expected such.

It is better anyways that I focus on a single goal. The single goal is beating this & having the tools I need to win, if given a new trial.

Plus, I should have written the book a while back. Main reason I am doing it is because I told people I would. Plus someone gave me the funds to cover the cost of printing. It is important that I keep my word. More so to this person, due to some other events that took place.

Really I was kind of going at it with a turtle pace. I was thinking that the people I wanted to help type it up that they would take a bit of time to get it done. Damn fool I was! They got it done in a week! Jha


I am going to self-publish so once it is ready, then the pre-orders will be accepted. What I mean is when it is all typed up & edited & sent off to the printer then we can start the orders for it. This way when it is done with the printing we will already have the initial wave of orders ready so there is not a delay in the future due to having to catch up. I don’t know how many will order it. I wouldn’t cry if a million did. Jha


I am also still working on some music projects. The country song will be done one way or another soon. I was wanting a specific person to do it, though I am in here & unable to try all the ways to reach the person. I asked others to, hopefully they do. As for Death Row, if the ones I want involved are not willing to do it for free then I will have to use the funds from the book to expand it as I want. I have an idea for the song Death Row.

Pyrexx did good, though was unable to do the exact production I had in mind due to budget & time constraints. I have had a vision for how I wanted it done. Naturally I will not stop until my vision is fulfilled.

Alex did good with the video for it. Though again, he was limited. When I get it re-made in the future I want it to be MTV music video quality & about 15 minutes long. A kind of mini-film. Lots to do still.

The state executed Castillo. He had someone recant their testimony against him, a jailhouse snitch. That is one good thing about Midland. They do not use jailhouse snitches. Prosecutors know they are unreliable & most are just trying to save their own self from doing more time. (They do use dopephiene snitches) Sadly many though still use them in trials. Stronger laws related to this need to be put into place. More so since courts do not put much weight in recanted testimony, which is also a problem. They require that we have some other evidence that supports the recanted testimony. Such as how I do in my case. The road goes on forever, the party never ends.

Onto the next chapter.


I thank those that told me what they thought of the Loved, Free & Safe blog. I always enjoy learning what people think about stuff I write.


On the topic of writing, the posts about jpays, as I mentioned before, are just about jpays. Not letters sent to me in the mail.

If you wrote my name, number and address out correctly as I detailed on my site then I more than likely got it. I have not been writing much, as I mentioned. I was aggravated about several things. Though I am getting back into it & getting caught up.


If it has been a long time & I did not respond then please write again. Just in case.

Those that have continued to support me, Thank You. The fight isn’t over with yet. The horizon looks much more promising.

I have a window in the cell. It is up high, so to look out of it properly I have to roll my mat up & stand on it. Most people never look out the window, the idea being there is nothing out there for them since they are never getting out. I did not look out of it as much before, at least not as much as I have since April 24th.


Today the weather is kind of gloomy. It has rained & is cloudy out. Something I miss is driving on a day like today. It’s just done raining some & the highway is wet. Not many cares on the road. Hearing the sound the tires make on the wet highway. Out in the middle of nowhere with trees on both sides of the road. Me & my gal or me & my homeboy J.B going somewhere. The radio barely playing. Driving like that and the smell of the air when getting out of the car at whichever destination. It is simple stuff like that I always paid attention to. That, I miss.

In all I do I take everything in. How a car sounds, the scents at a house, the expressions of people, word structures, everything.




I had a visit with my mom, sisters & nephews. The bayb turns 3 this month. Last I seen him he has shy as can be. This time he wouldn’t shut up! Jha

He has a huge personality.

The glass between us really bothered me.

Ready for this situation to be over with.


Alrighty then. I will be back to writing more. Take Care, smile & strive for all that you desire.


Veni Vidi Vici

In Solidarity I remain,


Clinton YOUNG#999447

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