Loud and Clear: Update. Hurry up & Wait

Topic: Update. Hurry up & Wait

Date: June 28, 2018


Yeah I just cannot get in the groove of writing. I was thinking about this. Here it is the conclusion I have come to. For so many years writing has been the way I was forced to express myself. To convey my emotions.

As a result of that, when I am aggravated & then try to write, that frustration will channel in my writings.

As a result, I do not write.

It gets hard for me to sit down & write some. More so the person I am pissed off at. As it might start out calm, but as I go it builds up to the point I am ready to sling this typewriter across the cell. Having in the past done just that. I learned not to do that! JThese things cost $225LIt certainly is not fair for me to tear up something, based on emotions, that others have helped to pay for. Plus handwriting these blogs, more than one letter & legal stuff, to hell with that! Been there, done that & want no more of it.

Some of my frustrations are connected with the case.

Knocking heads with lawyers & such.

Tired of being here. All that stuff.

Add in some stress from in here. To distract, I was focused on reading books. I read the Ganghis Khan series & the Caesar series. Both by Conn Iggulden.

I am reading the Kahn series twice. Plus will re-read the Caesar series again. People here have told me about it for years. That I would like them. I brushed it off, as I wrote so much. I did not read much, until I got into comics die to Randy.

Randy kept telling me about The Walking Dead & etc. I finally gave them a look & got on a comic craze for a while. As the pictures allowed a visual not offered in this place due to not having a TV. Plus, it was easy to read. Did not consume much time to read them. Though was time consuming for my friend that would order them for me. Plus, costly, so I faded from that. Conn Iggulden is a great writer. I am reading also his War of Roses series. In the past, there was only one other book I have ever read twice. It is from a German author about World War I. All Quiet On The Western Front. It was the first introduction of realism into a war novel. The reality of war over the normal hero worship & grand victors. I believe Hitler had the author killed.

I read it the first time when I was 14 & the second time when I was 16.

I also started on re-reading 11 minutes by Paulo Cohelo. Ya know, I have suggested that book to people over the years, amongst many other titles. (I always suggest everyone read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. I am going to re-read that one also. That is just a great book.) Anywho. When I started back on 11 minutes, at first I was flipping through it reading certain parts, a line here, a paragraph there, which I always do when I first get a book. I had to laugh as I forgot about some parts. Then to think about people I suggested the book to. JHaha.

There are some parts in the book that are kind of 50 shades of grey-ish. Though I didn’t care about that specifically. The overall nature of the story was the focus. Anyways.

I am writing more about books then I intended. There seems to be a book I am forgetting. O yeah, my book! As said it is not good for me to write when aggravated. I sit down to write about my life & get to parts I do not think about day to day. Yeah that is just not a good equation. Plus, part of it was not passed on to the proper person. So now dealing with that delay. To include frustration, then another frustration. I sent in the order for the first batch of cards, so I could send them to people. I done this in April. Okay, on June 25thI finally get the form back. To explain: To order cards they have tbe ordered through an approved vendor, with funds from a persons Inmate Trust Fund account. This is done by filling out a form, sending stamped envelope & form to the Inmate Trust Fund. Once it is approved on the Unit, it goes there & they approve it. They basically fill out a check & mail it with envelope to company of choice. Company then sends card order. I will include the form for people to see the example. I tore off my thumb print. I do not need a scoundrel using my thumb print to make a latex copy & breaking into my future Iphone 11 when I am free. J

I joke, as I wouldn’t have a damn Iphone. I would just get me a flip phone. Old School! Use it for the only thing I would need it for. Ya know, to TALK on.

Having been framed for murder & having had a partial print be blamed on being mine in another case. Yea I damn sure am aware of ways such things can be used against a person. A cop said they found my thumb print on a door knob of a place. That I know damn well could not have been found there. Which I got an expert now that discredits that cop. It doesn’t pertain directly to the murder case. As was no prints in that case.

Isn’t that amazing? Multiple guns, vehicles, & etc. Images show clearly I had bare hands. Was no prints. Yet some backwoods ass cop just so happens to match my thumb print to a door knob. This “after” they re-took my prints.

My prints have been in the system, before I was arrested on this case, as I was in juvenile prison! I was on parole. So if it was my print at the specific location, if they ran my print in the system, it would have made a match. They would not hve had to come 18 months later & retake my prints & then all of the sudden make a match.

More so if they already had me listed as a suspect & had prints from when initially arrested on this case. So yeah, I don’t trust scoundrels. Anywho J

So over two months later, the ITF returns to the unit the order stuff. I forgot to write a “word”.

See we have to write the amount like 97.00$ then have to write out the amount. Like ninety seven dollars. I forgot to write the ‘seven’ in word form. So they held it for 2 fucking months! Just to return it & tell me I messed up. So for 2 months I been waiting to get these cards. The first set I was ordering that dealt with specific themes. Now I have to do it all over again. Which will add another month to get these damn cards. (They CANNOT be ordered by anyone but me, for myself.) I could get out today & buy an AK-47 with less trouble than trying to order cards while in prison. You know who is responsible for the woes of the world? Three types. Greedy, Petty, & Insecure. I’m serious. There was a bullshit ass dude that was a serial killer. He was some city ordinance y. He would do stuff like write people up if their grass was half an inch too high & such. Just a petty power trip type. Turned out to be a serial killer! Those types, we all have met one in our life. The real petty types. You just know they got some weird shit going on in their life. Like the preacher that never shuts up about the evil homosexuals. He then gets caught in a motel with a gag in his mouth & a well, ya know.

I am serious though. Cannot stand petty ass super-whatever adjective applies-people. Same as insecure dudes. Jealousy is evil! The world suffers due to insecure men. Some dude in Canada ran over women in a van. Turns out he was part of some hate women group.

That is just the craziest thing to me.

They hate women, because they I guess say women will not sleep with them. So, to advance this struggle, they join a group or form a group focused on hating women?

For some reason I think that did not increase their odds!

Though me, I love women. Love them! Just great. Even on worse days, still just amazing!

I told Thor we had to promote Freyja over Odin. But the dumb brute didn’t listen. Well, I was wanting to, due to my love & appreciation, send cards to women.

Though no, a petty person prevented me from doing this. (Really I was sending cards to all kinds of people. Just trying to add in some humor & make a point about something that really pissed me off.)

So, the lesson is, do not be a petty person.

Alright, I got some other stuff to rant about, but this is getting long. On the ITF form it has administrative approval. That means the ranking official here approved it. The green highlighter was from the ITF official in Huntsville. Isn’t green the color of jealousy? See, I just give up! The scoundrels are everywhere! Hey, it would not be my life if it was not a struggle! JTake care! No news on legal matters yet. Will be soon.


Veni Vidi Vici

In Solidarity I remain,


Clinton YOUNG #999447

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