Loud and Clear: Daniel Acker & CCA Election

Written by Clinton Young #999447

Texas Death Row


September 27, 2018


Today an innocent man was murdered. Daniel Acker was executed over a tragic accident. I didn’t previously write about his case, as I never thought he would be executed. The medical examiner in his case was the same one that fucked up in the – now famous – ex parte Robbins case. That case resulted in the Texas legislature to create the new 11.073 writ ruling on science. Daniel’s first appeals were messed up due to a dumbass lawyer. Texas changed the rules of lawyer appointment due to Daniel’s case. Yet, he is dead. I really can’t believe it! The DA in his case distorted facts. Like he said Daniel’s truck was a front wheel drive. First off, there ain’t a fuckin full size utility work truck that is front wheel drive in this world! Damn sure not a Ford or Chevy. The medical examiner who has already been shamed, he said the woman was strangled. No, she wasn’t! The woman jumped out of a moving truck, and had a history of this. Listen to the execution watch show by Ray Hill. I am sure they talked about the case. Daniel was innocent. He had been in prison before due to some small petty stuff. He was not educated. Just a big ole country boy killed behind previous lawyer’s fuck ups and a technicality.

Look, everyone needs to put focus on the CCA election. Keller is up for election. If he and the other seat opening is changed over, this murder machine would grind to a halt. EVERYONE needs to reach out to Texas Monthly, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin American Statesman, the New York Times + other media. Tell them to do a joint look into Daniel’s case, also Robert Pruett’s. Make Texas politicians recognize this. People in Europe protest in front of embassies + pull your law makers to condemn the murder of innocent people. Push it on U.N. etc. Look, in Texas the CCA is the high court for criminal cases. They are elected judges. Yet all I always read people bitch about Trump. Trump can do nothing over a “state” case. He is only over Federal cases. Texas death row is a state matter. So people need to reach out to any and all to focus on the CCA election. Sharon Keller has got to go! T.I.F.A. and H.I.S. + other groups in Texas. Tell everyone. Discuss it on the Prison Show. Tell people locked up to tell their loved ones to vote. To vote against Sharon Keller. Anyone is better than her. Hardly anyone votes in the prosecutor and judge elections in Texas. If all the democrats in Harris County would vote, it would flip the court. Stop talking about execution drugs. No one that has the power to change it will over drugs. It is a death issue + wasted time, at least in Texas. Fuck conditions. Who cares if we got TV, when they are facking killing innocent people. 100% focus needs to be on the CCA. Let me tell yall something. If Keller wins + a hardliner wins the other seat. After they have killed someone like Daniel, I don’t care what fantasy, hopes and dreams anyone here has. They will not stand a chance in hell. As the CCA has said that innocence does not matter! Research his case. The man never had a fair shot on appeal. The media did stories on it years ago. Force US media to look at it. Get people to push the vote. The CCA impacts anyone locked up. If the CCA rejects a death penalty case due to how the law is written, it is hard for any higher court to do anything. The CCA also impacts non-death cases. You all need to do something if you believe in justice. Talking about the problem with like-minded people will not accomplish anything. Posting “The Death Penalty is bad” on an anti-death penalty page is a waste of time. Forcing media, courts and politicians to look at cases of innocent people like Daniel, Robert and Todd Willingham. That is what will bring the death penalty to a halt. So stand up and fight!


Veni, vidi, vici,


Clinton Young