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Topic: Loved, Free & Safe

Date: March 4th, 2018


I was writing with someone about a matter of focus for them. In responding, I made mention of how they are loved, free & safe. To feel blessed at only having to worry about emotional topics or feelings. That got me thinking.


Many of the problems we see as problems, are really struggles of the mind or heart. They are problems that safety & security allow us to dwell on.

Safety & Security being the most basic need.

Sure, we all need love and affection, though while someone in New York throws a fit behind someone unfriending them on Facebook, the world around them allows them to have the freedom to put worth into such a frivolous matter.

Could you image some teenager in war torn Yemen? He checks his phone & sees he was unfriended on Facebook. Then he throws down his AK-47 in a fit of rage & starts kicking up dust about how unfair it is?

JThat would be a site to see.

I have had many that have written to me that felt lost in some way. They are in their 20’s and feel a void or questioning the point of everything. There has been no real struggles in life, no real reason to be depressed. Though it becomes a reality for them. A battle of self. This is why they say adversity builds character.

The flames strengthen you.

Resistance and challenges can be healthy.

With many what becomes a crisis is really inflated by a person’s own mind. They lose perspective. It is not to say that anyone should feel bad for the blessings that life has given them. Not at all!

No one has to go through life feeling guilty, though it is always important to put things into perspective. To see clearly. To not allow yourself to be blinded from what you do have in life. I would only be offended if a person wasted the blessings they have in some pool of self pity. Even then would only be mildly put off by it, as it is their life to waste. The cost being theirs to pay. Giving or taking no toll on my life.

Let me put it this way, many reading this are Free, Loved & Safe. No punishment or guilt is due for this. Though when you face the journey of life it is important to not take this for granted. When something becomes a crisis ask yourself if in the grand scheme of things is it that big? The one problem cannot outweigh the blessings.

I know how it is to get worked up over something. To feel slighted & wringed & be consumed with it. When really most times it is foolish over reaction & a waste of the borrowed time on this Earth.

I say this with the intent that you be able to get the most from your life. There is always time to step back & take a deep breath so you can re-focus. Honor the blessings you have in life by not taking them for granted. Never get distracted from what is important. Also, no one owes you anything beyond what you are due by agreement.

It shouldn’t take a storm to open eyes. When you step back & focus on the blessings you do have then your life develops greater value. As you invest in what you do have versus what you do not.


Thinking about it. I have never been free, safe & loved. As a child I felt a threat to certain adults. Then barricaded by insecurities. Eventually being literally behind bars, locked away in prison. After gates opened up I was still in parole, at the mercy of a parole officer. Being on death row. Lack of freedom & safety often combining in life. The flame either all-consuming or fading away, though never extinguished.  Always feeling the heat as a reminder. If asked what I would want in life, it is to be free, safe & loved. I know I am loved. However, to be all three is the grand goal. Such seemingly simple words acting as a Holy Trinity for humanity.

Something I have fought so hard for. Sometimes fighting by way of an emotionally immature rebellion, other times by physically defining my space.

To the very battle for my life.

Always having emotionally, mentally &/or physically resisted to the point that to fight is to feel alive.

The elixir of struggle, revitalizing the soul.

What scares me is not that I will give up along the way. No, it is what will I do if I finally win?

Will I be strong enough to accept victory?

To be Free, Safe & Loved.

The elements of happiness.

Life’s great award.

To share it with others is the reward.

Be wise enough to recognize the blessings, and brave enough to appreciate the simplicity of life.

It all seems so easy does it not?


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