Loud and Clear: Update & Explain – Notice

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Topic: Update & Explain – Notice

Date: March 2018


*Note* At times I will rush a blog &/or not express some things. Also, I do not rough draft my blogs. I sit down & go! I feel it is better so I can go with the emotions & just be more authentic, which is how errors will occur like in an older blog once I wrote about Romantic, that to say it as in pro Rome. Well, that would be an incorrect usage, I meant to write Rome-esque. Then go on about a pro Rome view. Though I was writing so fast I did not catch it until I got a copy of the blog in and saw the error. Also, with for example, recent blog about only .29 cents in my account. Midland gets a percentage of money for me sent to the TDCJ inmate trust fund. This is to force me to pay for trial & state appeal costs. It’s a fact! They charged me $297,000+ USD. The only way I get stamps & commissary is with funds to TDCJ-ITF. So I have to deal with it. The $3,000 appeal investigator blew smoking crack & lying in my appeal? Not only was she not charged for laundry list of crimes but they make me pay for her cost when she destroyed my appeal! She and the lawyer were court appointed. Never mind justice. I cannot get basic fairness. So I got to pay for the stuff done that can cause me to be wrongfully executed. That percentage eats away at what is sent. Also, normally my mother does help me. Though needed to cover some additional costs for legal dues related to getting all squared with my past music projects. I didn’t want to have her pay for both, so I asked her to help get all the attorney fees related to music sorted, plus as mentioned, cost of visits and travel and such. I did not think about how all would appear in the previous post. No one said anything, I just did not want to present an image as if my family is not helping me. I asked her to help with elements of fees related to music projects that cannot be covered by the foundation. Though I had expected others to do certain things and that was where the problem came in. When writing, we come from our position first. In doing so, we don’t always think about all angles and how words could reflect on others. Plus, generally a topic I do not like to discuss is needing others, etc.


Back to Midland. I am the only death tow person that was charged at full cost. It is NOT supposed to be like that. Supposed to be just a couple grand for some cost, if anything. Only a few places in Texas do this. Waco, TX; Midland, TX; and a couple of other small places. Though ONLY Midland slams with full cost. LIt really is not supposed to be for death penalty cases. Also, they only get % of the initial deposit in TDCJ-ITF account. They do not keep taxing funds in the account.

Okay, for the past month of blogs.

To point out, Oct 8th2017- I mentioned a few paragraphs in “I feel safe assuming they met with him & had private discussions with him” about Page previously being back in Midland. Fast forward to February blogs “was uncovered Page had secret meeting with the D.A where he admits to kidnapping & holding gun for the first time. They kept tape from us until after my stay.” Shows I called that one huh!? JWrote the blog Oct 8th. They met with him on Oct. 4th! As I wrote, got to keep anti-venom strong because these snakes keep strikin’!!!


Nov. 5thblog I mention the need for a trial lawyer. Now, I wanted to get some to start looking at cases now, so if I win a new trial I can be ahead of the case. Though, right now I got to see if I get a hearing first. So I don’t want to get ahead of myself. But I am looking into law firms for civil support to trial lawyer is criminal defense. I am working on getting other matters sorted for fund raisers. It was not my intention to only have the bikini offered on site. I should have asked about what was up there. We all just been busy & distracted. Being that I support feminism as I do, I am aware of the way ‘only’ having bikini on SAIL shop can be seen as objectifying. Was no ones intent & just has taken longer to get other items sorted. While none has directly complained to me or anyone else as far as I know, it still bothered me. I apologize if image was off putting. More so being that across board. From lawyers to active family, my team is all women, minus a few guys. Other items will be posted soon. Also, I am aware that I often think about things more than others J


Nov. 28thblog I mention ‘strong enough to be able to life others up. “If anyone quotes me, it should have been LIFT people up. While ‘life’ could be poetic, I meant lift J

Alrighty then, Blog posted in a day or three.


Take Care,




P.S In a week or so I will blog about the case and make corrections to past postings. Nothing big, I just want to make sure I am being honest and correct when critical of D.A. If I make a mistake, I will make sure I correct it.