Loud and Clear: Ramadan, death row

Loud and Clear by Clinton Young
Topic: Ramadan, death row
Date: June.6th, 2016

Today is the first full day of Ramadan. The Islamic holy period of fasting, which is a simple way to explain it. Now, as to why I mention it. I was on the rec. yard with a guy here who is a Muslim. (There is a different dynamic with black Muslims in prison hare in the US, then everyday Muslim in the free world).

We was discussing prison politics & different groups world views. We got onto the topic of Ramadan & the fasting. What he eats & doesn’t. While having this discussion, I think of my beautiful friend Karima. She has helped me in various ways. I decided that I would observe Ramadan. As a way of having a hit of solidarity with Karmia, who is observing it also. After starting it, I got to thinking about the idea of suffering for another. Many people lack the ability to sacrifice for anything. As all they think about is the instant gratification. To themselves. They will not even sacrifice for their own benefit, much less another. Today being the first day. I thought about the days to come. I actually felt a bit closer to her, as I thought of her going through the same thing. A common thread between people a world apart with totally different lives.

While on Ramadan, I can not drink or eat anything during the sunlight hours.

Texas being the humid & hot place it is during this time of the year, the no drinking part starts to add up around 5pm! 🙂 The minor suffering gives strength to the bond. It is a small way to feel closer to a dear friend.

Though there are surely many in this world, suffering far worse then I.

I wrote about it, to maybe get someone to think about sacrifice in their life. In which ever way they think of. Beyond the feeling of a stronger bond with her. There is the benefit of fasting. I am limited to what these people feed me. Sure I could get stuff from commissary, though I am planning to just eat the trays the prison serves. Healthier then the processed junk they sell. All that are observing Ramadan get fed after everyone else. The section I am in will eat at around 3am. I will get a tray at around 4am. I dont get lunch. Last chow, they eat around 4pm. I will not get a tray untill 10:30pm/11pm. (on the 7th we was fed at 02:30am and 9: 30pm)

This lasts 28 days.

As for everything else on death row. They are writing up petty cases on people. Officers are saying they have to write 2 cases per shift, no matter what. As a result some are making things up. The bad thing is that when a person gets a case, they lose stuff. Like I got one & got 15 days rec. restriction. I had some paper rolled up , like a pole. Now I cant rec. for 15 days. well once a week/I get 1 hour of rec.

The guy in the cell next to me. He got 15 days no rec. & 15 days no commissary. for the exact same thing. Only he had a case a couple weeks ago, so he got the added commissary restriction. He can not buy any food or clothing items for two weeks. Only stamps & limited hygiene items.

These people are just not satisfied with a passive death row population. The crazy thing about the 15 days is this. There has been people that murdered another person in prison. You know what they got for the disciplinary case? 15 days cell restriction! Offcourse they then also got the criminal charges. But my point is, that I have some rolled up paper & I get the exact same restriction that a person gets when they commit murder!? These people see nothing wrong with that. They do not see the failure in not prioritizing punishment.

I really was expecting like 5 days! They want people to be on cell restriction. As it is less work for them. It is really amazing that some in the state wonder why people go so crazy here, they can not be executed. The real shock is that mute don’t go crazy!  Anyways. Hopefully the 15 days passes by quickly.

There is no real way to get it off. As a grievance takes 38-45 days to be resolved. I will file on it, but what is done is done. Long sigh. I just got to keep my eyes on the prize.

No word from the legal arena. Waiting on word from my lawyers. Alrighty then. I am going to wrap this one up & get some sleep.


In solidarity.

Veni Vidi Vici

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