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Clinton L. Young Loud & clear
Topic: Quick chat
Date: Aug. 23rd, 2016

Hopes all’s good out there. Just a quick run down. No real news yet. Filings will be maybe next month or October, due to developments. Though expect no court action, due to docket length & holidays coming up, until after the New Year. Nov./Dec. both have prominent US holidays. Thanksgiving & Christmas. Which remFoves a couple weeks of activity with a non-execution date filing. The response time from the court is generally 4-6 months ‘atleast!’

Haven’t blogged much. Been writing longer letters though. I know some have gotten them & thought ”what the hell?” Haha.:) I was just doing a great deal of thinking about life, love, connections. Along with how little freedom people have. More so when it comes to their interactions with others. What I wanted from life, what I did not have & how fucked up life has been. Thinking about all that I just got on a kick about connections with others.

Then to add to it, everyone that has read my book so far & works on it.( It is not done yet) They make similar remarks about common theme & etc. Ha! Haven’t even got to my Juvenile prison/lock up years. Really I am not even sure now if I want to even finish it. Reading over it all, always brings the question. What am I fighting for? It damn sure isn’t for the life I had. I really think it is about the fight. It is all I know how to do really. It’s all I have been doing in one way or another.

Anyways. Will write another blog soon. It will be long & go into some things that I have thought about lately

Take care.

In solidarity

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