Loud and Clear: Litte of this & littel of that

Clinton Young Loud & Clear.
Topic: Little of this & little of that
Date: Sept. 26th 2016
Prison Life

Penatentiary –
A petty paradise,

no wise served twice.
Life lost for losing lives.
Given freely. What cost?
Dreams. Schemes all jumbled.
Rumble tumble in this fuckin jungle.
Sum total of the end result. Aint no kris kringle.
Gotta be from the occult.
Punks poppin like pringles. Look at Mr. Splinter jig that jingle.
The police dont police the police.
Its a long time to a quick release.
Hold down that pride, less no reason why shorty died.
Expression given through halls of depression.
Snap judgement!
Wrong day right mail call.
Rignt day wrong mail call.
To live or die.
Never know as ticks tick bye.
Broken clocks, torn calanders.
No time piece, no time for peace.
Strife leased life from grief.
Pain, misery, & sorrow.
No price, rent free.
Un-taxed to borrow.

Penatentiary –
a petty paradise,
sellin hope, buyin lies.
Ink coats Fear.
Hangin onto soap, byes in a lope.
Prison livin. Given a rope a dope.
A dumbass genuis & tough ass coward
walked into a bar. walked into a bar.
walked into a bar.
Now wrapped up & planted afar.
Zapps, caps, no maps. Living life by the
petty mishap.

Bullshit ass penatentiary


Clinton Young      www.saveaninnocentlife.com