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Topic:  Jpays /mailroom
Date: January 2017
Prison Life

Am finally getting back into writing, though right now, need to focus on a more pressing matter.

Many that write use Jpay, An email service that your letter gets emailed & printed out by mailroom. TDCJ makes a profit from this. So short & simple. PLEASE post this on all pen pal forums & share with others.

An idea that I developed & others are putting it forward. These people always say ‘File a grievance.” When a person files a complaint with tdcj.gov/ombudsman, they are told that the prisoner has to file a grievance. Okay that is bullshit, that these people want us to do, as it is THEIR system. Why would I complain to the Devil about the temperature in Hell? He wants it hot! With jpay, theres NO need to file a grievance. ZERO! I dont give a damn who, what, or where you are told that. Dont care if ombudsman office, TDCJ director themself or any so called death row/prison advocate expert tells you that.

Here is WHY.

#1. A prisoner does NOT set up the jpay account in Texas. It’s done by a person who is FREE. In signing up & transfering funds, the person enters a form of contract. The other party has an obligation to complete their part of the deal. Here is example: You hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. You pay said person agreed amount of money. Yet the contractor does NOT do the work. What is that called? Fraud. Theft. PERIOD. You pay Jpay for a service to be done. TDCJ gains a % of the funds. Due to this fact & because they are the end party responsible for the delivery of the jpay. They then shore in blame. As they act as agent for jpay & etc. So the prisoner is simply an interested party. As the prisoner benefits from the contract you have with Jpay/Tdcj. When a prisoner does NOT get the jpay. He then is a witness also.

#2. Solution to the problem. I came up with idea to have people report missing jpays as a crime to the Texas Attorney General office. As it is! With many doing this, the attorney general office then will have to investigate. This will then cause TDCJ to/take the matter much more serious (the Texas Attorney General is the TopCop and prosecutor in Texas). It also gets others involved, such as the actual director, which then lights a fire under the ass of the lower ranking officials. Its a way to think outside the box. It hasn’t been done before. Grievances have been done & gues what? The shit dont work! In addition to this, people should email & complain to Ombudsman office. BUT do it in connection ‘with’ complaint to Attorney General office. ALSO file a complaint to Jpay.com & the parent company for Jpay that is Securus. It is a Dallas based company that helps keep people locked up! So everytime you use jpay, the very system many of you fight, profits from it! You think that money TDCJ gets is used to help us? Make our life better>? Hell no! it is used for pepper spray, execution drugs & etc by TDCJ. Goes to their pocket book. It is used DIRECTLY for execution drugs? Who knows, BUT it all goes in the same piggy bank!

One thing is sure. They arent feeding us better. Many units still are without air conditioning or heat.( Texas death row has air conditioning & heat. Any says otherwise are lying! Might not be perfect tempature. But its there. Other units dont have such.)

Now the mailroom is not giving us mail faster. They make more money yet it gets worse for all of us!? So please file complaint with Securus & Jpay & inform them that you are boycotting jpay. Inform Ombudsman this also. See then they begin to Loose MONEY. It is the Dollars & cents that makes SENSE to these people. They don’t give a fuck about pain & suffering. Tall they care about is can they make money from it or save mon ywith it. Period.

Politicians invest in Securus & other prison companies, when they start to lose money they get things done. You have to think outside the box.

Other states have a tablet. An actual Jpay tablet that the jpay email can be sent to & can also respond with by the prisoner. It is sold on commissary and ALL is routed through mailroom. But is faster & easier. Has NO outside connection to internet or anything. It is a closed system. Mailroom hits send & it goes to the tablet. The person in prison can then type up response & hit send, it goes back to mailroom, they then forward it to jpay who posts it on your account. Real simple. TDCJ does not have this. TDCJ chose to keep this print email system.

They do more then that.They steal your moeney!

They give your jpays to the wrong people How many of you have had a loved one/friend write to you that their mail was given to another person locked up or they gave them anothers mail? Countless. The guards do not give any attention half the time. They just give it to whoever & some times mailroom sends mail to wrong pod & etc. Doesnt happen ALL the time, but far to many times it does! It needs to stop. Only way to correct it is by everyone taking the time to file a complaint with TDCJ, Jpay, Securus and Attorney General Office of Texas.

Request that the mailroom start passing out the jpays as they do legal mail books. when a person orders an ecomm care package commissary passes it out. Why then can not the mailroom pass out jpays?! It is PAID for! TDCJ MUST accept responsibility & stop this behavior.

Conservatvies that control Texas pride themself on Law & order!!! Well lets get some damn Law & order & stop this theft. Here is another fact. Jpay pays for ink, paper, & computer. Texas nor TDGJ as agent of Texas spends NO money on any part of the jpay process. Yet they get money from EACH page. Texas ALSO to add insult to injury charges more then any other state for jpay. Another fact that must be complained about also! They make more yet, but do less!?

I was told before that Texas makes 15¢ per PAGE. So a 4 page jpay is .60¢ TDCJ gets. They get free money & say fuck the people & fuck those locked up.

You want words from your loved ones correct? You want them to not stress correct? Okay then you must fight for a solution. Hell Jpay doesnt even tell you all, that the pictures are printed only in black & white trash quality! They make it seem as if it is color. I am telling people to write me with jmail, & not jpay. That are regular mail. I am serious. Many guys here on G pod are joining in. Some who are fuckin idiots lost in their fake sense of self will always resist, because it is not THEIR idea. Happens all the time. People cut their nose to spite their face. I will leave why to the DSM-5 experts. In the mean time. People focused on solutions/are pushing forward. One thing I know is how to fights. Been doing it all my life! Spent far to many years locked up in Texas prisons. I know what works. I ask that people PLEASE show solidarity & address this matter. They nare punishing us for crimes. They then commit crimes & use the money from their fraud to oppress us. To fight us in law suits. They do NOTHING for us. NOTHING. Our lives have gotten worse! Or sit on your ass & cry.

3 kinds people in this world.

#1.Those that make shit happen.

#2.Those that watch shit happen.

#3. those that ask what the hell just happened!?

Which one are you?


I cant speak For everyone here. Each is his own man. Though if a person is not going to Fight beside & or For me, they do not need to be in my‘ life then!


Veni, Vidi, Vici


Take care.

In solidarity

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P.S my last blog post/the poem about prison life. Many will not understand it unless they are aware of prison slang & etc. It is basically about the bullshit nature of the culture & ways of life in TDCJ.