Loud and Clear: Case update. Death penalty, Death Row

Loud & Clear by Clinton Lee Young
Date: May-16-2016
Topic: Case update. Death penalty, Death Row

A heavy weight upon my mind. Was a date set for early this month. My lawyer was due to meet with the prosecutor in Midland. The topic of discussion revolved around my future. It was a life or death discussion.

The hope being that with all the new evidence. The prosecutor would agree for me to be granted a hearing/appeal on these matter. They would not concede to such. Only stated that we need to file the appeal & they will look over it.

The hardest obstacle it seems is the police chase. Everyone from the prosecution/police side of things. They seem to take it as a sign of guilt. That is so very far from the truth! I had no idea I was named in the murders at that point. As I was told they was only looking for David, The co-defendant. I was pulling over to stop. Video of the chase shows just that.

Then I take off. The reason that is not detailed in the video. It is due to a conversation I had with my girlfriend at the time. I told her “Well babe, looks like I will be going back to jail for a bit.” She then told me that if I went back to Jail, donot bother writing or calling her. Now, I was on parole. Its a wrap. I will be going to iail! Though I was thinking for some months or like a year! Not death row & all that stuff.

When she told me not to bother contacting her anymore if I went to Jail I was pulling over so I would not get in any extra trouble when she said that. I told her. “You know what? You sure right! I aint going to jail.” Then I took off. They started to shoot at me. The police that is.

That was an extra reason to go in my mind. I went to get on the west bound lanes. A super-shot-cop took out a back tire that caused me to spin out. The truck was spinning down the interstate. when I got control of it & it was lined up, I was facing oncoming traffic. I HAD to take off/to move so I did not get hit by an on coming car. Then I had to swerve away again.

The Police are back chaising me. Now. to avoid hitting anyone. as I seen a older lady & a kid in a red car. I seen the look on their face. I didn’t want to hurt some kid or old lady. I yanked the steering wheel, hit the ditch service road. went airborn & almost hit a parked van, went through a trailer park & back onto the road. Cop shot the truck some more and I let it roll to a stop. I got out of the truck & did not resist arrest any further. Now, in no way shape form or fashion does any of that equate to guilt. The jury nor the DA never knew this. As I did not testify & the prosecutor never bothered to ask why I ran. This story I have told is the same one I have told from day one to every lawyer, every media outlet, in every blog I mentioned it in. It has never changed.

A cup of gasoline was found in the truck with a lid on it. There is NO fingerprints from me on this cup. It got put on me, as David claimed I was going to go blow the truck up. Again though. That is HIS words. There is no video of me putting fuel in any cup or truck. Matter of fact, David was real great at telling the police every store he stopped at. Yet the two stores he was never able to tell the police we was at, was #1) where the bullets was bought. #2.) where fuel was obtained.

It is simple as to why. I was asleep when he stopped & got fuel & put the fuel in the cup. It has been said by him and me that I was sleeping on the way to Midland. I did not kidnap anyone, did not threaten anyone, did not put any fuel in a cup, or any of that. The fuel & the cup has never been talked about before. Hell I never discussed it with my lawyers. As I did not put it in the cup. Plus there was no talk of blowing up or burning Petrys truck. As Mr.Petry was not supposed to be harmed. Only thing I thought David said about burning something up/was the first car. At trial, I think he said the truck though, which I did shoot the side of that car up. I did that so as to empty the gun. It is frustrating/as in order to kill me. It has to be capital murder. The murders was not related. I never threatened, seen threatened, or any sort of thing by anyone towards Mr.Petry. There was no kind of plan to harm Mr.Petry.


In 13+ years I have not thought anything about the cup of fuel. No matter what though. The police threw it away, which means it is to be deemed favorable to me. Anytime the police or such destroys anything that can be considered evidence. It is presented to the jury. that they are to deem it favorable to the defense.(me.) As if it wasn’t then the police would not have destroyed it. Hey, we could have requested DNA on the cup, additional fingerprints, looked for the store it came from & sought out the store video. All kinds of stuff could have been done. The police could have took a sample of the liquid inside. Then emptied the cup, let it dry out & then bagged & tagged it. But NOOO, instead they throw it away & then say it shows I am guilty of Capital Murder. Really!?

That cup of fuel does not even support David being guilty of anything. Not by itself. He will say I done it. I will say he done it. To bad the police THREW IT AWAY. As now it can not be tested. so it is his word versus mine.

The great cup conspiracy will continue.

Look I get the ‘idea’. The ‘idea’ behind the cup & chase. is that it is the actions of a guilty man; People always ask “why did you run, if you was not Guilty?” I was 18 years old-, been through all kinds of crazy stuff, was argueing with my gal, & at the bottom of it all. The culture I adhered to back then. The culture shaped in some ways how I responded to critical situations. The police was seen to have an adversarial role.

What I am aware of as being wrong today was seemingly right back then. Police chases are also glamorized in Hollywood & the media in general. DVDs can be bought of the “Wildest police chase”. The glamorization of such was around way before I ran from the cops. Media impacts culture.

A bad choice , simply does not equate to being guilty of killing someone. I run from the cops = I am supposedly guilty of murder.

I supposedly get mad at a teacher aide when I was in 8th grade. I slam a door = I am a future danger & monster?

No bullshit! They used a hallway monitor/teacher aide lady. One that I could not have pointed her out or told you her name. She said I had a chain hanging down my side. Like from wallet to belt loop as Bikers and :skaters wore according to her. She told me to put it up & I got mad. looked at her mean. & slammed a door. That is one of the people they used against me in my trial.

1.) The event did NOT happen.

2.) I never even dressed that way! NEVER!!!!! My mom would not allow me to leave the house with something like that. I was not a 13 year olddBiker gang member. I did not ride skateboards. I listened to hip hop & hard rock.

I just do not fucking get it! Even if I did get mad at the teacher & slammed a door, I was a damn teenager!!!!!! What teenager has NOT slammed a door? I am sure I would have slammed a door, had she told me how to dress. After I would have told her ” You buy my clothes, then you can tell me how to dress.” Anyways, the fight goes on. i have untill august to file my appeal.

On to other matters. Death Row.

As many know . there was the social media ban by TDCJ. Being that it is just a facebook thing. It is not so bad. When the first impression being given from wardens & etc. It was that we could not blog. I aint never been good about letting people shut me up.:)

TDCJ just wanted to have a control tool, for people using facebook to cause problems & etc. That is all that it is. (like writing protests and such) Me or any other guy having someone tell a old friend or sick grandmother they are thought of & loved. That is not going to get someone in trouble. Just can not be as interactive as was before.

A major pharmacutical company stopped providing execution drugs. They did it for legal reason more then moral reasons I am sure. Unless their stock holders started to complain. Though that does not matter as Texas uses compound pharmacies that are not regulated by FDA, in the same ways. People in the anti death penalty movement have focused on Compounding pharmacy from the Woodlands, which is in the Houston area. The evidence cited is the huge donation the owner made to Greg Abbott. Now it is possible that this guy is the supplier. HOWEVER, one does not give a 250.000$ donation to a govenor just to keep a lock on supplying executing drugs. That does not add up. Execution drugs cost , what a couple hundred dollars. 250K would never be made back. A person wants a profit, if they are donating for a return. Do the math. If execution drugs cost 1,000$ an execution. It would take 250 executions to break even! There is not even 20 a year. So he would need 25 a year for 10 years to break even. That is Not good investment numbers! No one supplies 250K as a political donation to be able to provide execution drugs. Compounding pharmacies are regulated by the state in many ways more so then the Federal government. 250K is a donation to say ‘Please continue with soft regulations.’

Compounders provide all kinds of drugs to hopsitals & etc. There are many major hospitals in the Houston area. Sure the guy makes millions. The last thing he is going to care about/is being able to supply drugs for executions. It would not be about the money, it would be about the political favors. No matter who it is. Anyways. Bottom line is that the choice by Pfizer has no impact on Texas, though good deal. As I mentioned before. If they dont kill us one way, they will find another way. My focus is more about the people being aware of the injustice in the system. THAT changes hearts. But hey, what do I know.

Back soon!

In solidarity.

Veni Vidi Vici



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