Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014 Code Red: Death Penalty film

Loud and Clear Jan. 26th. 2014
Code Red: Death Penalty film

When Jessica Villerius showed up to interview me it started out as a bunch of unexpected.  I did not expect it to be an on camera interview. She did not expect it to be as openly received without controversy. No one expected it to be as popular as it was!

When I did the first interview, I was very nervous. Not much as to how I would be portrayed per se. Though it was more about how my portrayal would reflect on my friend Renate Bouwmeester, as she is the one that had reached out to Jessica after getting back to  the Netherlands  from the U.S. The experiences that Renate had while working on  death penalty  cases, & being a part of my life it left her wanting to do more. Just do something bigger. Being a fan of Jessica, she e-mailed her the story of how our lives intersected. Renate had also mentioned to me before, having spoken to a magazine journalist, which is what I thought the interview would be. Living the last 10 ½ years in a controlled environment.  Unexpectedness aren’t well received, which is why I was uncomfortable at first. My worries were, as I wrote, not so much about me. I do not live in  the Netherlands . I am here on  Texas Death Row , if I am presented badly in the media it doesn’t impact me as much as it would the person living there. Renate has told friends & family about me & my case of injustice. I was concerned that I would somehow reflect badly on her. I actually wrote Renate, that I thought the interview had gone badly. However I was overreacting I seems. One thing I quickly noticed was that Jessica had done her research on me & my case. She asked a few questions that I did not expect. Though that is what journalist do. I told her, as I tell everyone. Do not believe me, I will show you. An interesting thing is that I had told her during the first visit, that there was going to be some upcoming investigations. During our second interview. (which had to be 90 days apart due to TDCJ policy.) The investigator was traveling through Texas meeting with people. The following week I was able to have a copy of what was found, e-mailed to her from my lawyers. It was reports that matched what I had told her during the first interview over 90 days prior.

When the film aired, I expected it to get a small wave of attention. I certainly did not think that it would have been the hit that it has been. Due to the lack of internet access, sadly am unable to actually see all the reactions. However from all accounts, it was overwhelming.

I want to extend a big thanks to  Jessica Villerius  & her film crew, as well as the never ending dedication from Renate. In addition, I want to thank people of the Netherlands that upon seeing the film reached out to Jessica, Renate & or myself. You all could have just gone on about your lives. Though you choose to get involved. Thank You!

I have had many struggles over the years, Legal, personal & emotional. All that has happened in this struggle, it started to really wear me down & take its toll. One has to wonder how many times a person can get knocked down & keep getting back up.

It seems I have another ‘round’ left in me, as the positive reaction has encouraged me to attack my struggle with a renewed energy. I am proud that Jessica was able to gain a positive reaction. More so with the amount of time, money, & risk involved in making such a film. She treated my friend Renate with a level of kindness & courtesy that makes her grade A in my book!

A bit of inside information; the scene that shows me getting handcuffed almost didn’t happen. As I do NOT like to be seen in handcuffs at all!  I find it embarrassing, even after 12 years of going through it. Some get accustomed to it. I have not & will not! When I realized that I would be leaving the visitation area before Jessica & her crew. I almost told the guards that I wanted to wait on the media personnel to leave first, as I thought about it though. I knew it would be a scene that she most likely would want to include. As it provides a view into how life is here on  Texas Death Row . Only physical contact comes when guards handcuff me to be taken to another area. The fact that something as simple as getting handcuffed still impacts me in such a way, it shows that this place hasn’t impacted me to the degree that I would not be able to re-adapt upon release.

I also want to thank the film crew personnel that worked behind the scenes. Even though they shined that bright ass light in my face! Ha ha

Until Next time.                                                                                                                                                     Veni,Vidi,Vici                                                                                                                                                                              Solidarity                                                                                                                                                              I remain,

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