Denied and you must DIE!!!

Loud and Clear Feb 12. 2014
Denied and you must DIE!!!

The title of this blog sums up the courts recent 445 page opinion in my case.

I wish I could throw out some strength based quote of inspiration. Though that is not a true reflection of what I feel right now. Being unable to sleep with a stomach in knots. An unshakeable feeling of cold.

Yes it is cold outside. However no matter how much I covered up I still felt cold.

Maybe it has been so long since I actually felt fear, that I have forgotten its smothering nature.  The feeling of total numbness has finally faded away.  Being that I know myself, I know what will come next.

The Anger.

Which has been something that i can embrace. The warmth of rage pushing me forward. Highlighted by the reality of those that wish to see my death.

This morning I received a copy of the judges opinion. I have not been able to sit down and read it completely yet. I will this week end. Though from the parts that I have read. I noticed a common theme. The “evidence” that is quoted over and over again.  It is only the words of the co-defendant! I have read evidence that was cited, that never even happened!

The judge makes it seem as if they found the murder weapon on me. Actually on my body. That is not so. It was under the passenger seat, where the co-defendant was just sitting. This same weapon that did NOT have my fingerprints on it.   The same weapon that the co-defendant in his initial statements admitted to the police that he told me to get rid of the gun and truck. After I departed company with him, he went straight to the police. Now if you was going to blame someone for your crime, does it not make sense to leave the weapon with that person and then tell the police “He got the murder weapon right now!”

The judge goes on and on about the police chase. Something that was not discussed with the court , during my trial. The reason I ran from the police. It had nothing at all to do with guilt, or even a concern of the police. I was talking to my girlfriend and told her. “Baby, I think I might be going back to jail.”  Now before anyone looks too far into that, I was on parole!  I was not even supposed to be away from the town I lived in. I was going to jail! Going to jail, does not equate to any type of admission or idea of guilt for double murders. I did NOT know what I was even wanted by the police at that time for murder. As soon as I told her that statement, she snapped back “If you go to jail, do not bother writing or calling me every again!”  When I hear that, I told her “What?! You sure right. I am NOT going to jail!” Then I took off. In the police chase video, it can be seen that I was pulling over! I was stopping for the police and I all of sudden took off. That is why.  Was I immature? Yes! Stupid? Yes! Admission of guilt through an act? NO!

After I took off, the police immediately started shooting up the vehicle. After that happened, I surely wasnt wanting to stop. I have seen to many people beat up by the police. People in Europe can google the stories.  In the U.S. we do not have the friendly police that European countries are known for. Just look up how many people are killed each year by police. In most U.S cities the police look like military personnel. No all police are bad. Far from it!

Though they are not soft handed. You get out of line, they will beat your ass! Youtube is full of videos of people getting tazered by the police. Maybe not FULL, but you get the point.   I stopped the chase out of fear that someone else was going to get hurt. I did not testify on my own behalf regrettably. During the chase I ended up going the wrong way, into oncoming traffic. That was purely by accident and my losing control of the vehicle. It was not due to any calculated or malice intent. I surely did not have a plan to put my own life in harms way to a greater extent than it already was! The police shot the tire out, causing me to spin out of control.

The judge ignores the forensics that show I couldn’t have done the murder. He refused to allow me to test the gloves, that the co-defendant has repeatedly bragged about getting away with murder due to him wearing them.

If it was an open and shut case, then they could have issues a 20 page ruling.

The problems when an army spreads itself thin. it exposes cracks in its defense. I have noticed some cracks that can be exploited.  Again I haven’t read everything. Just going by the small parts I have read and the conversation I had with my lawyers. What comes next is my lawyers request to judge to reconsider his ruling. If he refuses, then they beg the next court to give  me the right to appeal. As this judge issued his ruling in such a way that he says I have no right to anymore appeals.  I really did not expect this judge to issue this kind of ruling. I thought him to be highly intelligent man, that would see the lies of the co-defendant. I knew that the judge was not my friend. I also warned my current lawyers that they need to keep in mind, that he could have allowed them to be on my case just so he could  say he gave me a fair chance.

I see that my concern was correct!

He had no plan or desire to ever give me anything. Just like he says that the do-defendant did not have an “enforceable” deal. Which means that the deal was not stamped and sealed in the court record. NO shit! That is why it is called a “HIDDEN DEAL”! The co-defendant was at a cafe across the street from the courthouse eating lunch in street clothes. Free world clothes with the prosecutor. With NO handcuffs, while charged with capital murder.  He then got on the stand in the trial and told my jury 4 times. Not once, but 4 times that he was facing trial and even the death penalty. He knew this to be false. This shows that he lied in the trial and the prosecution allowed him to. It doesn’t matter if it is sealed with a red wax seal and the blood of a damn virgin! It means rat shit. A promise of a deal is as solid as a deal , is what the highest court have REPEATEDLY found. Plus if you remove the co-defendant, then what evidence is there? NONE but the truck.

I have 4 statements from others about the co-defendant bragging about getting deals and getting away with murder. Why? Because he had the gloves on!  Another Problems is my lawyers made a mistake in the filings. 🙁 This doesn’t matter. I will be blamed for it! The courts have ruled several times about this.

Which means that I now , more than ever, will need to retain my own lawyers to do any last minute appeals. If I do get an execution date.

I had just wrote a message on the Facebook page, about the hostility that the chief justice of the court I am now going into has shown my lawyers.

She appoints which three judges review my case. Even though she is not the chief Justice for the 5th circuit anymore. She was able to appoint them before her removal. As soon as I went into federal courts. She was able to appoint them. (There is state level and federal level. Imagine it as being a court system in Germany and after going through them, it has to be before the International court in the Netherlands)

That cold feeling is starting to creep back.

Long Sigh. On to the next fight. Vini, Vedi, Vici-I damn sure hope so!

In Solidarity,

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