Loud and Clear: Down but not out Febr. 20th 2014

Loud and Clear: Down but not out
February. 20th 2014


I readily admit that the way my appeal was denied. It surely knocked me down. Though they didn’t know me out!  Not yet at least. As long as I am breathing, then I have a fighting chance.

Fight I shall do.

Maybe I let myself get lost in hope. I normally do not, as my life experiences has taught me that it can be a dream. Though I did not, at all, expect the ruling that was handed down. More so the way that it was written. I was denied in the worse way possible! Each claim was denied 3 different ways. The way the courts are structured. It means that I have maybe a 1% chance to get  such a ruling overturned. Justice, truth, right or wrong. None of that has anything to do with it. All of that is for the lower courts to sort out. Due to my past appeals not being filed properly by lawyers. It adversely impacts me now, due to procedurally barred from review by higher courts.

I can show 1001 ways to the  United States Supreme Court  that I am innocent. It would not matter, unless I could show a specific U.S Constitutional violation. The claim would have to be shaped by saying the prosecutors violated my right to due process. Or that a lawyer  was ineffective. Now I am sure everyone is thinking, “of course it would be all of that if you are on  death row  and innocent!“

No one disagrees with that. However, if the lawyers do not “structure” the claim properly. The court cannot review it. That is the law of the land.  My past lawyers made mistakes. Sadly only I will suffer the consequences of these mistakes and intentional flaws.

One of my previous  lawyers  was trying to help the state get me killed.  That is why I got him off my case. Another lawyer on my most vital appeal. He filed an appeal around statements, that was gained from an investigator that was smoking crack cocaine with a witness. She also forged signatures on other false statements. The lawyer did not independently check all the statements. He built my State  Writ of Habeas Corpu around her statements. As  a result, my entire state level appeal was destroyed. This is the one appeal that allows a person to get new evidence, that was not presented at trial , into the record. The blog I wrote about  Vaughn Ross- R.I.P. The investigator that got him killed. She will add another tombstone to her collection!

There is still a way to sort out a way around the recent ruling. Though it is going to be very difficult. What will needed to be done, is have new lawyers and investigators go over the entire case again. Then anything new that is discovered. Re-filling last minute appeals.

I have not went over the entire ruling yet. Though something that makes it all even worse. The ruling was 445 pages. You know what I get, to response to that? 10 pages! My lawyers made a request to get extra pages. I am unsure if it will be granted or not. Now on many things that it is claimed my lawyers improperly files the claims on. I disagree with the court on this. As all they did was , when filing the new claims in. They only cleaned up   the other claims. Basically was making the appeal more organized. The basis of the claim, nor the fundamental structure of the claim , was not altered.

While I cannot yet go over the way each element will be addressed. As I do not want them to be aware of how we will fight back. I will address a few comical elements.

An officer from  Juvenile prison  testified in my trial. He claims that I hit him during a fight, as he was trying to break it up.  I was charged with assault on Staff at the  prison . I went to a court and best the charge. An officers and other people in  prison  testified that they seen the entire fight and I never hit the guy.  I actually was attacked! A  gang  had issued a hit on me. When the guy attacked me, I just wrapped him up and went to the ground. I had my back to the officer that claims I hit him. He said I turned around looked him right in the eye and punched him.  If you seen how SMALL the areas are, that we had to sleep in. You would right away know that this is not humanly possible.

My jury never got to see this.

This same officer said that I was over several violent riots, that resulted in prison staff and other prisoners getting assaulted.

The problem? No such disciplinary reports was in my record! I had a disciplinary report for playfully popping a guy with rubber band!!! Does any sensible person think that if I started a riot, where people was physically harmed. That the  prison  would say, “it is okay! No worries just go on about your day good fellow!” No way would that happen!

Here is the really comical part. He claimed that i was a  gang  leader over 5-2 Hoover Crips out of Houston.

First off. 5-2 stands for 52nd street in Los Angeles California, crossed with Hoover Boulevard. A  gang  started on Hoover Blvd. It then spread to 52nd street. Okay, this is a BLACK street  gang . I am not, nor have i ever been, Black or in this  gang ! One would think I wouldn’t have to explain the Black part!

Now here is the real catcher! Ready?

I AM NOT NOR HAVE I EVER BEEN, FROM OR EVEN IN HOUSTON FUCKING  TEXAS !!!!!!!  How the FUCK am I, a white guy from  Lake O’ The Pines  area, going to be a leader of a fucking BLACK street  gang . Be it a chapter from anywhere, much less a chapter out of Houston Texas. A city that I have never even been to in my life!

Now anyone that knows the smallest detail about  gangs , knows that Crips and Bloods started in California. Though they have spread across the U.S. Though I want everyone to google  Lake O’ The Pines  area. Look up Ore City Texas,  Jefferson  Texas, Avinger Texas. As these are places I went to school as a kid. When i was older, before I got this case I lived in Longview Texas, which is much bigger.   The town I spent mass majority of my first 15 years on this earth? Mims, Texas. Look it up!

Now google  prison consultants , advisors, and such. Ask this simple question to them: “Could a white guy from a small country town, be the leader of a Crip gang, INSIDE a prison environment in the 1990s and year 2000?

Please ask someone! You know the response you will get? They will laugh at you! They will say, the only way a white guy would be apart of such a  gang  as that, is if he was “owned” by that  gang . Meaning the sex slave trade that exists in  prison . That is generally the response you will get, once they stop laughing at you. Prison is a VERY r acially segregated  area. Then to top it off, the guy said that during a disturbance, where he was attacked, me and a Blood joined forces to attack him. So here I am, a WHITE leader of one of the largest BLACK street gangs. United with the sworn enemy of this same  gang . Attacking him. Which by the way, that attack was not written up either!  Also ask the prison experts, if this same white guy, could be from a small town in Northeast  Texas  and be able to speak for or lead any gang based in Houston  Texas . They are going to say, Hell no!  As he isn’t even from the city. See now they have this trend in  Texas prisons  called Tango, which is Spanish for town. It is people clicking together by the towns they come from. As  prison gangs  have declined due to the members getting locked down in  segregation . If i am not from a specific city, then I would NOT be able to speak for it. PERIOD!!  That was one of the reasons they justified me getting death. Another was, they claim I shot a guy during a home invasion.

A co-defendant that testified for the state, said that I shot the guy and wanted to kill him. The VICTIM! yes the VICTIM in the case, said that I did not even have a gun!

Another common theme in the ruling, is my “underage girlfriend”. Every Time they mention my ex. The girl I was in a relationship with, when I got this case. They always label me, like I am some kind of diaper sniper or something!

First off, this was never a theme in my trial. They act as if she is 12 or 13 years old or something. When I was arrested she was less than one month away from being 16. I had just turned 18. I met her when I was 17.  It was not common for me to be with women younger than me. Once I turned 18 she was the only one I was with. Every other woman was my age and older. Though with her, I did think about doing the whole “settle down and build a life together” thing. I know that people oversees the idea of getting married at 18 as something odd.  It is not so uncommon in the southern portion of the U.S. The second victim in this case. he was 19 when he met his wife. She was 14. They was together 35 years  before he was tragically killed. No one would blink an eye about that , as it was normal back then. Beyond the fact that it was not a theme of my trial. It could not be! As I had lived with her, her her FATHER’S house!  Texas  law is parental consent at 15. Again though. I met her when i was 17!

Actually she was the only person in that crime riddled, drug infested, got forsaken area that had any sense!

Therefore the presentation of “underage girlfriend” is simply a character assassination attempt. Coupled in with the police chase. I was a Black street gang leader, underage girlfriend dating, speed violating, rabid terror of a guy!

He also goes on about be being violent since Kindergarden. I have already written before about the testimony of  Debbie Barton . The first grade teacher that hated my mother and used to call me stupid in front of the whole class, when I failed a spelling test.  1st grade for my European readers is 6 years old! She testified that I used to try to stab other children with scissors. The problem with this? There is NO report in any file of such an event taking place. She claimed to know about it from when I was in kindergarten. Which she was NOT even my teacher in that grade! As I was 5 years old. Okey, her speaking on that, is a violation of court rules! It is ‘hearsay’ evidence, as she had no DIRECT knowledge of it. Also another teacher from when i was 5, said I was NEVER violent. Just really hyper and a follower.

Again though. I was NEVER written up for this. Even the prosecutor asked her about how I stabbed kids with scissors in kindergarten. As he knew that didn’t make no sense, though he allowed/directed her into correcting her words . Everyone remember the scissors you get at 5 or 6 years old as a child in school? The PLASTIC scissors! That are made big and PLASTIC so kids can not poke their eye out with them.

Again though. I was NEVER written up for it and she was not even my teacher, so never seen such an act.

I must confess though to one event that was talked about.

They said I was kicked off the bus for biting another student. Yes I did this! The problem? He was 16 YEARS OLD !! I was 6! I had to bite him to get him to stop pulling my hair, so I could take a nap. That’s right. I lead a black street  gang  from a city I never have lived in. I had  an underage girlfriend who’s father let me live with her. I lack proper driving skills.

In some other universe I supposedly stabbed other kids with big plastic scissors. I shot a guy who says I didn’t shoot him!

I started riots that was miraculously never documented, even though these riots supposedly  resulted in employees of the state getting hurt. Which if a person gets hurt ON THE JOB, what happens? They have to report it for workmen’s compensation. Not to mention the criminal charges that get pressed for the act itself.

These acts are the reason that the state of Texas is seeking my death for. Along with two murders that ALL ballistic evidence shows I could not have been the shooter. As well as have NO confession. NO fingerprints. NO gunshot residue on me. Only a codefendant saying I done it. A co defendant that failed a polygraph exam, repeatedly bragged about getting away with murder and was wearing gloves when he killed the man. These same gloves I was refused the ability to get tested. Which would have shown him to have fired a gun while wearing and that he lied about how long he had the gloves.  The murderer has been given permission to write the Gospel  of  Clinton Lee Young , by the state of  Texas . If the prosecutors have their way, he will have 3 victims!

Now, as I wrote at the beginning of this. They knocked me down, but not out. The fight goes on. The unique element about me, is that making  me have fear is the worst thing they can do. As the pain must be used to fuel the fire! It shall NEVER be a brake. Since then my mind is clicking faster than ever.

When I spoke to my lawyers, I was pointing out stuff left and right. They was taking notes as fast as they could, telling me stuff like. “You’re right. You’re right! I can not believe we did not think of that!”  It is going to be a read hard fight for the home team. Though it is a fright that we can win!

I really need people focused and helping. Most importantly working together. Any and all donations are greatly needed. As this way I can retain another lawyer to go over my entire case, for any last minute appeals. Which I will need  to avoid getting executed.

The pay pal donation is detailed on my website <a href=”http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com”>www.saveaninnocentlife.com</a> and for  those in The Netherlands. My dear friend Renate has an account to collect donations. The account information is:

Clinton Young Foundation
IBAN: NL66 INGB 0006517329
Web: www.clintonyoungfoundation.com

Please do not send donations to the inmate trust fund account with  Jpay.com.

Midland County  gets a percentage of all money sent to my prison account. As they are charging me with having to pay the cost of my trial.

Yes! Not only did they wrongfully convict me. They are making me pay for it! They do not get all the money sent to me. Only a percentage IF it is sent to the Inmate Trust Fund Account. There is 5 people on  death row  that this happens to. However “I” am the only one that is charged with not only my whole entire trial costs, but my appeals cost also. You recall the investigator that smoked drugs with the money she was given? Yeah, they say I have to pay for that also.

That truly is insult to injury.

If funds are sent to the account Renate has, or the pay pal donation account that my family operates. This can NOT be touched. As I am allowed by law, to raise funds for my defense.

Thanks for everyone’s time and attention to this matter.

I have to break up with my underage girlfriend and take driving lessons! 🙂 haha It is so insane, that I can not help but laugh about it,  If I didn’t, then I would go Insane!

Take care!
Veni, Vidi, Vici
In Solidarity,
Clinton  Lee Young # 999447
Polunsky Unit
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston TX 77351