Loud and Clear – Insane Opinion

Loud and Clear – Insane Opinion

I finally finished reading over everything and find that it is even more insane than i first perceived!

As I have to detail a few things, I will get to the point. As I have ranted about for YEARS! I have wanted to get the gloves the codefendant wore tested properly.  When I was first arrested, I refused to talk to the  police . Not because of any guilt, no, not at all. It was a matter of the “code of conduct” for the trash culture I then adhered to. Plus a general disdain for most  police , that life events had provided for me. Like the ones I seen take advantage of drug addicts, beat up people, sleep with underage girl, drive around my mother while she stood in the middle of a street asking for help after getting the hell beat out of her by my step father.  Plus knowing the story of her being pregnant with me and my dad beating her up. She called the  police.  When the guy shows up, instead of talking to my mother, he ignored her and walked past her to ask my dad what was going on. When my dad assured him that everything was okay, he walked off again ignoring my mother. Then again, this was early 1983. (It was just the 1970’s when the law that a husband could not be charged with rape, if he did such an act to his wife, had just been removed from the books. Yes, in 1970’s  Texas  a husband could NOT be charged with rape of his wife. As she was considered “his”)

These things helped shore up my view point of  police  in general. After learning that the codefendant was putting it all on me, I thought, to hell with letting him do that! I asked to speak with detectives in the case. I then told them to “take my  DNA  and hair samples and to test the gloves!” That “I did not kill that old man”. However due to not knowing that the others was putting everything on me for the 1st murder. I refused to talk about that one.

The  police  at that point HAD NOT EVEN FOUND THE GLOVES! This is detailed on my website. It should be under Kent Spencer and Paul Hallmarts testimony. Which the JURY complained about the police work on my case.  I got that in black and white!

Okay, the judge when he wrote the opinion he quotes the detective at my trial saying that I told them that Page was wearing the gloves at the time of the shooting.  The judge writes: “The detective does not say that i told him  codefendant shot the victim while wearing gloves.” My jaw dropped! WHY THE HELL ELSE WOULD I MENTION THE DAMN GLOVES!!!!!!!  That is exactly what the detective was saying.  He then goes on about the codefendant changing his story. Okey, but he twists is as a way to not help me. Now I has every rational person reading this. If you are dealing with a person, every time you talk to them, they change the story, what will you think???

There is only ONE person in this whole case, that has NEVER changed his story. That will be  Clinton Lee Young !

Next up is the Plea Bargain. See there is time restrictions of when evidence can be presented to the court.  If you have the money for investigators , experts, and l lawyers  .Then this is okay! As you can do all that you need to do. If you do not, then this can truly be a killer!

A previous  investigator  went and talked to one of the codefendants that are now free. This was in 2006. He refused to talk. I, in 2008, got new  lawyers  on my case. They went back to speak with him. By this this he had been granted parole, so was not scared to talk. He then admitted about the deals. He wrote a statement for me, that he had lied at trial about the deals. Taking that statement to his former  lawyer . That  lawyer  handed over his file. Which then produced more helpful evidence about the secret deals.

At the court hearing about it all. Excuse me, let me back up.  The prosecutors and  police  knew  that the codefendant was going to expose their dirty deeds. He was at the Hilton Motel to stay for the hearing. He went right outside the door to smoke a cigarette. They CLAIM that his ankle monitor, that he had to wear as part of his  parole , had went off. TWO  police  cars show up and arrest him. Okay, he gets really nervous now. As he feels that they will violate his  parole . Now he is afraid to testify for my lawyers. Much less admit that he lied in a  Capital Murder  trial.   He gets on the stand and talks about the deal, but then says he didn’t lie at my trial. The judge then later on, calls him BACK onto the stand. The judge wanting to clear up everything tell him. “I am going to ask you two questions. I want to separate the trial only two parts. #1) The deal. #2) The facts of the case. #1) Did you lie about having  a deal at trial yes or no?” He answered “Yes Sir”. The judge asked him. “Did you lie as the facts of the case?” He answered “No sir.” (Now I personally disagree with that, but that isnt the point right now) It is now CLEAR that he admits he lied, when he said that he didnt have a deal. Okay, in my trial he had said not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times that he was facing the  Death Penalty  and getting ready for trial on c apital murder  charges. That he was testifying for free.

A point that the prosecutor highlighted to my jury. The prosecutor told the jury  that they would be “facing trials back in east Texas” This was NOT true!!

Everyone knew it. The codefendants  lawyer  said over and over and over again at  the hearing that he was not facing Death. That he was not even a  death penalty  qualified  lawyer . The fact that he was even on the case, proves it was not a  death penalty  case.

The prosecutor and lawyer denied that they ate lunch with the codefendant and his parents. Which the codefendant ate at his cafe in regular clothes, with NO handcuffs on. He then, while charged with Capital murder, walks across the street, gets on the stand and tells the jury that he facing the death penalty!  The prosecutor and his lawyer denied this happen. The codefendant, his mother and TWO  police  officers testified that the lunch did happen!

The  trial lawyers  for my case both said, that had they known about any deals or talks of deals, they would have conducted my entire trial differently. THAT and THAT alone is supposed to be a MANDATORY new trials!

The judge that was over the court hearing. He found that the prosecutor did have talks about a deal with the  lawyer . That the l awye r did tell the codefendant  yes you read that correct! They had talks and l awyer  told codefendant, yet codefendant did not lie!

The codefendant that SAID he lied!

My  trial lawye r even said I have always maintained innocence and that there was no actual evidence besides the codefendants.

As a result they would have even picked a different jury!

Okay, so now the judge in his recent opinion. He cites that the codefendant, who said he lied, did not lie!  Also that it wouldn’t alter my trial. Even though BOTH l awyers  said it would. He also said that even though the evidence does not match what the codefendant said about the second murder. That doesn’t matter, as the co defendant said he had his head leaning on the truck. Again, that is ridiculous, as at the trial, the codefendant clearly detailed where everyone was standing. My l awye r acted like he was me and said “is this far enough away from where the victim was standing?” the codefendant said “no back up more”. Which put the l awye r 10 feet away and the codefendant 4 feet away to be point blank, as the gunpowder burned the skin and the powder that had not burnt, tattooed the skin!  Meaning flakes of it got under the skin.

That means that the gun had  to be under 6 inch from the victim. NO WAY a person 10 feet away (3 meters +) could be the shooter!  When  my  lawyer  asked him why he kept changing his story about the shooting, he pointed to the prosecutors lead i nvestigator , who had just came into the room and said , “because he told me to!”

THAT is why the jury barely convicted me. One of the jury members who would talk to my l awyers , said that had he known about the deals, he wouldn’t have convicted me of  capital murder.  This is a man that sat through the entire trial and watched every person testify.

Which not every single word is in the record.

Like the statement about the prosecutor’s  investigator.  🙁

The judge also, as for the ballistics report by Richard Ernest. This is CLEARLY posted. The judge says that the expert could not make the finding that the victim could have been shot inside the car.

That it was not in that experts field. The expert I used that found I could not be the shooter.

He was the  police  officer for decades and he is the expert’s expert! Meaning he trained the other experts!

He has been to other countries and trained their  police  forces.

He isnt just any man with ballistic training. he is THE MAN when it comes to ballistic. Plain and simple.

Plus you do not have to be an expert. If I am sitting in a car, in the passenger seat. How could I shoot the driver, at a distance of greater than 3 feet! (1 meter) IN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FUCKING HEAD!!!! HOW??!!!!! While inside of a small 2 door car!!!????

If that expert was going against me. That judge would have been praising him from the roof tops, about how he is one of the top experts in the world, which this guy IS! He is one of the best in the WORLD!

The saddest element of it all, is that my previous lawyers, including those at trial. If they had done better, then the judge would not have been able to do as he did.

Example: The TYC guard that said I hit him. He said I started two riots. The problem? NO REPORTS ON THEM!  He is the same that said  I was this  gang  leader of the black street  gang . There was two people that testified for me at the hearing in TYC, that I was found NOT guilty of. My  lawyers  didn’t call them two witnesses. Another unique factor. One of the people that was locked up that testified for me at  the hearing. As he was standing 6 feet away (2 meters) from the event. He is on  death row  with me.

The other officer that lied in my trial. She testified that I hit her. Her report should be posted on my website <a href=”http://www.saveaninnocentlife.com”>www.saveaninnocentlife.com</a> The judge found that my claim that she lied was baseless, as “some” officer was hit. Okay that is NOT what she testified about. She said at my trial that I HIT HER!!! My  lawyers  pointed out a synopsis of her actual report. It just listed an officer was and and another  prisoner . Okay, she “said” that in her ACTUAL written report. I hit her. IT DOES NOT SAY THAT!!

Yet the judge twists this to say that while it doesn’t say clearly she was hit, it says “an officer was hit.” Okay that is not what the damn woman testified about under oath! Plus the guard that “was” hit, she refused to press charges. As #1) She was hit as she violated procedure. She jumped right in the middle of two guys fighting. We are both 16 years old and swinging as fast as we can. It is kind of hard to stop in the mid swing. Though I didnt punch her, as I seen her coming. The other guy hit her. What I did accidently do, is that when she jumped in the middle. I side stepped her and went to kick him in the head. She stuck her hand out and I kicked her hand and broke her finger.  Now that would have been an automatic new charge and an extra year locked up! Though she knew it was an accident  and she should never have done as she did. It violated all protocol on stopping a fight.

She could have testified for me.

When it comes to the ballistics. They should have retained an expert. Instead the  lawyer  tried to explain it himself. He got it mixed up and the prosecutor told the jury that he got it wrong. My  lawyer  then failed the object. The jury looked at him. When he didn’t say anything, they took that as that  he did get it wrong. When that happened. It popped into my mind to jump up and yell that i objected to the prosecutors lies. I regret not doing that?   The logic that is used to explain this all, it truly is baffling to me. The worst part? He is considered the fact finder. That means the next court I go into. I can only argue based on what was filed and his ruling. His ruling is considered as good as God’s law!

Though instead of getting depressed and letting it overcome me, I see it as the path to freedom!  I see exactly what I need to do.

While the next court is going to be hard to overcome. More so the way that the case was ruled on. I can file the last minute appeals. I just got to have some people located.

I can not write about all that will be done.

As I do not want to expose my hand to the prosecution.

On to other matters.

In a recent blog, I used the term rage. No one made mention of it.  Though being as there are many new readers. I wanted to explain, that terms are used to express the raw emotions. When I use rage, I use it as a prolonged feeling of anger. That burning propellant that moves me forward and helps me go through the barriers. People are trying to kill me. I am sure everyone can understand that it is an emotional roller coaster.

It is interesting all these first in history that has been done in my case. I have the first trial of its kind in  Texas History . The longest federal judge opinion in a  death penalty  case or any criminal case. Every  lawyer  that has heard about it. Their first words was “WHAT?!” or “O’My God?!” When they hear about the 445 pages. Though when there is no quality, one must resort to quantity!

The fight isnt over. Just bare with me, as I need numbers on my side and we can win this!

As long as that needle is not in my arm, there is still a chance!  Others that won have been to this point also. Some had one or two  execution  dates!

Though I do not want to get that far.

I thank everyone that is stepping up to help.

The fight goes on.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

I remain,

In solidarity


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