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Topic:  Never ending confusion

You miss me? Yeah I know that I have been gone for a couple weeks. Everything adds up and really frustrates me. There is something that I want to point out from the appeal opinion. The expert that done the reports on my case. The reports that show I could not have been the shooter.  Okay, now read my words slowly that you can follow me.  As I want to make this this insanity make sense to SOMEONE!  In 2002 Midland County had the state crime lab analyze the evidence that they did get tested, in preparation of the trial to for me.    Again, this is the crime lab for the STATE OF TEXAS. These people WORK FOR the police and prosecutors. It is THEIR experts.

These experts issued reports based on the evidence. Okay, when you take the STATES EXPERTS reports and put the reports that was done on the guns and combine it with the autopsy reports.  Any regular person can follow the pattern and see that I could not have done the murder.

It is physically impossible for me to do the 1st murder. The second murder, I could not have plausibly done it.  Plus the co-defendant failed the lie detector test, and repeatedly bragged about getting away with murder.

Now taking all that. Taking the states, I repeat the STATE’S star witness codefendant and the STATE experts. Just with that it is easy to see i did not kill anyone.

It was important to go beyond that. This importance is why an independent expert was needed. We then went to the best. I want to share a story with everyone about this expert. It is about the report that is posted on my website www.saveaninnocentlife.com. In 1993 there was an event known as Mount Carmel Disaster. MANY stories can be found about it online. The way the federal building handled that, is why Timothy Mcveigh blew up the federal building in Oklahoma. It was because of the mount carmel disaster and an even known as Ruby Ridge Disaster. Where federal police killed an innocent woman holding her baby and killed a man son. They went to arrest the man on bogus charges.

At least that is how the story goes. I wasn’t there of course. I only know of the stories.  Okay back to the point. When the federal police was dealing with the David Koresh followers. They was worried about what they was encountering. They wanted to know exactly the kind of weapons they was facing. Who did they call upon? Out of ALL the experts in the world. Who did the U.S Government call  on to make 100% sure they knew what they was facing? They called Richard N. Ernest . Who did the ballistics reports in my case that helps to show I am innocent? Richard N. Ernest!  The appeal opinion states that the evidence shows I am guilty and that the experts are not skilled to find what they did in their reports . Then it makes up evidence. The appeal opinion in my case stated that the STATES EXPERTS and THE BEST BALLISTIC EXPERT IN THE FUCKING WORLD are wrong!  It is not the judge that wrote this monster opinion. I am thinking that the judge didn’t really know how flawed it all was. Judges use law clerks to write these opinions. He might have scanned the appeal and response.  Though I do not think he wrote all 445 pages of the opinion. (This is what my lawyers filed the [59e  motion] about) At least I do not think he did.

Maybe due to them going to such extremes, it can help me later on. The BATF (More commonly known as the A.T.F) and the F.B.I which is known as the world leading police force. When other countries struggle with something crime related. They call all in the F.B.I  The recent event of the plane missing. The flight 370 from Malaysia. The pilot had a flight simulator and computer in his house.   Out of ALL the police agencies in the world. Who did they call in to help? The F.B.I!

When the directors of the ATF and FBI, in connection with the U.S Department of Justice. When these people from the premier police agencies in the world, call the expert. They call in  an expert that is the best. As they have the lives of their officers and innocent people on the line. When these agencies went outside of their own inner officer experts and asked another for his help.   You can take it to the bank, that that expert is hands down, the best in the world. They done just this with Richard Ernest. He has testified in hundreds of cases all over the U.S. He had at the time over 31 years’ experience. Worked over 10 000 cases.  He isn’t a defense expert. He is a police expert! The court is saying this man is wrong. The state has not offered up ANY expert to counter his report. You know why? Because they fucking cannot! As soon as another expert sees who wrote the report. They will say , “If he said it happened, then it happened!”  This expert has testified in cases that resulted in guys coming to death row and as a result have been executed.  In all THOSE cases he was GOD’s word right.

Yet in mine he is wrong? When his own report only confirms what the states other experts themselves found? Again, the STATES experts testify for them.

Man this is a new one!  The court calling the prosecutors experts a liar!

The crazy thing is the prosecuting lawyer working my appeal. He did not challenge it on the factual grounds. He just tried to dance around it. As he knows it is shaky ground to cross. Do not get me wrong. He still tried. Though they did not attempt to get their own expert. As they know what it will show. Thinking about this all really aggravates me. 🙁

It has gotten to where every little thing really upsets me. I get mad as there is no room for error. It truly is David Versus Goliath. I got one stone left. If I do not hit the mark, then it is a wrap.

I will write more later.

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