Loud & Clear: 17 januar 2014

Loud & Clear: 17 January 2014

Greetings to all! I am finally getting back into blogging. As of lately I have not done very much, beyond think about my case. Due to several new developments, much more work is required to be done. This blog will basically be an update. I have proven that there is no proof of guilt. No fingerprints, no guilt relevant DNA & no confession to the murders by me. No gunshot residue on me or anything. Plus several people have come forward, providing testimony as to one of the co-defendants bragging about getting away with murder & how the police couldn’t prove it was him, as he had gloves on. There is a request before the judge right now to test the gloves, as they have never been properly tested. Once they are tested, they WILL show that he shot a gun while wearing the gloves, which only have his DNA inside them. While I have been able to now PROOVE #1, that there were hidden secret deals & #2, that I did not kill anyone. Also by my lawyers not being able to properly investigate the case, as they was court appointed & provided limited funding. The full story was not told at trial. That is changing now! #1. A juvenile prison guard testified that during a fight I assaulted her when she went to break it up. At the time of trial, I did not think that the D.A nor my lawyers had her actual report written about the event. Turns out they did, though I wasn’t used. Only a summary of her report was had. She said the assault was detailed in her report. IT ISNT! This is the Jaqueline Timmons testimony that should be on my site in the legal material section. #2. Another guard said I assaulted him. Him & I had personal problems & argued often. There was two other guards & a prisoner that said I did NOT assault him, they seen the entire fight. As a result no new charges were pressed against me. At trial NONE of these people were called to testify. They will be now, as they have been located. Just as the others officer’s report was. #3. A first grade teacher use to call me stupid in front of the class, for failing a spelling test. I was only 6 years old! She attended my trial & said that I bit & hit other kids & tried to cut students with scissors as a child. When asked why there was no report. She stuttered & said that I did it in kindergarten, when I was 5 years old. My lawyers failed to object. That testimony should have not have been allowed, as she was NOT my teacher then. However the teacher that I had then, you guessed it!; Is coming forward that these events never took place. Thus teacher cared about me & when my home burnt down when I was 5 years old, she bought me clothes & ect. Thus showing that ONE school teacher they could get to testify against me. She lied!!!, all because my mother cussed her out for calling me stupid? #4. When I was going into the juvenile justice system there was other inmates that told me, that if a person had a bad gang & drug history they would go into a placement, instead of the much feared actual lock up facilities. The Texas juvenile system was rocked by scandals in recent years for staff physically & sexually assaulting the kids & allowing violence to exits in extreme forms. Thinking this myth to be true, I made up all kinds of stuff. I told people that I did all kinds of drugs, some of which that I have never even seen before! I made it seem that I would drink beer & do drugs every day. I also invented all kinds of gang activity from stuff I seen on TV. Even the gang I said I was a part of, I made up! (Now I did later join a gang, which I have since dropped out of & signed up with the G.R.A.D program. It is the Gang- Renounce- And – Disassociation program operated by the Texas prison system. Meaning I denounced all gang activity & walked away from it. ) The social historian that helped on my appeal, she even contacted the police in the other state I lived in, about it all. They informed her that they had never heard of the gang I made up. I told my trial lawyers, yet they ever presented it. All of this is being filed & will soon be presented on my site! Also there are people that follow my case that was around me in North Carolina. When I was not with my sister Christy, I was with my then girlfriend Randi. A simple fact as to why I did not drink beer all the time is that Randi did not want me to. Her father had a very bad drinking problem, so she was 100% against it. Now I did smoke some weed here & there, though I barely did that, as I have a very low tolerance to it. That was it! None the less, I will be able to show. Not just by friends & family that I made up all this stuff but by police agencies! Finally for once, the police are helping me! Ha ha! In short within the next month or two, all of this information will be posted. I will be completely destroying that states entire case against me, that I am a future danger. That there were NUMEROUS others that could have testified that knew me as a teenager, friend, boyfriend, student & ect. That was never called by my trial lawyers. When entering juvenile prison, everyone goes through the orientation unit. This is where an assessment is made on each person. They do sociological, psychological & criminal assessments to best determine placement of the youth, depending on the needs of that person that will determine their classification. Also, the past history which also determines the limited length of stay there. As, each person at the time was sentenced to his 21st birthday. Though, the juvenile system sets a MLOS which is minimum length of stay, UNLESS the person was actually sentenced by a judge or jury for a time specific sentence. Most plea bargain for the undetermined sentence, that the juvenile system then sets the MLOS for. It is during this process that I was told the myth of how to get to a placement. Placements were better as they were far less violent. The person could wear clothes from home instead of prison uniforms. After a period of time, could go home for the weekend. The other facilities were maximum security or minimum security facilities that, was worse then adult prisons, as they allow less privileges. This is when I made up all this stuff. Based on things I had seen in movies. Again these reports was not factual, police, psychologist & or court reports. It was just stuff I made up due to an incorrect belief into this myth that a bad gang & drug history helps get one to a placement. This myth turned out to be a bad reality. As instead of going to a comfortable placement I went to the worst maximum security unit for the juvenile prison system. It was these words that I made up, that the prosecutor decided to go after me for the death penalty. Had they actually bothered to investigate one bit, they would have seen it all to not be true. Though they did have struggles with my background investigation. As they couldn’t find teachers or prison guards to testify against me, beyond the lying 1st grade teacher. Which I can show lied. You know that other free world teacher they used against me? A woman that was an aide for the school. She testified that she seen me walking down the hallway with a wallet chain hooked to my belt loop. She claim s that she told me to put it away, as it wasn’t allowed. She testified that I then gave her a mean look. – If looks could kill – & then slammed the door. That’s it! I was so fucking horrible, mean psychopathic youth. That that was the worst they could get! Also to those that do not know. Prison slang for the outside of prison is calling it the ‘free world’. And I never wore wallet chains! Not my style So to answer an often unanswered question of what made the prosecution go after me, over the others. They simply read stuff I made up, out of a desire to not have to go to the much feared juvenile prisons unit. Which have been rocked with scandal after scandal for the extreme levels of violence. I told my trial lawyers this. Though they just brushed it off & said “The jury isn’t going to read all that paper work.” Guess what? Yeah, they read it! As I said before, I can completely destroy the state entire case. If I was such a horrible child, that they could only find THREE people to testify against me & I now can prove 100% that they lied! I actually still write my 5th grade teacher! Again, as is posted in the legal material on my site. I had two guards against me, 4 for me! I could have had many more! Other teachers have given affidavits that I was not a bad child, just really hyper & that they believe there was more problems in my home then was revealed. Another element that I find a bit of a relief in, it has been discovered that the state knew that the first victim was not killed for his car. They had to use that theme to make the crime a capital offence. This is the only way they can get a death penalty. I have always been very embarrassed by this idea that I would kill someone for a damn car! Murder is bad, but to kill someone for an object, or to rape a women. That is sickening! It shows the lowest view on life. I never proclaimed to be an angel, though I damn sure am NOT the demon they claim I am. And guess what? I can now PROOVE IT! J Just keep an eye on my site, saveaninnocentlife.com More & more evidence will be posted in the next month or two. My friend Renate & the journalist Jessica Villerius that made the film Code Red: Death Penalty. They got to see some of the new material before anyone else, due to the film being made & work being done on my website. I am having to rebuild the site, as a result many new things have not been posted. Plus it’s why I really haven’t been blogging. Though much is coming. Also I will be showing more of how the police DID NOT investigate the two crime scenes, one where the victim was shot at. As I said before, to this day NO police officer has went to the area. The state does not even dispute this! As they can not! There is NO police report on it at all! They only went to where the body was located. The victim was shot in a residential area in someone’s driveway! Blood & bullet casting was in the driveway. NO, I repeat NOT ONE police officer of any type went by the house! The store where the second victim was supposedly kidnapped at, I can also show that there was a booth in the parking lot, where the clerk would be facing the store where it supposedly happened at. NO POLICE officer questioned her from that night! There were numerous cars in the parking lot. If a guy ran up on another person with a gun in the middle of a parking lot, does anyone think that everyone would just ignore it?! Hell NO! More so in a very small town as it was. The police went by the scene 16 days later & only took two pictures of the store front! That is it, they never even got out of the car nor was any call for help made. The co-defendant said I done this act. However I can now show I was inside the store myself! The co-defendant also has been found to have bragged about details that only he could have known to 2 others. I feel energized. 10 years of battles are finally coming together. The way I feel actually. When you was in high school, was there ever that kid growing up, he was always faster than you? You could never beat him in a race. Though one summer you work out real hard! Push yourself that extra hour. Then the big day comes & the starter gun goes off. BANG! Everyone takes off. This guy that always beat you, he gets the early lead. You just know he is grinning, as he thinks he is going to win again. Slowly but surely you are catching up to him. Until you get to that fourth turn & when he looks at you, you see the look of shock as he sees your running right beside him. As you’re going down the final stretch, that feeling comes over you, as you start to pass him & see the finish line. That you are winning. That you WILL win! For the first time in 10 ½ years, that is how I feel! The prosecutors threw a party to celebrate getting me the death penalty. Soon, real soon it will be my turn to party! Veni, Vidi, Vici – I told you all, it’s a way of life for me! P.S those that have followed my case for years, they know when I have stood up & said that I can show something. Show it I do! Just keep the faith & keep your eyes on the site. I will be blogging every week again.

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