Loud and Clear: Case, Clarity, & etc.

Clinton Lee Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Case, Clarity, & etc.

Date: February 10, 2018


I was feeling all bad & trying to be understanding, which is why my last blogs were written as they were. I thought that Janet & Carlos were still married & because a bullet hit his testicle that maybe he couldn’t have kids or something. Turns out they have been separated for years. I don’t know, for some reason Janet seems to feel she cannot go on with her life until I am executed. Wow. She was not harmed directly thanks to me. I am aware of the indirect harm, however all the others involved are not facing execution. No one died and I guess he can still have kids, so why would a person attach themselves to a tragic event that has in turn generated a great deal of attention? Hmm. Why would someone do that?


It is always amazing to me at how people who have been in trouble with the law seem so quick to want to use the law to accomplish something. More amazing is wanting me to die because another guy shot her ex in the leg. The guy that was shot said in a statement, and in my trial that I did not even have a gun. Yet, this woman is online wanting me to be executed. Again, the others involved will be home soon, never went to prison, or have been released but came back to prison for other crimes. You know what, this seems like a story for Dr. Phil!


Yes indeed. See, before I became a changed man, I would have been more of an asshole. BUT, I am a changed man now! I have seen the light! I want to help people. So we need to go on Dr. Phil to help her work through this pain. It is so bad that she cannot go on with her life until I am executed. It has caused her to be arrested for deadly conduct & other charges which she states have been dismissed. Great, so was mine!

Only thing is, I was never even charged for that shooting case.


Being serious. If I can help anyone work through any pain that I caused directly or indirectly, be it through my actions or inactions, I am wanting to help. (Beyond being executed of course!)


Now I was thinking that people were trippin’ about what was currently filed by the prosecution, but no, instead it is some old ass opinion that I can & have disproved for the most part. I’m not even going to give this much more thought. As if someone is too much of a dumbass to not look at the date on the document, then your thoughts about me really do not matter.


My lawyers have filed their response by now to what the D.A filed. The prosecutors filing will be posted & alongside it will be my lawyers filing. The way the D.A lied is amazing to me. I can’t believe the prosecutor even wrote that I admitted to several people that I stole the truck. Now they do not say WHO those people are, as will see I did not. What was said is what I have said ALL ALONG! (I was inside the Brookshires grocery store, walked out & Page was in the truck. Told my ex & her dad that before being arrested.)

They really grasped for some straws in trying to distort the record. They attack Kemp and all the guys who gave statements for me saying that they are convicted felons. As a result of them being convicted felons, they cannot be trusted. Now seriously, let’s stop & think here.


Prosecutor: “These 4 guys should not be trusted because they have criminal records. They are nothing more than jailhouse informants and such testimony is unreliable.”

(Now let me footnote here. I think everyone in the anti-death penalty movement would read a prosecutor saying that line & have their jaw drop as prosecutors have executed guys with jailhouse snitch testimony. Many on death row behind such.)

Okay, let’s go over their witnesses: Page- 30 years kidnapping, Mark- 15 years kidnapping, Darnell- numerous drug charges, sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl twice while waiting on my trial as he remained free. Those charges were dropped too because she kept screaming at the nurse not to touch her. As a result, they couldn’t do the rape kit. Pat- 35 years aggravated burglary of habitation, Josh- same charges & etc, Pat also had long criminal history.

Well hell, I am starting to see a pattern here that ALL of the state’s witnesses were criminals.

So, if my witness is not reliable due to being a criminal, that must mean….?? They use a jailhouse informant statue against some of the guys in my appeal as they heard Page confess while in jail.

Hey, I am glad that Midland will never use jailhouse testimony. I have someone looking over current & past cases to see if they are using such witnesses. They cannot attack a person under jailhouse informant in my case & say they are unreliable & then turn around and use the very same to deprive people of life and/or liberty in another case.

Now, yes, jailhouse informants for the PROSECUTORS are unreliable as a prosecutor has the power to send people to prison or not. A jailhouse snitch will fake knowing about a case to get time off or beat a charge. They do not go AGAINST the prosecutors as they fear being punished for it like the ones in my case were threatened several times. The prosecutors used their power to intimidate witnesses in my case over & over again. However, the jailhouse informant laws do not apply to those that give information to the defense, as there is no reward.

Also, the burden is on the state.

To other matters..

When it comes to their expert; again, it is only about vague possibilities. As I know damn well there is not an expert worth their salt in the USA that will go against Richard Ernest & The Paleniks. More so when they are mainly law enforcement experts.

They work for the police!


Anyways, on to other matters.


They executed Rayford, Shore, Cardenas & Battaglia since I got a stay. Played chess & etc with Shore, though I did not care for him much beyond that. Now ol’ Rayford, I started to like him. He walked off the unit to be executed using a walker! I cannot see the sidewalk, I wish the media could have captured that image. This damn near 70 year old man walking towards his execution with a walker. Yeah, they wouldn’t want that image shown.

Rayford was a big Cowboys fan (Dallas Cowboys are an NFL team in Texas). During more spirited times while on death watch, Robert & Rayford would get to going back and forth about NFL football. Robert would start slapping the door yelling, “You wanna fight? You wanna fight?” and Rayford would yell back “yeah I wanna fight!”

During the last few months from time to time as I laid in the cell or paced the floor in the evening times I would hear the silence broken with “Lookout Loki!!! You wanna fight!?” As Rayford yelled over to me. HaHa! JOh no the fight saying started over the Mayweather/McGregor boxing match! Me & Robert were saying Mayweather was going to get his ass beat and Rayford would go on about how crazy we were. Then Robert yelled out the “you wanna fight?!” It kind of became another saying…one that has now faded away with two executions.


Death watch is A-pod – A-section. I am in A- pod C-section so it is not hard to see or hear each other throughout the day. More so when at rec. These situations are bad all the way around. Rayford never said he was innocent. People were hurt by the death he caused, people were hurt by the death the state caused. The common theme is hurt, something that human beings have excelled at, hurting each other.


John Battaglia. Long Sigh. Where to start? He went by Batman. A play off Battaglia, not his altruistic super hero ways. He didn’t make many friends, I used to go to rec outside with him all the time to discuss philosophy & history. If he was anything, he was educated! I don’t know if it is that I have an old soul or that I’m just out of place with the culture commonly associated with my socioeconomic status but I have always enjoyed the idea of sitting around drinking whichever beverage & discussing the history and/or ways of mankind. Such would be more common in a French Café than in Northeast Texas. I got along with Batman good enough. The reason he was here always bothered me. For years I wouldn’t even talk to people with such a case. In my dealings with Batman, he had some mental issues. It was hard to keep him from going back to the ‘Dallas Texas lesbian KKK member coalition that was out to get him.’ Never mind the fact that the KKK is not supposed to like lesbians. To him it all made sense. Who knows, there has been stranger things in this world. He was smart and had been wealthy. Though mental illness became the driving factor to a horrible ending. The other victim that was never talked about was his other daughter. He would tell me about her. I would walk around the rec yard listening to him, thinking about how this girl has to be lost in some kind of darkness. Her father killed her sisters & then constantly degrades her mother. Now her father is dead. Death truly is a survivor’s affair. L

The reasons people hurt each other, the way they hurt each other. It is crazy. I just hope she can find love & peace that offers stability. If not, it will be a hard road for her.


Cardenas went by Scooby. He and I had lived around each other many times. We always ended up around each other. For the longest time he was in a cell next to me. I was between him & Harvey Earvin, whom is a friend of mine. We all got along great. Scooby and I would always cook tacos & such that we make with commissary items. He is one of the reasons why I don’t like knowing why people are here. We would talk every day, make food with each other. We are not supposed to pass stuff but we find ways & do it. Him, Harvey and I would talk & joke every day.

Then I saw an article in the newspaper and was all “damn it!” He swore up and down that he didn’t do it. The police beat him up and he signed a statement, which that area of the state is known for that in the 90’s. Around that time period I told myself that if I am innocent then others could be too. Don’t put stock in what the system says, was not my place. So we stayed cool & talking. I meant to write something about him after his execution. Scooby was an easy going guy in here. He was quiet. When I first met him, I moved into a cell next to him. It was in my wilder days. His kidneys had messed up so he was on a low protein diet. He couldn’t get peanut butter. During lockdown we get peanut butter sandwiches with each meal damn near. He was trying to tell the officers but they would not pay attention or fix it. He mentioned to me that I could have them if I wanted. I just at first thought he didn’t like them but when he explained it to me, I told him “hey these laws gonna give you what you’re supposed to have. When they pass out the sack, tell them about it. I will do the rest.” Sure enough, the officer gave some bullshit “that’s what they sent” generic, not gonna help answer. They opened the slot on my door to give me mine and I stuck my arm out of the slot, started to slap the slot door yelling “yall got life fucked up tellin’ that man he gots to eat something he can’t eat! I’m making it my business!” Amazingly their attitude towards me was 100% different. For the remaining time of that lockdown he no longer had that problem. After they gave him the proper food, he told me “Thank You.” I noticed that after living next to me for a while he had a bit more fore in him JHa.

I really wish they would have allowed him a chance to do all the forensic testing in his case. His lawyers fought hard for him. Scooby & Rayford surely was not what the system would label as a threat. TDCJ would not treat them as personally dangerous. There are guys serving life for 4 or 5 murders on this unit that get to walk around like everyone else. Their county or city just didn’t have the funds to send them to death row.


The case about the death penalty is still before the Supreme Court. It is telling that they did not dismiss it yet. They are still discussing it. Most times if a case is going to be dismissed, they do not conference on it so much. Although, we cannot get our hopes up just yet. Will find out by February 16thwhat their next course of action will be.


Alrighty then. Thanks to all that help out.

Hopefully everything evens out soon.

Take Care, Smile, and Strive for all that you desire.


In Solidarity I Remain,

Veni Vidi Vici


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