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Topic: Addition

Date: February 4, 2018


I sent the previous blog before receiving the copy of my lawyer’s response the next day. My lawyers sent me the prosecutors filing, minus the various exhibits.

As a result, I did not know the prosecutor did obtain an expert, if you want to call it that.

Now, I do not say that A. Koettel is not an expert, though the statement only deals with what is possible, not what is fact.

It is an attempt to provide a distraction.

The state failed to even mention by ballistic expert, which they damn sure are not going to get A. Koettel to discredit or attack my ballistic expert.

I do not even need to get into the science. The simple fact that the ballistic report was written by Richard Ernes. Koettel works for Tarrant County medical examiner’s office. They do a great deal of work in forensics.

Though one thing I know is no one in the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office is going to speak against Richard Ernest. Being that he is one of the best there is when it comes to gun science. He has worked often with Tarrant County. As I wrote before, when the Branch Davidian Waco standoff happened (there is a T.V series out now about this event.) ATF agents were shot. The feds needed the fastest and most accurate to go over everything. They brought in Richard Ernest. The Best! So a funny thing I noticed in the state’s response was they make no mention at all of Mr. Ernest and his report. Hmm.

What is most telling about the prosecutor’s expert is what is NOT mentioned. The expert said as much that could be said without committing perjury or looking like a damn fool. Dr. Palenik, whom is my expert, works with the elites. He is the elite in his field. I have the best of the best.

Then the D.A used pictures from an Army training manual without proper judicial notice argument. So, it is basically hearsay and worthless in court.

But hey, give them an E for effort.

They also made arguments about different stuff they know is false. My lawyers will be responding ASAP.

I will put up lawyers filings, states response and then my lawyers response.

This way people can see how we detail facts to support our position and also how much the D.A distorts testimony and the record. I think they did it for, well, to try to reduce support for me.

As really it makes no damn sense at all for the D.A to file such bullshit documents that are baseless and gross distortions of the record. (The Judge will see this. My lawyers will point this out.)

It reduces their own credibility with court and public.

If I was the Petrey family, I would be highly offended. They have no desire to show the truth.

Page admitted to kidnapping Samuel. That then gives him motive to Kill Sam so as to cover up his actions.

The reality is that Sam was not even kidnapped or under duress while in Midland.

It will come out.

To those that have stood with me, as I have said before, you will be validated.


Though, I was hopeful the prosecutor would agree to something that allows us to resolve this in the best interest for all. After all, the prosecutor had unethical communication with the prior Judge and also with-held evidence while an appeal was pending and I was under threat of execution.

I am having all the Bar Association rules and etc. sent to me. Plus, I will be reaching out to various firms in Amsterdam that have offices in the U.S that specialize in civil law. I wanted to resolve this as easy as possible, though it seems I will not be able to.


So be it.


They also brought Page back to Midland, appointed him a lawyer and then turned around and interviewed him without his lawyer! Again, illegal and unethical act!

They filed things in their response that are completely false!

They are so obsessed with getting a death under their belt that they ignore their own ethical obligations. Their oath taken. The fuckin’ law! They ignore it all!

The fight goes on.


When it comes to helping, please keep in mind that for future legal expenses the funds go to the foundation. If you want to help with stamps, etc, here then you can send to paypalusa@saveaninnocentlife.comwhich is also where funds go for the letter/emailing mailing. It helps cover cost of printing and mailing to me. Plus, if I need funds for commissary or whatever it can be sent to me.


Alrighty, will be back in some days. Take Care. Thanks for the love and support from those that give it.

For those that hate me and stand against me, you motivate me. You encourage me to fight harder. Thank you. I feel more alive and think clearer while dancing in the flames.


Veni, Vidi, Vici.


In Solidarity,


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