Loud and Clear: A New Year w/ New Lies

Clinton Young – Loud & Clear

Date: February 1, 2018

Topic: A New Year w/ New Lies


I have been silent thus far for 2018 as I was waiting….Waiting on the State to respond; and they did Jhahaha.

Lord have mercy.

Here is the deal: While I had an execution date, they met with a co-defendant and they taped the interview. In doing so he admitted to kidnapping Samuel for the first time & also holding the gun. The D.A kept this from my lawyers while my appeal was pending. So while I was waiting to be executed, they had the very evidence that showed my claim to be true: that he lied at my trial. Yet, they hid this from us until after my stay.

This is against the law.

Just like they lied about deals, they with-held the information given by lab experts before my trial about the gun being empty before getting to Midland.

I can go on & on. I really do not know what they had in mind by doing what they did in their response.

They just openly lied. Lies that I can easily disprove. Like in one part they say about DNA on the gloves & try to act as if I wore the gloves.

This is so bullshit! On the tip on the side of the OUTSIDE of Page’s gloves, on one small spot on the OUTSIDE, again, OUTSIDE of the glove there was a DNA “mixture” of several people. Again, a MIXTURE of several people. They say I am one of them. Okay, this has NO value at all. NONE!

It could be from Page grabbing a sprite bottle I drank out of, which is exactly where it came from. He picked it up to throw away. I guess the D.A wanted to go to such far reaching extremes to attempt to convince the Judge to not hold a hearing. But, by them saying something so untrue, it makes the hearing all the more needed!

Then, they admit they with-held the evidence about Page’s admissions while I had an execution date.

They try to explain the gloves away 4 different ways. They try so many different arguments it confused me!

How can I defend against fantasy? Easy. They have NO EXPERT! The D.A just writing some bullshit & taking stuff from Wikipedia is not allowed in court. Where is their expert? Why can’t they get an expert?

I got some of the best experts in the world. Microtrace works for the Department of Justice. That is why!

You all know who The Department of Justice is over in the U.S? FBI, ATF, DEA. The top ranked law enforcement agencies in the world.

My lawyers get to respond. They will be responding soon. We are going over it all now,but I cannot say everything I want to.

Though when I was reading some parts of what the D.A wrote I started to laugh out loud & jump up & down in the cell. Jhahaha

They went to some real extremes & stretched some things way beyond what I ever thought they would.

Then they try to attack my witnesses, though they ignore how they intimidated them, which Kemp details in the film “Deal with Death.” Also, other stuff was NOT in their handwriting. It was something written up by a D.A investigator.

Then half of it is not even about my case. They go on & write on & on & on about 2 cases that are not even mine, as if trying to link it or something. I do not know what the hell they were doing. Though really, one part made me laugh as it will help me with a side issue.

It is really sad to me reading over it. As these are people who are supposed to be the defenders of the law, to make this abstract concept to be conformed to a fair & just foundation that our society operates from.

That a prosecutor will with-hold evidence & do it so easily they openly admit in the filing they did it.

They say we could not have had the evidence that Page admitted to them because they didn’t give it to us. WOW!

They so easily & openly admit they broke the law. They violated my rights of due process under the law. They with-held the very evidence that would have granted me a stay of execution as it proved my claim.

People, please understand that had I been executed, the evidence would have faded away.

Had the appeals court rejected all my appeals, they would have done so because they did not know this evidence existed.

Then to even write the words that make it seem as if I wore the gloves. I got the damn DNA report from the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab. The crime lab for law enforcement in Texas! The D.A’s own expert! So, again, it is clear as day they are lying! I can prove it with experts that testified for the D.A!!! (D.A means District Attorney, The Prosecutor)

Thankfully I have very smart lawyers on my case and many others helping out & they love me & fight so hard for me.

(What is so scary is, what if I didn’t? If you read the state’s arguments in Anthony Graves case & court rulings, you would think he is guilty as can be. Yet, today he is free.)

They try to link a print from another case to me. Again, experts have discredited this. I mean, it seems that the prosecutor is so accustomed to lawyers not fighting back in the small town legal arena. Yo’ I got a whole tribe of lawyers fighting for me!

Several that hang back in the shadows.


They even say I admitted to several witnesses that I stole the truck. I wonder who these phantom people are as no such thing happened. NO ONE SAID THAT BULLSHIT!

What the witness said is what I have said all along.

“I came out the store & Page was in the truck.” They would know this had they actually investigated the store where Samuel was kidnapped. This is fact!


They just passed out mail & my sister was saying some are saying bad things about me. Maybe it is from what the D.A filed. Okay, look: For anyone that supports me, do not get upset or argue with anyone. It is pointless. My fight is not over.

My lawyers get to respond to what the D.A filed, and respond they will!!

Though the difference is, my lawyers will have facts. From the prosecutors own experts and also other experts that work for law enforcement.

There is some stuff I want to write about but now is not the time. I have always said to everyone to give me a chance. Each time I am given a chance, I have been proven true. My fight is not over yet.

Now, to be clear, none of this is funny with case. There is just a side issue that made me laugh, as they helped me be able to prove something.

The sad thing is that 2 people died & they do not want to admit that people of power would abuse it so badly.

I worry about those with mental illness & bad lawyers. I really do. The system fails people so much. Look at Carlos De’Luna, Todd Willingham, and on and on. The fight goes on. My lawyers will file their response soon.


Let me get to another topic.

For a long time the wife of a shooting victim has lashed out at me & expressed her desire for me to die.

Her husband was shot in the leg. He is alive. Yet, she wants me to die. Again, he is not dead. Also, I was never charged, indicted, or such for the shooting. Not at all. No charges or anything were filed against me in the case, nor can any due to statute of limitations. Though the victim testified in my trial during punishment, I did not know this man. I held no ill though for him. A guy I also did not know had someone attack him. They wanted to go at night, there is a reason they did not. I stopped them. See, this guys wife was pregnant. So, if Pat & Josh would have went over there at night, they expressed about shooting them. I protested. It is like this, Josh & Pat show up at Hippies, a guy we all knew, Dano, who is my half brother, is sitting on the couch. Pat is going through bags of stuff he had. Him and Josh discuss some Mexican guy. Dano made a remark about passing a blunt, which is a marijuana cigar. Pat took offense and pulled a gun out asking Josh if he needs to shoot anyone. Pat is someone that is to be taken seriously. Dano is my brother so I pulled out a gun that Hippie kept in the kitchen drawer. I dropped it on the counter so the thud could be heard. I leaned forward and said “Hey Pat, chill out. No one’s trippin, put the heat up.” He looks at me and says “No one’s trippin?” I say “No.” He puts the gun away.

They then go back to talking about this Mexican guy. Josh mentions his wife, Pat then brings up the fact that sometime prior he was hanging out when a half ounce of meth, automatic assault rifle and 2 other guns was discovered by the police. Pat & another guy went to jail. I was on parole and didn’t. Pat hinted about this. So I point out he admitted was his guns and it was other guys car. What was he getting at? He backed up some on the topic and then said “I’m not saying you done anything fucked up, I just ya know, need to know if you gonna have my back?” Okay. I express that if someone gets foul with him, yeah I had his back. Him and Josh get back to talking and Josh asks about what to do about the wife. Pat says “fuck it, shoot her.”

Now, I don’t know if he would have, I think he was just talking noise to uphold a ruthless image. I came around the counter yelling “Oh fuck no! Hell no! I ain’t down with any pregnant chick getting shot.” I looked at Pat at told him “Homie, It aint going down like that.”

He backed off from it. After that element of the topic, I said “Only way I would go is if no guns are involved.” Okay Debbie testified to this! She was sitting next to Dano. I can name a couple of others who know if this situation. The reason why the events unfolded during the day time is because the Mexican guy, his name is Carols, I called him “Mexican guy” as that is how they kept saying. I was not trying to not dignify him by avoiding the use of his name. I detailed it as the vents was unfolding.

Again, I did not know the man. Well, the events happened during the daytime as his wife was known to be at work. This was, she would not be hurt.

The bottom line is this: Carlos was shot. He should not have been shot.

People justified it by claiming he was a drug dealer, that he was associated with someone else that was not liked. That is what I was told. None of that matters. The shit we all was into was wrong. I am ashamed of many of the things I done in my life. I have hurt people. I have brought shame to my family. I was not there for my baby sister as she grew up. I was not there to help my mother when she needed me. I am truly sorry for any role be it directly or indirectly I have played in hurting anyone.

I am not the same person I once was. No one owes me anything. If anything wishes to hate me for anything, they will get no protest from e.

I never really discuss anything but the murders, as that is the only crime I am on death row for.

Nothing else is key in my conviction.

When I had my execution date, Carlos actually had contacted TDCJ or someone about meeting with me. I wanted to meet with him. As a man, I believe firmly in allowing a man to have his word said. My lawyers blocked it, NOT ME!

I did not shoot the man. Pat lied on me as did Josh. Josh admitted why he lied! Pat told my lawyers he, in short, wanted me to be executed as he told the police information on me & he felt I would retaliate and also his brother held a gun to my head and he knew I was not real happy about that. So because Pat can’t kill me himself, he wants to have the state do it.  He has admitted stuff to my lawyers also though.


Again, I am not making any excuses. I associated with people and lived a life style that ran counter to civilized society.

I have spent 14 years on death row. Locked up on this case 16+ years.

I have sat in a cell for over 16 years.

Had friends die, life has passed me by.

What cost am I supposed to pay?

I can disprove all the dumb shit the D.A filed recently.

Lets take the murders away, lets pretend murders never happened but everything prior to them did.

What cost am I to pay?

Am I to be executed for Carlos getting shot? He did not die. I did not want him to die. I did not want him hurt. He is alive. Pat lied and said I said something about killing the guy. That is bullshit. Another that was there, Krystal, she admitted that I said nothing. That actually I got in the car & was quiet and that Pat was the one that kept going on and on.

Josh has admitted he said the things he did, because of lies the D.A’s investigator told him.


I was no angel in life. I regret the bad choices I have made. I have suffered in many ways as a result of the bad choices, though others have been impacted worse.

I seek no sympathy or pitty.

I hope that one day those that I have hurt directly or indirectly can find it in their heart to forgive me. If they don’t, they will get no blame from me.


To those that wish to turn against me due to some lies told by a prosecutor, Okay.

It is cool. You know why?

Because when my lawyers respond and outline the facts, people will see how prosecutors lie!

Many times a court opinion that is detailed as a finding of fact is simply the Judge signs off on what the D.A files. There is actually a University of Texas Law review study about this fact. That in Harris county (Houston Texas) the Judges adopted 100% of the Harris county prosecutors filings, word for word, in 96% of the capital post conviction orders. In the other 4% the Judge changed some things in the wordings. They didn’t just sign on the dotted line what the D.A filed. This study was published in the case of Anthony Medina. It just shown how hard it is as the Judges generally just sign off on what prosecutors do. Why? Because most Judges are former prosecutors from the very same offices. They protect each other. It happens all over Texas!

Every person freed from death row had bad filings against them in state court. Ernest Willis, Anthony Graves, and hundreds of others. Yet, the courts never punish the prosecutors!

It happens all over! Hey, the fight goes on.


Anywho, my focus is my plans to help others. Am still working on the outline of that.


To those that maintain faith in me, your faith will be affirmed soon enough.


Will be back to blogging now.


Sticking to my previous messages.

Love is Freedom.

Do something today to make tomorrow a better day.

Until next time,

Take Care, Smile & Strive for all that you desire.


Veni, Vidi, Vici

In Solidarity,

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