Loud and Clear: Jpays/Complaint

Clinton Young Loud & Clear

Topic: Jpays/Complaint

Date: February 23, 2018


Alrighty then, I have several issues to get to, though this one will be about Jpays & the way to complain.

These are the ONLY Jpays I have gotten. If your initials are not listed with a date then I did not get it.

If you sent one & I did not get it then I need you to file a complaint with tdcj.gov/ombudsman. That is the complaint department with TDCJ. File that I posted notice of Jpays that I received and that is how you know that I did not receive it. When you file the complaint, include your name, letter ID# and date the Jpay was sent. Add in that you paid for service that was not provided.

I received the following:

Feb. 1st– J.D.B #8

Feb. 2nd-6thI got nothing

Feb. 7th– C.N

Feb. 8th– C.N, M.M.E

Feb. 9th-11thNothing

Feb. 12th– E.E

Feb. 13th– M.D.V

Feb. 14th– J.T, C.F #7

Feb. 15th– Nothing

Feb. 16th– R.B, A.S.R, C.D.R

Feb. 18th– C.J

Feb. 19th– Nothing

Feb. 20th– N.W, J.D, M.M.E

Those are the ones I have as of Feb. 23rd2018. I did not list Merel as I know I got all of hers.

Nancy W., I did not get the jpay from January. Meike, Haven’t gotten anything from you since December 24th. Eva K., I got #60 from you. Heather L., I wrote you back thanking you, did you get it? Alice I got one from you in February and have responded.

That is that. Jorunn I got the print outs from December 14ththat you mailed beginning of January with pictures.

Ah, got one jpay transfer funds notice from M. W at the beginning of last month.

Alrighty then, I know that many sent me cards and such. As Merel had expressed, I would send a card back to students & etc. I cannot work so I have to depend on others. To order cards I have to do it from my inmate trust fund account with approved vendor. People cannot just send me an order, I have to do it with approval from these people. Also I have to buy stamps from the prison. I did not have the funds I expected to have, as a result I could not order the cards previously.

When people tell me they will do something, it is stuff like this why it is important that they do it. More so since I think they will do it. I don’t ask another to help, which I don’t like asking as it is, then I end up with just .29 cents in my inmate trust fund account as I do now. Inmate trust fund is controlled by TDCJ and funded by deposits. I should be getting some that will help cover, etc. Though due to order time, etc., this will be another 3-5 weeks before I can get them sent.

I do not get upset with anyone for what they are unable to do. It is when I am told something will be done and it isn’t that is problematic. As then I cannot do what I am supposed to do. Like I damn sure would not have been getting graphic novels or food stuff had I known I would be in this situation. Now, it is part my fault as I don’t really say anything. There is surely plently that would help as do with foundation donations. I have never really liked asking people for stuff, as I have gotten older the desire has faded even more.

To those that donate & such, Thank You. I know some just do not understand the difference in accounts due to not knowing about prisons really. I detail all this, so as to explain why I haven’t sent “Thank You” cards as Merel indicated I would. I did not previously inform Merel of the problem so she didn’t know.

Though, when it comes to doing stuff, that applies to anything. No one should be faulted, at least not by me, for their limitations. Anywho, it will sort out.

I should have done better at explaining things and sorting everything. I don’t ask sisters & mom because it costs $60-$80 for travel, etc. for each visit, each trip. (Incase such crossed anyones minds)

Alrighty, to other topics.

People ask about the case and updates.

The State filed their web of lies. My lawyers chopped that up. The State then filed their response to that, which is unheard of. We then filed something pointing out some stuff. Everything that was due to be filed, PLUS some, has been. We now wait on the Judge to decide if there will be a hearing and then if so, scope of the hearing. Once the Judge determines this, if a hearing is to take place, then the parties involved will sort out schedules for the best time to have the hearing. Basically just waiting right now. Should know something soon, like 30 days or so. The system does not move fast. Plus, we do not know Judges schedule. He is NOT from Midland, which is a good thing. As for prosecutors- When I express that they never fail to amaze me, they then go & amaze me!

I’m not going to get into the newest filings at this time. Though they have argued from so many different angles, I really cannot say what they are claiming. I am serious. These pages say this, them pages say that. I do know that a court would never accept defense lawyers doing as the prosecutors have. If the system was fair then the court would reject their filings and I would win on merits and being unopposed properly. But, the fight goes on. Who knows. The Judge will say something soon. Then I will let everyone know what’s up.

Thanks for those that spread the word. I am still working towards getting some other music projects going. Mainly my country song that I wrote, which has been the one I have really wanted to produce. Got lots on my mind.

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