Loud and Clear: Bad Anniversary

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear

Topic: Bad Anniversary

Date: November 19, 2017


A few days from writing this will mark the 16th year into this tragedy. The 23rd is Thanksgiving. (A major U.S Holiday) Being that the events of this case took place around the holidays, it does cast a shadow over the season. It impacts all the families. Thanksgiving is about taking a step back and reflecting on what a person is thankful for. I am blessed that I am alive and have the love of so many.


One element of my personal philosophy is that life must be balanced. When one is taken from life, then you need to give back. It is from this thinking that I developed an idea. My plan is to develop a charity.  With the access to certain people that I have, my belief is that it will be easy to get going. The goal being that funds will go to young girls who want to reach educational goals for the purpose of making the world a better place to live. There is someone who writes to me that could help me sort out the details. I am not sure if she wants to publically mention her name but the bottom line is I am going to do this. What I need help with is to be able to communicate with someone that manages/owns a printing or card company. I think it is a safe bet that my best chance will be on from The Netherlands, although it can be from anywhere. I want to communicate with such a person to discuss an idea I have. I am also in the process of talking to some about publishing my book. What I will not do is publish it purely for profit. It just didn’t feel right. An interesting bit is that Robert had his posted for free; though with the various projects I have in mind the book would help with that.


I can take the struggles I have had in life and use it to ease the struggles of others. The reason I want to start a charity for young girls is because the most important people in my life have been women. The people I am closest to are all women. The sector of life that has helped me the most is clearly women. Plus, education strengthens a person.


Many are denied the greatest gift that humans can give or receive. That is Love. Many people are forced to marry for money, social status, and other limited options in life. Those that have followed my writings over the years and/or written to me, know that this is something I have always been sympathetic to. Now that I have the ability to make a difference, I will make a difference.

On to another topic – Writing people here. I have long said that I will not write to anyone that writes to another person here, unless it is one of the few select that I have faith in. However, after some thought, I understand that position goes against my other governing philosophy of allowing a person to be free to be free. As I also believe in balance, I came to this conclusion: I am going to start a pen pal section on my website. It will have profiles for people here that I know will honor the two rules I do have when it comes to getting someone to write a person here. #1 is no scams or bullshit. #2 is never give a person’s address out unless they give their permission. To keep it simple, we are not all the same here. Many change their ways, many do not. There have been some here that would have the people’s information sent to them and then pick out the best pen pal for themselves and pass other ones on to other guys. That is some bullshit! The profiles will be posted on my site and if someone feels a need to write one of them, so be it. It is up to the person. Now, I am not going to accept some random people that I do not know on there. The fact that I do not put a person on it is not an indictment on them.

One thing I will not budge on is if someone writes to someone here with even the slightest hint of drama or bullshit of any kind, I will end all contact. I have too much positive stuff going on, my loved ones are working too hard to have to entertain some dumb shit. Some morons here think they can build themselves up by trying to tear someone else down. That line of thinking is why they are here in the first place. It is also why many here will not write to people who write others here. If people would put their energy into legit production, they would be a great deal more advanced in life, versus investing in dumbass plots.

Anyways, in a couple weeks everything will be set up on my site. I decided to do this after two guys on the section with me got letters from people that wrote to me. Both are actually people I am cool with and will be listed on my site! They are people here I associate with so when they see a Netherlands address, they ask me if I know the person. J ha.

I am also going to use that sector of my site as a way to highlight various projects I am working on with others here; be it art exhibits, writing a play, etc. There are some very talented people here and I want to help highlight a different side of the people here other than their cases. Some are innocent, some are not, but all are different men today then who they were when they were first locked up. That has to count for something!


I ask for people to still continue to share videos, download the music available on my site and spread the word. The fight is NOT over with yet! There are others that write to me and as I get to know them and feel they will focus on more than self-gain, I will promote them also.


I am going to make the most of each day while I am alive.


I thank everyone that has donated, every bit helps. Thank you for spreading the word as each new person makes me stronger.


Also, supposedly there is a case before the U.S Supreme Court about the death penalty being unconstitutional. If the USSC ruled such, it would end the death penalty. The case will be decided BEFORE June 2018. It takes 4 Supreme Court justices to hear a case and 5 to win. There are 9 on the court. Justice Scalia said before he died that he saw the death penalty ending within a couple of years. So few states kill, and even in those states there are only a few prosecutors that send people to death row. Therefore, it has no purpose and is unusual. If a punishment is unusual or cruel, then it is a violation of the 8th Amendment of the U.S Constitution. I’m just saying that you never know…..


Alrighty then, I shall be back soon. Take care, smile and strive for all that you desire.


Learn, Love, Live

Veni, Vidi, Vici.


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