Loud and Clear: Corrections and Updates

Clinton Young – Loud and Clear

Date: November 28, 2017

Topic: Corrections and Updates


This will be short and to the point. Another blog will be following in a few days.


  1. I mistakenly thought the U.S Supreme Court had accepted a case out of Arizona to hear about the death penalty. I misunderstood what was said on a program called The Prison Show, which airs on a local radio station from Houston. KPFT. The radio reception is not very good in this cell so I didn’t catch it properly. Danielle & Ms. Linda do a good job trying to keep us updated on new cases, rulings, etc. Myself along with many others here are very grateful that they do this. Many guys here have found out about their appeals being denied from the radio station, as their lawyers didn’t even bother writing them. As a result, this volunteer service that these women help with is a good deed. Danielle sent me some paper work on it all. After looking over it, I realized it was set for conference not granted to review. There are 2 questions before the court in Hidalgo V. Arizona, one being the death penalty for that state and the other being death overall. Most likely the USSC will hear about Arizona’s death penalty laws. They CAN take on the death penalty as a whole, it is possible to get 4 to agree to hear it especially if enough media attention is given. However, the way the high court works when it comes to criminal matters is that they rarely issue all out rulings striking down a punishment nationwide. They can though, so we shall see if they hear it. If the court grants cert. (agrees to hear it) the question about the death penalty overall, I would bet money it would be ending. If they only hear about Arizona’s specific laws, it is just one more step. To my forgotten readers, each state in the U.S is like its own country when it comes to criminal laws. In one state a gram of weed is a fine, in another state it is 5 years! Then there are the federal laws. It is why lawyers make so much money! So many damn laws!
  2. The Judge in my case requested to be removed from my case. This was done either because he recognized there was a world of shit that he wanted no part of and his ethics, oath, and Christian values he professes to adhere to all got to him. Or, someone actually thought it would be best for him to step down as him staying on the case could actually help me due to unethical actions between him and the prosecutors in 2010 & 2017 (which clearly display a pattern). So maybe he was advised to step down so that him being on my case wouldn’t help me, or so they think. Or maybe he just wanted to go fishing! I would wager on the 2nd reason though. Hmmm… J


Alrighty then, gonna wrap this up. I will be back in a couple of days. Thanks for all the help. Keep spreading the word & sharing the films, etc. One little video has over 1.6 million. Lets see if it can get to 3 million.

Take care. Smile. Strive for all that you desire.

Learn. Love. Live.

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