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Date: November 12, 2017
The days tick by, the fight goes on.
Thanks for all that continue to spread the word about me and to help. Just because I got a stay does not mean I am safe. Keep in mind, Robert had 6 different execution dates. I have been writing like crazy the past couple of weeks, so I’ve just been getting caught up on all that. Also, I did not win a new trial, I won a new appeal (for a rare second time).
Channel 7 from Midland did a news spot on me and when asked what shows that I am innocent, I am told that the interview that aired it seems as if I just say that I didn’t get a fair trial. Hmm.. I guess maybe they had to edit it for time purposes?! I believe what I said was that the best experts in the world for the forensic fields pertaining to my case, say I am innocent. I didn’t say it in exactly those words, I think I said it as “the best experts in the world, all the forensics clear me…” From what I have been told, the interview was not bad, considering it was the media from the town I was convicted in. It is rare that small town media goes after prosecutors as they would in, say, Dallas or Houston. So I really did not expect that to happen. What really amazed me is that the Sheriff said that he has never been more proud of Midland then when they gave me the death penalty. Wow! The jury that gave me death is not even proud of what they did. Two of them, including the foreman of the jury, have given statements to my lawyers. This same jury also complained about the sloppy work done in my case. It is well documented at how the Midland County Sheriff’s office lost evidence, destroyed evidence and failed to properly test other evidence. Look, just please go to www.saveclintyoung.com and read my filings. My lawyers document it very well. My jury today is not even all convinced of my guilt, which happens when someone is INNOCENT! Maybe the Sheriff does not know Page bragged to 6 people that he committed the murder and that the best experts in gunshot residue and ballistics say that I could not have been the killer.
I wonder why Spencer doesn’t work for Midland County Sheriff’s office anymore? Hmm.. I really do not want to have to fight with the Sheriff’s office. I’ve got enough chaos dealing with prosecutors! The Sheriff is just not aware of the new developments and such. To people from Midland that are new to looking up my case, watch the films done on my case and read everything at www.saveclintyoung.com (Even more so if you have had a loved one get railroaded by the Midland injustice system.)I also want to point out to people that this is the 2nd new appeal I’ve won. Which is rare in Texas…maybe it is because people have concerns about my case.
Anywho, to people that are new to reading my blogs, I do not script these blogs. I just sit down and write. As the words come they hit the paper, which is why I might cover several topics in one blog.
In regards to my last blog, I wrote about being dangerous, as I had been speaking to a guy here that was at the same juvenile prison as me and I made a comment about how we used to beat the hell out of each other for the stupidest reasons. Not Him and I, but all of us there. I mentioned prisons being a threat to public safety, the juvenile prisons are. Point in example, the unit where I was, there are 5 buildings: 1, 2 a/b, 3 a/b, 4 a/b/c/d & 5 a/b/c/d. From 4B, 4D, 5A and 5C (they hold 24 people each) and in a 3 year span, 5 people have come to death row. A 6th would have but the victim survived. A 7th was able to plea out to 3 capital life sentences and 2 others got life for murders (plus another that was involved in a murder but snitched his way out.) The 6th survived a gunshot wound to the head! So it could have been 7 people on death row from just those 4 dorms. Four of these people were on the same dorm as me! These are just the ones I know about. Now, does that not seem like a public safety threat? A culture of violence that was so bad that officers who worked with adults in TDCJ were scared to work there. Guess which unit in all of the system was easiest to go home from? Yep. The same one I was at.
A study showed that 72% of people locked up there would re-offend. I guarantee 60% of that number was just from the 4 dorms I listed above. I wrote about prison as it bothered me so much. I was thinking about how one could become so numb to violence. 
Not that I was “dangerous”. I did enough to control my environment as best I could, though I never saw myself as being dangerous because I care. I know some dangerous people. They all have a common thread, they don’t care about themselves, much less anyone else. This topic came up as they have reconfigured a cell here for a guy that is going to trial for beating a guard to death. He is at Telford unit. The story should be in the news, it happened at a prison in New Boston, TX. They are seeking the death penalty. You see, I have never focused on harming anyone else. My focus has only been to make sure I was not harmed. That I could control my environment, meaning my space! I should have been more clear about that and explained the time frames. In prison environments, the people that are seen as willing to cause trouble tend to be treated better than those that never get in trouble. The guards/prisoners will poke at the person that will not fight back. That concept is what causes prisons in the U.S to create a culture of violence. It was heavy on my heart as it impacts so many people. Now and later. It doesn’t have to be that way. In Europe they do not have these problems and people actually learn and improve in prison. Yet, here in the U.S, we use these labels and complain about spending money and the person gets out and commit even worse crimes! More so, when a prisoner is released and cannot get a good job since they have been classified as a second hand citizen because they were convicted of a crime, it creates a cycle that only those that invest in prisons benefit from. Maybe that’s why they keep it going.
I am lucky and blessed because if I were to get out today I have so many people who love and support me that I could land on my feet, be in a stable environment and go on to do great things in life. That is why I say that in many ways coming here has been the best thing for me. Also, I have been able to help others which is truly rewarding. Even if they had killed me, all they would have done is killed my body. My spirit would have remained in all those that I have influenced and who now go on to help others, or the ones that have unlocked themselves from their own prisons and enjoy the freedom of living their life!
Tens of thousands have read my blogs and walked away from them feeling stronger or seeing life in a different way. I have gotten countless letters about this. So yeah, I am still dangerous. But now I am a danger to those that use fear to control others. I am a threat to self doubt, fear, insecurities, bullies and hatred. I only had to suffer the pain and injustice of one life, but I get to help countless other lives. Everything in life has a price. Someone asked me if I could change my past, would I? Sure. We all have the fantasy of what if, etc. Though it is from all that has happened in my life that has brought me to this point. I wish I could eliminate the pain I’ve caused others. Though each time I get a letter from a kid that felt hopeless and had been told they are worthless but now they’ve taken control of their life, or a woman that has gotten out of a bad relationship, or a guy that went back to school to go on and do something to help others… Each time I read about someone that was impacted by me and how they go on to make this fucked up world a little bit better live in… It’s a cost I am glad I paid.
We never know how this journey we call life will unfold, but what we can do is change the way we treat each other while on the ride. 
Love is Freedom.
Veni, Vidi, Vici
In Solidarity, 
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