Music Review: Me & Jesus

Music Review by Clinton Young
Song: Me & Jesus
Genre: Country Music
Date Jan. 11 2016

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Today was the first time that I have heard this song. It is a good song. Though I appreciated it for more than simply it’s  lyrics . The message resonated through the  lyrics . Not so much for any theological reasoning. More about how I get letters from so called  Christians  that try to beat me over the head with The Bible.

People I do not even know, will send me letters preaching about what I need to do with my life. I guess they simply forgot about free will. In their arrogance they assume they know more than me. When it is actually their own ignorance that limits them. They are primarily just culture Christians. Now to be clear. I have nothing against writhing Christians. Not at all!

There is people of all faiths that I write to. To each their own. I just find it very insulting for someone to send me religious material, without even asking.

In the song there is a lyric that goes “ Me & Jesus  got our own thing going & we don’t need anybody.”

He also sings “ Me & Jesus got it all figured out.”

To sum up the song. The message I gather from it is “Hey  me & Jesus  we got everything understood. I don’t need you telling me how to live my life”.

As really to do so, is anti-Christian. Each person is supposed to have fee will. In addition to that,  Jesus  would go off by himself to pray. He did not stand in the town square & scream at everyone.

This idea that we are all here to ‘spread the word’ is false. As operating on that line of thinking. What if all in the world became a Christian? Then what would everyone do? As there would be no one to spread the word to.

Plus many that write, they can only quote verses. That does not equate to having the wisdom to understand what they are reading. There has been Christians that make disparaging remarks about  Allah . In their ignorance they fall to understand Allah is simple Arabic for God. There has been some that say Christians are under attack in the middle east, because Muslims hate Jesus. Which is insane, as  Jesus  is praised. Along with many of the biblical prophets. It is just that Jesus is a prophet. Not that he is God or ‘the’ son of God. Unless it under the belief that we are all children of God.

The Koran celebrates Mary.

There is a Surah in the Koran in her name. Maryam, which is Arabic for Mary.

Some mention communist states & how these atheist political theories go against the teaching of  Jesus .

There has only been truly 3 atheist states in history.

Though while some tenants of communism are against the Church, they are not against Jesus.

When one looks back in history, the church has acted as a government body demanding all power in the name of God.

Kings have battled with the church over this.

Long before Karl Marx wrote a book, communism existed by practice. It was most commonly practiced by preachers that rebelled against the church. Just as Martin Luther King did, though only on a smaller scale.

Many wail against communism as a political theory & they cite the wealth distribution. Yet the bible quotes Jesus as saying “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be such required.” To help the fellow man.

Now back to preaching. Yes  Jesus  traveled & preached. Though he preached in Synagogues. Also those that ‘came to him’. Synagogues was where people ‘went’ to. He wanted them to hear what he felt was the true teaching of God.

That is different than hitting people upside the head. Jesus did not go around kicking in peoples doors yelling “Let me teach you something!”

Also  Jesus  never told the disciples “Hey , you all cannot longer live a life. You have to preach to everyone 24-7!”

Obsession of any kind is bad. It can isolate & destroy a person.

The story  Moby Dick  is a great metaphor of how an obsession can destroy a person & be their downfall.

I am short-handing this & making some heavy points with only a few words.

My whole point is this. There is nothing the average person can teach me about religion. When people write me, throwing it in my face. I just tear the letter up. There is several Christian newsletters that are sent to everyone on  death row . NOT ONE PERSON wrote to anyone here & asked “Would you like to receive this?”

These same people will scream about politicians blocking their freedom of religion in various forms.

What about my freedom from it? That’s the thing. Everyone wants ‘their’ freedom.

Also if you are reading this & are an atheist. You might think there is no creator. Though it is historical fact, that Jesus did exist. Who or what he was can be debated. Though not him having existed.

Now, even though I write all this. One could think I am indicating that I am Christian. I do not self-identify as such. (Some try to put rules on that. Even though the term Christian did not even exist in biblical times.)

If it’s supporting a social value system from Christ teachings. Sure, as it has made the world a bit of a better place.

I do believe in God, a higher power.

To sum this up. If you are thinking about preaching to me, don’t! I am never going to think “Oh let’s save my soul, not my life!”

Which is something that aggravates me also.

As if I am supposed to sit here in patience.

People say ‘put it in God’s hands.’

Okay so if your only child was sick with cancer. Would you put it in God’s hands? No, the response will be “That is why God created doctors & treatment.” Alright, that’s why God created Defense Lawyers!!!

Alrighty then! Hope that people like the song.

I did take the time to discuss some heavy topics.

It is always good to get people thinking.

Now to be perfectly clear on something. Not every song mentioned will have such a complex review!

It is just that today I heard the  Me & Jesus  song & it made me think about how frustrated I get when people try to get me to think as they do.

More to come..



Brad Paisley – Me And Jesus

Brad Paisley performing “Me And Jesus” at George Jones’ memorial service, held at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. All rights go to Brad Paisley and the Opry.