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Topic: Rowdy the dog
Date: January 2, 2016

Shortly after I was released from  juvenile prison , I started a relationship with a girl. She told me about someone that had some puppies they was giving away. The mother dog was a prized registered Rottweiler that happened to get out of the yard while in heat.

As she ran the streets, she met a smooth barking Pit Bull. He seemingly told her all the things she wanted to hear. Soon love was in the air. Now pregnant with with these forbidden love puppies. The owners was left wondering what to do. Adoption was the solution.

I went over there & picked one out. He had the markings of a traditional Rottweiler. Though his friendly ass did not have temperament of a Pit Bull. After scooping him u, I allowed my girlfriend to name him. She picked Rowdy, which I liked, as I have been known to be a bit Rowdy. Plus, when I was a small child & WWE wrestling still held my attention. I liked a wrestler known as Rowdy rowdy piper.

Off on our way we go.

After bringing him home, my stepfather would not allow me to have Rowdy in the house. Which bothered me as there is big owls, bobcats, coyotes etc. in the area we lived. I surely did not want some nefarious creature to run off with Rowdy.

The solution was to break the rule set forth & keep Rowdy in my room.

Being that I did not want any nefarious fellow to run off with my lady. I decided to bring her to my bedroom also. Rowdy decided to both relieve himself on the carpet & snitch on me. My plan was to get up early & get dog & girl out of the house. Though was up late into the night. As a result, we was sleeping extra hard. That when Rowdy was barking, it did not wake us up. Instead it caught the ear of my stepfather.

The door was locked, as I did not want my sister Jessi to just open my door & come in as she at times did, with some girl in bed with me. At the time Jessi was only 10. I woke up with someone knockin on my door & shaking the door handle. It was my stepfather, who was upset about the dog being in the room.

Now I’m not exactly sure why he was making a big deal out of it. As we had a  Labrador  that was HUGE! This dog had to weigh over 60 pounds! During storms they allowed him in the house. Plus, we had a little house dog once. Maybe it was a power trip, being that it was his house & not his dog. Who knows.

The dog became least of the worries, when the door opened there was my girlfriend peeking over the covers. Then he yelled for my mother. I know matters was not going to get any better. More so being that my mother was not a fan of me seeing this girl to begin with.

My mother is yelling, telling her to get her (select words) out of bed & out of her house. As all this is going on. Rowdy had stopped barking. I look down at him & and said: ‘’Now you want to shut up!’’ Then I had to clean up after the dog and listen to everyone gripe at me.

Days passed by & Rowdy grew. I tried to feed him gravy food. Plus, get Rowdy accustomed to riding in my car with me. House training a dog is one thing, try to car train a dog! 🙁 He was getting better as he got older. When driving around, he would sit in front passenger seat.


Once I went to go get my girlfriend to go somewhere. Rowdy was sitting in the passenger seat. A friend in the back seat. I pull up & she jogs to the car. When she opens the door, she says: “Move Rowdy”. He is sitting there, looks at her, then back at me. She gives him a shove to move him. He fell over & got back up & stayed sitting in his seat. Just sitting there with his tongue hanging out. She then tells me: “Move your dog!”, I ask “Why?”, she responds “So I can sit down.” I then look towards the back seat & respond “There is a perfectly good seat back there.” Her eyes got big & she yelled “Well have that dog give you some (sexual terms)!” & then slammed the door. Rowdy looked back at me, as if to ask “What’s her problem?” I patted rowdy on the head & yelled out, “Rowdy don’t get down like that!” Off we drove.

The days ticked by. Then during one tri to Shady shores, which is where my girlfriend lived & some of my friends, I open the door & Rowdy takes off running. Just howls ass across the parking lot & down the road. I yelled for him, but he kept running. I figured he would be back, as something surely caught his attention.

After hanging out with friends. I come out to look for him. Drive around, but can not find him. I was thinking, Damn! Where is the dog at? Finally call the search off & head home.

Several days later I am back at Shady shores. Call it a day & start to head home. There is a curve, that right at the curve this poor black family lives in a house there. The house sits about 100 feet from the road. As I turn the curve, I see this grandmother standing there smiling while looking down at her grandson. A small boy of about 7 or 8 years laughing & playing with this dog jumping up & down with the boy.

It was Rowdy!

I slam on the brakes & slide to a stop. Slam the gear shift into park & jump out of the car while yelling “Rowdy!” The boy & dog never even looked my way. The grandmother made eye contact with me. I could read her expression of “Oh no, it’s your dog.”

The smile faded from her face. I looked at her, looked at the boy & Rowdy, then back at her. The plea on her face was clear. I gave a little wave & got back in the car. I looked in the rearview mirror & seen her wave at me. The whole time that boy never looked up, nor did Rowdy stop playing with the boy. I didn’t want to be the one to split them up.

Guess it was a happy ending. Though as I write this & think about it. Rowdy sure was an ungrateful dog! He got me caught, shitted in my car & then ran off on me. Good riddance! 🙂

Some other random page, pulled from the book that is my life, shall be posted soon.

Take care & strive for all that you desire.


I remain,

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