Loud & Clear, September 23, 2009

Loud & Clear, September 23, 2009

The past week has been a journey. I took a trip back to Midland County to attend a hearing to secure the judge in my case. The judge that presided over the hearing ruled against us and allowed the judge to stay on my case. That was expected. It is almost impossible to get a judge removed from a case. Part of our complaint was the judge refused to appoint my other lawyer to my appeal. Recently they obtained a clearance from the Court of Criminal Appeals and there is also a Supreme Court ruling that supports our position. So they are going to try again to be appointed. They did get to assist in the hearing to secure the judge.

I did get a smile from the hearing. In the final argument the prosecutor really had a great argument on why the judge was not wrong in refusing to appoint my other lawyer. At least he thought he did. That was until my lawyer had his turn to speak and he demolished the prosecutors argument. The prosecutor was so sure of himself that he repeated his same argument twice and even looked at the head prosecutor in the audience and nodded at her and she gave him a thumbs up! Which the fact he repeated himself only allowed my lawyer to point out how the prosecutor was “talking in circles”. So that was enjoyable.

The ride there and back was long but ok. Two of the officers I know from the County jail. They were Corporals there. They left the jail and now do SWAT and warrants. The fact that they know me helped them at least be polite. Before when I went back I had to deal with dumb ass rednecks, one even chained me to the divider in the car. So it was at least nice to have respectful officers.

The state has as well already responded to my appeal. They did not address directly no one issue in my appeal. They did not even deny lying or having witnesses lie at my trial. Nor did they deny withholding evidence. Instead they just filed a bunch of shit that supposedly points to guilt that was presented at my trial. So basically the prosecutors are saying, “so what we lied, withheld evidence and had witnesses lie under oath at trial, none of that matters because he is guilty” I would also note that no additional or new evidence was presented that deals with my ballistic reports and etc. Which is all New. I am not sure when the hearing on my appeal will be. It will be before 2010.

In additional news. The saga of Cameron Willingham continues. Governor Rick Perry was in the media denouncing the “So called” experts. OK. Who is right? The at least 7 top rated in the nation experts or Rick Perry? One of those experts was retained by Rick Perry’s own commission. So he attacks his own expert? Ok. What about the cases of Ruben Cantu, Carlos DeLuna, and Gary Graham? All from Texas. Then we got the case of Larry Griffin. What about the mentally impaired inmates who lacked the ability to speak out on their behalf? See that is the problem with most hyper conservative politicians. They refuse to admit error. Even when faced with the clear truth. It would have served Perry better to admit the mistake and tighten up on these errors and review other cases. Instead he charges ahead. All this does is scare the population. What happened to Willingham and Ernest Willis could have happened to anyone reading this. Though Willis got lucky. Fires happen all the time. So Yes, it could have happened to you. Then we got Supreme Court Justice Scalia saying proving

innocence is not enough to free an innocent man. Keep in mind what I said about hyper conservatives. That comment was made by Scalia in the Troy Davis ruling by the Supreme Court. Thankfully Scalia was speaking for the minority and Mr. Davis was granted relief.

In additional news in the past three months two former death row inmates in Texas was freed. One guy from the Austin Yogurt shop killings and Michael Toney. I was surprised the press didn’t pick up on that fact. I guess they didn’t know to put the pieces together.

I am going to wrap this up. To all reading for the first time,

please go to <a href=”http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LnNhdmVhbmlubm9jZW50bGlmZS5jb20v”>www.saveaninnocentlife.com</a> and read my prior articles and case information. I greatly appreciate your time and attention.

I leave as I came.


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PS Thankfully the commissary manager was nice enough to allow me to get stamps. The pod I am on bought them a day before I got back. Though since on lock down we can only get $10 worth of stamps. They didn’t have to allow me to get stamps but thankfully they did.