Loud and Clear 11/29/09

Loud and Clear 11/29/09

Well, this Thanksgiving day had a dark cloud over it. Not just for me, but for the Petrey family as well. Nov. 26th is the day that Samuel Petrey was killed and the day that I was arrested. In 2001 the 26th was on a Monday after Thanksgiving day. I was discussing this with my neighbor about how I know it was affecting the widow very hard.

This fact motivates me to fight even harder to show that I am not the one that took her husband from her!! The prosecution propagates a ridiculous version of the events and sadly this is what she believes.

Eight years. This shit hasn’t gotten easier. It has actually gotten harder.

The last Thanksgiving I was free, I went to my mom’s house and ate turkey and such. Then had her take me back to my friend’s house. She begged me to stay home but I wasn’t trying to hear it. Long sigh.

The establishment holding me hostage feeds us a little better on the holiday’s. Though it get’s smaller each year. I guess we really can’t complain. Some didn’t even get as much as we did. At least they did something though.

Holiday’s normally don’t get to me. I have spent so many locked up it is just another day, but one without mail! Though as I said, this one had a dark cloud over it.

I did use my spare time to do much needed thinking.

I recently found out that one of my former friend’s that helped with my saveaninnocentlife.com site messed it up. Grrr. Thankfully it is getting fixed and I still have copies of all the legal work that was posted. It does give me a chance to have it better organized and also have a detailed list of what all is on there. As I wasn’t sure before. So maybe it getting screwed up is a blessing in disguise. Who knows.

As many will see once they look at my site, there is a special raffle ticket sales taking place. An awesome skydiving trip for two! All the listings and how to take part in the raffle is listed on my site. Anyone willing to take part in it, I truly am grateful for your help.

I am happy to announce that Katie has received 95% of the material needed to fix my dvd! So all is on track with that. She should have the rest and have the dvd fixed within the next three weeks. So starting Jan 2010 it will be ready to go. I previously posted about the pre-order’s for it. So that is good news.

To all that sent me messages of encouragement, I thank you!

A common mistake is that people see all those that are apart of my Facebook and Myspace page and assume that I write them all, or majority. With this thought the person decides not to write me. I assure everyone I DO NOT write all or even near any kind of worthy portion of those that are apart of the social networking sites dedicated to me. Most of my day is spent with me laying in my bunk looking at the ceiling trying to figure out how to pass the boredom. So if you want to write me then please do. If for some reason I get to where I can’t write someone I will let it be known.

The hearing for my appeal in Jan. 2010 is getting closer. I am getting a little nervous as so much is riding on it. I mean, if my appeal is denied at the current level, I still have other appeals to file. Though matters will speed up.

It is late and I am tired so I am going to wrap this one up.

I thank you all for your attention and time.

I remain,

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Use the pain to fuel the fire.

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