Loud & Clear Sept. 29 2010

Loud & Clear Sept. 29 2010


Last week a correction officer died in a car wreck. Her name was Ms. Miers. An older lady, i would say mid-fifties, maybe early sixties. She was hit by an 18-wheeler that crossed into her lane. I am known for not being the most appreciative person, when it comes to correctional officers. Which I, more often than not, simply refer to as pigs. Though I did like Ms. Miers. I liked her because she was an honest person. She was aware that she worked at a correctional facility and didn’t fall into this ‘wannabe-mobster’ mentality. Dictated by all these so-called unwritten rules officers are supposed to follow. Most think rules and laws only apply to prisoners. She was no pushover, she would hold her ground. One memory of her that makes me smile: Another inmate had upset her and then tried to raise his voice. She got irate!!! I heard her yelling and cussing. She then ended up walking by my cell. I stopped her and said, “Hey lil lady, what’s going on?” and she just grinned and went talking to me like everything in the world was perfect. That’s what I liked about her. She didn’t carry her problems over to the next person. She looked the part of a grandmotherly school teacher, a small woman with dark grey hair. Had the same hairstyle since I have known her; short cropped, somewhat curly, I wouldn’t call it a perm. One day on the recreation outside yard(it is not really outside, it’s a room with bars for a roof divided in half by more bars), her and another officer were taking the other inmate off of his side in the recreation area. The male officer made a comment about how hot it was. The inmate they were taking out said, “Ms Miers gots it hot like that”. When he said that, I started snapping my fingers and singing the Toby Keith song “Hot Momma”. Ms. Miers, without missing a beat smiled, patted her hair and said, “it’s not easy!” I roared with laughter. She had a youthful spirit about her, one could tell she was a good woman. After spending so many years looking at guards like my enemies, it becomes difficult to sympathize with them. This place has a way of taking away that aspect of humanity for both prisoners and officers, but I was sad when I heard the news about Ms. Miers’ death. Her passing is an example of how little control we have over our lives. A truck driver fell asleep, and then she’s gone. Her funeral was yesterday. It just shows how fast life can end, yet people choose to waste it on petty crap. Life is too short for all the bullshit. Yeah, I liked Ms. Miers. I hope that she left this world as rapidly as possible without suffering. On to other simpler matters…Well, no, I don’t really feel right combining anything else with such a serious matter as this. I will have another Loud & Clear posted in a day or two. In the meantime, enjoy life and make your days count.

Veni Vidi ViciIn solidarity,

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