Loud and Clear, Sept 21, 10

Loud and Clear, Sept 21, 10


It’s one thing after another!  Now we are on unit lock down again!   Last time, in July they only locked down and searched death row! Though this time they locked down the whole unit! Last time General Population got to go to recreation and etc, death row didn’t! Yet death row doesn’t get the same privilege this time, even though death row hasn’t done anything wrong on a scale to warrant such treatment, compared with other prisoners. Everything they keep doing, targets us! 🙁  Throw us in a cage, tell us we are going to die, then sit there and poke sticks at us!

Anyways to make matter worse the pod I am on has not been to commissary in 18 days. I spoke to ranking official and he said that because we are on lock down we have to wait 14 days to go to commissary.  On lock down we can only get stamps and hygiene products. We can only buy 30 stamps at a time no matter what.  Actually on lock down it is less.  So needless to say I am not going to be able to do much writing!! 🙁  I have to keep what few stamps I have for key people in my campaign and my lawyers, until I can get more. Though I can still get letters. As soon as I get more stamps I will respond.  Now you see why I stay pissed off?      Here is something else.  I wrote in a previous blog about then taking my legal material and the issue about the property space.  Well guess what?   Since then I got more legal material again!  They are going to be trying to take it! I am tired of these motherf*ckers!

Anyways, on a positive note, my friend Stephanie that oversee’s the France portion of my campaign, has informed me of an offer to provide me with funding needed for a Civil Lawyer of for them to have a Lawyer take up my case in concern for the Civil Law concerns.  Hopefully I can get the civil lawyer to assist me in what I need.  This will be a huge help.  As well as save a lot of heartache from the fundraising attempts.  I still need the investigators though.  So got to keep working towards that.  Oh yea also something else to point out to people how expensive things are.   Yesterday morning I received the transcripts of the recent appeal hearings. (court appearances)  As well as a copy of the exhibits admitted before the court.  It is a total of about 700 pages.  Guess what the cost it?  Go ahead in your mind try to guess what these 700 pages could cost, if I went to the court house to buy myself a copy?  What did you guess?  $200, $600? Somewhere in that range?  I mean it is only roughly 700 pages.  How much can a little over 700 pages cost?  Try $7,451.53! Yes, that is Seven thousand, four hundred fifty-one and fifty-three cents! !! My trial record just the transcripts without all the pictures and exhibits was over $8000.00.  So say I was convicted of capital murder and wanted to attain an appeal lawyer myself right after my conviction.  I would have to pay over $19,000 just for the copy of all the paper records.  For what you pay for a new car, I would have to pay for about a three foot stack of papers!  That doesn’t even count the additional files such as reports and etc that wasn’t put in the trial.  I would have to pay a paralegal to get all of that and a Lawyer to read it all.  That would push.

the amount up to over 30 thousand before any direction would be started. God bless the almighty dollar!

When I have the transcripts posted from the appeal proceedings, I will have the official page posted that shows the cost, so you can all see for yourself.  Since I have court appointed lawyers, I don’t have to pay for it.  Hell just to copy my TYC records which are 1200 pages to get a copy from the court reporters would be $100.00.

Anyways, thankfully I have a copy on disk, so a digital copy can be made and provided to whoever I need it to be!  God Bless technology 🙂

Anyways, I got to get back to reading over all of this stuff, so I can write my lawyers about it all.  I just wanted people to know the good new, bad news and shocking facts!  No wonder why the police didn’t investigate two crime scenes!  They couldn’t afford to.

I’m gone!


Veni, Vidi, Vici!

In solidarity,

Clinton Lee Young


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