Loud & Clear, November 11 2008

Loud & Clear, November 11 2008


It has been a long time since I wrote an article. Over a year! So much has happened. I had a few more use of forces. I will go into that first. They got a new toy. A paint ball gun that shoots powder filled balls instead of paint. The first time I refused to come off the outside recreation yard. (Actually a room with bars for a roof to allow sunlight in, we are not really outside.) They shot me several times, hitting me once or twice, then a crowd control smoke grenade was thrown at me. It fills the entire rec. area with smoke to the point I could not even see the other people that was watching through the observation glass. A funny note: The major, that is the rank of an official here, well his gas mask did not work correctly so he started to choke and beat on the door to get out of the recreation area. So the warden got the paint ball gun , came in and shot at me. A barred gate style door separated us. So they shot through the hand cuff slot. The warden shot me maybe three more times and then the five man extraction team with the riot shield came. When they opened the gate to rush me, I ran to one side and charged after the team. I attempted to kick the shield out of the way. I kicked too low and late! My kicking the shield too low caused the top of it to tilt down and hit me right across the eye and nose! It looked like a murder scene, there was so much blood. I went to the infirmary and got seven stitches on my nose. Two weeks later I done it all over again! Only this time no stitches! The video of the use of force that resulted in the stitches is available by emailing Vera at info@saveaninnocentlife.com. It is being added to others, so it is not exactly ready yet. But you can email Vera and she will help you with the information. To those who have expressed a desire for a copy so far, please be a little more patient. There was some minor problems that have since been worked out.

Also another matter I want to address. People posted stuff about having wrote me and I did not respond. How do you know I even got your letter?! If someone writes to me and is serious about doing so, then I will write you back. Some people write me and tell me all of what they aren’t going to do and all this stuff. I will not respond to a letter like that, as it means you already got some formed thought of me. I don’t like being placed in a stereotype. Just because I am forced into this situation by a backwards corrupted ass legal system, doesn’t mean I have to expect people to place me in some kind of stereotype! Cool is the rule!

Onto other matters. I recently as well, got to read the stuff some people posted on my petition. It seems there are a lot of idiots in this world. Some girl was acting like she knew me. She stated I shot some Mexican in a Hastings parking lot. (Hastings is a book store) I never been in or at a Hastings! Hell if I would have been there I might not have been doing meth and hanging around the idiots I was! Better then that, I never shot no Mexican. So little girl you got me mixed up with someone else. Another lady wrote that after reading everything and going over my case, she fell out of her chair laughing that I could make such a claim. I hope you got insurance and didn’t hurt yourself as your only laughing at your own stupidity! See, I couldn’t get my past lawyers to help me. They simply had no desire to. So they only hurt me! But that has changed a little. So now I have been able to get forensics on both murders I was convicted of. Guess what? It showed I could “not” have done both murders. Also, I now got statements that the prosecutors had my co-defendants lie on the stand and was making all kinds of back room deals with them. This didn’t only come from a co-defendant, but also the lawyer of a co-defendant. One of the three co-defendants that testified against me was never arrested. While free he was picked up for possession of marijuana, traffic violations, and aggravated sexual assault on a child. Guess what? All them cases magically disappeared when he testified against me. Jury members have signed statements, stating that they basically would not have convicted me had they known all this. The judge in my case signed an order for the prosecutors to reveal any and all deals they was offering or negotiations. The prosecutor’s just plainly ignored the court order! What will happen to them? Nothing! In Texas prosecutors are granted immunity. So they can just get away with sending innocent people to death row!

A lot of change has come about recently with the election of America’s first black president. So maybe Texas will soon catch up with the rest of the world in properly understanding what it means to have liberty, equality, and most importantly, justice.The revenge policy of the death penalty is an outdated and greatly flawed policy. I will be writing articles again, though most will not be this long winded! We have been on lock down status for a month now. So we have been getting a peanut butter sandwich for every meal with some other kind of sandwich. They ran out of regular bread so now they are putting peanut butter on hot dog buns and biscuits to feed us. For breakfast we get the hot dog bun with peanut butter and a biscuit with one egg! Damn I am hungry! We are on lock down due to them finding of cell phones. They even cancelled visits. Hopefully that will pick back up soon. Really we all been quiet and just passively keep us without visits. Hopefully that will change as well. I am going to go ahead and wrap this one up.

Until next time. Vini, Vidi, Vici

Clinton Young #999447

Polunsky Unit

3872 F.M. 350 South

Livingston, TX. 77351U.S.A..

P.S. They let us off lockdown today

PS. Song of the week. Jamie Johnson “In Color”