Loud & Clear, January 26 2009

Loud & Clear, January 26 2009

Greetings to all.

I know there’s been a delay in the planting of my words. I just have had a lot going in my personal life. As well as the stress caused from my forced living arrangements. I have had a lot on my mind none the less. On January 30, 09 the state responds to my federal appeal. I am eager and nervous to see what is filed. No matter what is filed the state is still actively pursuing the end of my life. One would think that their ethic code would require them to correct a miscarriage of justice. Instead they will make excuses and try to use “technical legal jargon” to justify killing me. I guess their impotence in life requires them to feel a need to defeat my lawyers and I. My life is worthless to them. Only success matters. Is one life worth more than another? To say one life is worth more than another is utilitarian logic in full form and the basis of most fascist ideologies. To even suggest that a victims life is worth more than a murderers, and then you yourself go and kill that murderer. Does it not then make your own life less worthy than the murderer you murdered? If you are able to judge the worth of a human life, you are then superior to that life. So what allows one person to be superior to the next? If it is applied to the system, does a vote make that prosecutor superior to the criminal? Prosecutors and judges at a state level are voted into office. The majority of votes declares the winner. So the majority decide the worth of a life? What if that majority is kept ignorant due to a pathetic education system? If so then it is safe to say that the voters can’t make an intelligent choice. They are ignorant to the facts. The ‘poor’ criminal’s weak voice, a media focused on who Paris Hilton is having sex with, and ridiculous education programs are to blame. Though the prosecutors are aware. The lawyers are aware. As are the judges. So what is their excuse? They all are supposed to be fighting for the law and order of this country in accordance to the constitution. A country designed on the rule of law, not the law of rule. In 2009 is it socially acceptable for a lawyer to allow his investigator to run around as she please, fabrication reports, smoking crack cocaine with a witness, trying to have sex with a witness, manipulating witnesses and deceiving the courts all while funded by the tax payers? Midland County District attorney thinks it is as they refused to press charges on the investigator in my appeal. Her name is Lisa Milstein. She is enjoying her life in Florida, while I try to convince the courts not to kill me because of a procedural default due to her and a previous lawyer, not properly raising my claims in my state appeal. Had they done their job, there is a very big chance I would already be back in court for a new trial. She has a MySpace page, everyone can look at it and see how she is enjoying her life. She didn’t only royally screw up my case, she as well done it to four or five others. Those are the ones still alive. A couple have been executed where she worked on their case. Evidence has been found where she messed over them as well. Her MySpace promotes her a personal fitness trainer. No where does it mention her death penalty work. Theft conviction, and career as a stripper, or her rehab stays. She refuses to help my lawyers. The prosecutors do not want to prosecute her as doing so will strengthen my appeal. So they allow a crime to go unpunished for the sake of political gain. That gain being from my death. The attorney general of Texas as well allows her to get away with it. So it isn’t just the local prosecutor. It is a collaboration of judicial officials. Including Midland County Judge John G. Hyde. This judge sent letters to the members of my jury after convicting me, telling them I am dangerous and deserve to die. He then acted as if he is not

biased, by reviewing and rejecting 2 of my appeals! These people all feel their life is superior to mine. I understand they got a job to do. Though that doesn’t mean to cover up injustice. If they see a wrong they should correct it. Even more so because of the fact that I have evidence that shows I am innocent of capital murder. Strengthened by the fact that, the police didn’t investigate 2 crime scenes. Its 2009, God Bless America. Anyways onto other matters. I am slated to make level one in a few days. I have been on level 3&2 since May 15, 08. I have lost forty pounds. So I am ready to eat some commissary!

I want to thank Regina for typing up this long winded ass article. Ha! Ha! I as well want to thank Vera for her dedication to both myself and my cause. She spends countless hours and dollars in trying to help save my life. A beautiful and headstrong woman. I am forever grateful. I thank and love you for your commitment to me and my struggle. Leigh of New Zealand. I just found your letter! It got mixed up in my paperwork during a cell search or when I moved to a different cell. You have a letter coming.

To those that write me with a post office box, if you give me a fake name, when I write they will return the letter. If you are worried about me knowing your name then don’t write me. I am locked in a cage in a building that is surrounded by 50,000 volt electric wire fence, and very bright stadium lights. This building is part of a complex that is encased by 2 additional separate fences that are covered in razor wire. All under the watchful eye of guard towers armed with A.R. 15 assault rifles. They point, ain’t no one leaving they don’t want to leave! So there is no point in not giving a proper name. Plus if a person did get out why in the hell would they go to your house, when they got family and personal friends from the free they would go to? So if you are scared to put your name, then don’t even write. I am a human being, not a hobby. I guess that about does it for this issue.

I will try to write again soon. I thank you for your time in reading this. Take Care.
I leave as I came.

Clinton Young #999447

Polunsky Unit

3872 FM 350 South

Livingston TX 77351 USA
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